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When Ash groggily woke up one morning, he found himself alone in bed. 'Hm, that's weird. Usually Paul would be here.' He glanced at the floor and saw the maid's outfit he was forced to wear the night before. He shivered. Why would Paul make him wear that kind of thing? Well, he was just glad that the horrid week was finally over. He slipped out of bed and limped to the door, peeking outside. The coast was clear. 'Yeah! Maybe now I can have a nice, relaxing shower.' He happily made his way to the bathroom completely unaware of the lurking shadow behind him.


Ash stood under the warm spray of the shower, the water loosening all the kinks and knots in his sore muscles. Although everything seemed fine and dandy, he couldn't help but feel some sense of foreboding, like something was going to attack him...ah well, it's probably just him being paranoid...SLAM!...or not. Ash found himself shoved to the wall, a firm chest pressed against his back. He slowly peeked over his shoulder to come face to face with Paul, who had a Meowth-ate-the-Pidgey look on his face.

"You planned this, didn't you!" Ash shouted disbelievingly, a little peeved at himself also for falling for it.

"Hn, maybe" Paul said before giving his neck a kiss and nuzzling his shoulder.

"Geez, Paul! You're insatiable!" Ash said, trying and failing to ignore the heavenly sensation Paul was making on his neck.

"Mm, you know Ash, you may call me insatiable, but...I think you need it just as much" Paul whispered in his ear, giving his already hardening cock a squeeze. Ash shivered despite himself, knowing he had already lost. He arched his back and leaned his head on Paul's shoulder when he started to stroke faster, sucking harder on his neck. Ash grabbed Paul's head, pulling him in for a searing kiss. As Paul was busy sucking on Ash's tongue, he brought his free hand down to Ash's firm behind, rubbing the winking pucker before sliding a finger inside to prep him.

"Nnn!..mmnn" Ash moaned into the kiss, thrusting himself back into the finger. Paul soon added another finger, Ash barely noticing, too busy trying to get them to hit that magical spot inside of him. When they finally hit their mark, Ash screamed breaking the kiss.

"Paul! T-that's enough, I want you...mnn..inside now," Ash panted, so close to the limit.

"Are you sure? You're not fully prepared yet" Paul asked, not wanting to hurt Ash. He was answered with Ash grabbing Paul's engorged cock and pushing himself onto it fully.

"Fuck Ash!" Paul grunted, gritting his teeth from the sudden action. But Ash didn't wait, already pushing back on Paul's cock, begging him to move. Not needing to be told twice, Paul started pounding Ash into the wall. Soon after, Paul flipped Ash around, wrapping Ash's legs around his waist, thrusting into him from the front.

"Uhnn!...ah, oh Paul" Ash mewled at the sudden change, enjoying the feel of their bare chests rubbing together. He looked up into Paul's eyes, snaking his hand down between their bodies to wrap around his own weeping cock, touching himself in front of Paul. "Oh Ash, you are such a tease" Paul chided, smirking down at his lover. But when the water suddenly started getting colder, Paul darted towards the bedroom, Ash still in his grasp. He practically threw him on their bed and proceeded to pound him anew.

"Paul! T-the sheets...nn..are gettin wet" Ash whined, trying to protest, only to be answered with a dark chuckle.

"I don't think you *grunt* really care about the sheets, do you Ash? Do you really want me to stop?" At that, he gave a particularly hard thrust, straight into Ash's abused prostate.

"Ahhn! G-god no!" Ash wailed, lost in the sensation. But as much as he was loving this, there was something he was craving. "Hey, Paul? C-can I ride you?" Ash breathed.

"Oh Ash, fuck yes" Paul groaned, picturing that hot image. He leaned up against the headboard, tugging Ash along with him. As they were engaged into a heated lip-lock, Ash centered himself over Paul's dick and impaled himself on that thick rod again and again.

"Damn Ash, what a lovely view you're giving me" Paul husked, tracing his beloved's taut stomach, admiring the beautiful, blushing creature on top of him. He loved it when Ash was like this, a moaning, panting, squirming mess.

"Nnnn, oh god, Paul touch me please!" Ash wailed as he continued roughly fucking himself with Paul's pulsing dick. Paul complied, jerking him off with quick strokes, while his cock continued teasing that delicious bundle of nerves deep inside, bringing him to a quick finish screaming his pleasure, Paul following soon after with a groan.


"Man! I was already sore from all the abuse this week, and now I'm even more sore! Can't he let me rest for a day even! That big pervert! I'm gonna-"

And while our poor Pokemon trainer continued his pointless ranting and raving, a lone little Pikachu quietly observed him from around the corner of the room thinking, certainly, that his master had learned a very valuable lesson: Never make a bet with Paul again.


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