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"You know what I don't understand?" Bella asked at the table that morning as they readied for school and work. "If the Cullens are 'vegetarian', why do the assholes at the reservation have such a big problem with them?"

Jacob looked up at that, eyes wide. He'd been wondering the same thing ever since the Cullens had arrived in Forks, and yet he hadn't thought about voicing his twin's question. His brown gaze went to their father, Sheriff Charlie Black Swan, the 'half-breed' who'd spoken up one too many times and had found himself and his family banned from the reservation for his troubles. It'd happened a long time before Jacob and Bella were born, but Jake knew that their mother had never fully forgiven Charlie for the alienation, something which would later lead to her leaving him and their children for a truck driver.

Looking up from the newspaper he'd been reading, their father sighed. "Because they're vampires, Bells. It's something about vampires and our kind that make us hate and want to exterminate the other. It was how we're bred."

"You don't want to kill Dr. Cullen." Bella pointed out, eyebrow raised, pointing her spoon at him. "And even though you don't shift anymore you're just as much a wolf as those idiots at the reservation."

"I'm different honey, you know that." Charlie sighed, putting down his newspaper fully. "I don't know if its because my mother was Caucasian, but I was always different. For one I didn't have that mental obligation to follow the Alpha's orders, and two, they couldn't connect with my mind while shifted unless I let them. I thought and acted differently from them, its why I was eventually banished." He ran a hand over his hair. "I don't have that pull, that compulsive instinct, to kill Carlisle, which the others do."

"I don't feel the need to tear them apart either." Jacob mumbled into his cereal, thinking about the gorgeous coven of vampires, most of whom attended his and Bella's high school. "I think they smell a little too sweet, but other than that there's nothing."

"Me too." Bella piped up. "I actually like Rosalie and Alice Cullen. I have them in my Calculus class, and since we can sniff each other out and know each other's secret we don't have to pretend around each other."

Bella was the first female in record to be able to shift into wolf form. Until her everyone had believed that it was impossible for a female to do so.

"What about you?" Bella asked, turning to Jacob. "Don't you and Edward Cullen have most of your classes together?"

Jacob made a face at the memory. "Yeah, we do."

Edward had made sure of it.

"Has he been hostile towards you?" Charlie asked, fatherly worry in his every word as he noticed the shift in Jacob's mood.

"No, that's not it, he's nice enough." Jacob shrugged, twirling his spoon in his bowl. "He's just a little too sweet smelling for my taste, that's all. And, well, he's annoying."

Bella raised an eyebrow. "But Edward is so quiet all the time! I can't see how you would feel that way. He never talks. Ever."

"He..." Jacob sighed.

How exactly could he say this?

He could come out and say 'yeah, he doesn't talk out LOUD but that doesn't mean he doesn't TALK!' but that was mean that he'd have to explain to his family that he had some sort of mind-link with the vampire, and ever since Edward had realized that not only could he read Jacob's mind but Jacob could read his as well...well...he'd become chatty.

"He's just annoying." Jacob finished, feeling lame as he kept his gaze on the cereal.

Charlie and Bella exchanged looks but decided not to comment on it any further.

After breakfast Bella got into her truck and managed not to trip at all.

It was a little intimidating.

Before the shift Bella had been the most clumsy human being in the world, and yet after her first transformation she'd become graceful.

Jacob couldn't see any such drastic changes in himself ever since his shift.

The only thing he could think of was the ability to hear and respond to Edward Cullen's thoughts, and Jacob felt that that wasn't so much of an advantage as it was a disadvantage.

He'd let Edward know that mentally.

Multiple times.

The vampire didn't seem to care.

Sighing, Jacob started his motorcycle and headed out towards school. He didn't even concentrate on where we was going, instead only truly thinking once he'd arrived and parked, chaining his motorcycle.

Bella's truck was already parked in the students parking and she was no where to be seen, so she must have already found her flock of friends and disappeared within.

Jacob sighed, he pulled off his helmet and shook his head.

You look like one of those Herbal Essences commercials.

He took in a deep breath, putting down his helmet and looking all around him in the crowd for the face that that voice belonged to. The wolf couldn't see Edward Cullen anywhere, but he knew he was out there somewhere. Bite me.

There was a mental chuckle. Not the smartest thing to say to a vampire.

He blushed slightly, glaring, as he continued to search for the insufferable male.

Oh, by the way? Alice saw that we're having a pop quiz today. And you're not going to pass.

Jacob sighed, running his hand over his hair, wondering where in the world that guy was hiding.

He sniffed the air.

Unfortunately, everyone's cologne was masking and hiding Edward's sweet smell.

You know, its interesting. Alice can't see the reservation wolves in her visions, but she can see your family. Any idea why that is?

Deciding to ignore him, Jacob made his way towards the door, entering the school and waving hello to a couple of his friends.

You do realize that its impossible to ignore me completely, right?

Jacob smiled at Jessica, one of his sister's friends, as she gave him a coy little wave while walking passed him in the halls. He'd gone out with her a couple of times, nothing serious, but she'd gotten uncommonly pretty lately and he was considering it, if only because half of his friends were telling him he was an idiot for not asking her to be his girlfriend a long time ago.

Then again, it was only half because the other half were rooting for Lauren.

"Hey Jake." Lauren, the beautiful blonde, ran her finger down his arm as she passed him.

He turned and started walking backwards for a couple of steps, watching her saunter away, before chuckling and shaking his head, turning around and continuing walking.

There was something to be said about the 'animal magnetism' wolves acquired once they shifted. It seemed as if they exuded a musky scent that humans in general found irresistible, and Jacob wasn't going to complain about the prettiest girls in the school fighting over him.

Has Bella let you in on the fact that is she enamored with my sister?

Jacob tripped on air, going stiff as he looked around him at that, finally seeing Edward where he was leaning against his locker, eyebrow raised high. You're lying!

Edward only shook his head.

Jacob narrowed his eyes, ignoring everyone else, even those who waved at him or called his name.

His full attention was on the smirking vampire.

Slamming his fist into the locker hard enough to make it rattle and yet not hard enough to leave a dent, Jacob narrowed his eyes as he leaned over Edward.

Instead of looking intimidated, Edward's lips twitched before curling in a slow smile.

People were watching them and whispering.

Jacob knew what it looked like.

To anyone else Jacob had just snapped and menaced 'Gorgeous Cullen' for no good reason.

He didn't care though, glaring at Edward. How would you know?

I read minds, Jacob. That voice chuckled in his head. I know.

Jacob frowned, disturbed. Which one?

Edward looked genuinely confused for a moment. Which one what?

Jacob rolled his eyes. Which one of your sisters is my sister having a sexuality crisis over?

Edward seemed to find that wording amusing. You know, I thought twins were supposed to feel what the other felt.

Considering that I don't have any butterflies in my stomach whenever Alice or Rosalie are near, lets say that it doesn't exactly work that way.

Edward only leaned closer towards Jacob, teeth catching on his bottom lip as he stared into Jacob's brown eyes.

Jacob gulped, not understanding why all of a sudden it was hard to breathe.

See you in class. Edward pulled away and walked away, stance too self-assured, as the bell began to ring.

Jacob just remained where he was, confused, wondering why his body had just reacted that way to the annoying vampire.