For ranzycrandomgirl over at LJ. Prompt - Present!Simon/Alisha, cold fingertips.

Alisha's hands are always warm. Warm hands, cold heart people used to say. That was before she fell in love with Simon and her whole world turned upside down. But her Simon's gone now, bullet biting into his chest, a waste of a beautiful life, just to save her. And she can't help but keep looking at Simon now. He looks different after sleeping with Jessica. Seems more confident, as if the simple act of losing his virginity made him into the man she fell in love with. He smiles more, an easy smile now, not the uncomfortable smile from before.

They're on the roof, all of them, and it's cold. Nathan complaining that he shouldn't be so cold, he's too beautiful to freeze to death. Still hasn't come to terms with the fact that he can't die, not forever anyway. Kelly is rolling her eyes at him. Simon is hunched over himself, arms wrapped around his thin body, a body Alisha knows like the back of her hand, knows the little dips at his hips, the sharp angles of bone and muscle. He looks cold, hands purple and mottled and Alisha wants to reach out, cover his hands with her own, wrap her warm fingers around his cold ones and just ihold on/i.

She finds herself drawing closer to him, can't stop herself from sitting down next to him and offering him her gloves. He shakes his head, eyes smiling even though his mouth isn't.

"Take them, its cold." He shakes his head again and lifts his hands to push her gloves back to her. His hands stop just inches from hers.

"You need them." He says, his hands still hovering over hers.

"No, my hands are warm. Promise." Simon just shakes his head again. Alisha sighs and pulls her gloves back on. Simon watches with dark eyes as she lifts her hands again and covers his. He jumps, the touch unexpected, and a smile flickers on his lips for a second. The smile falters when she lifts their entwined to her mouth and blows on them, hot breath ghosting over his skin. She sees a flicker of her Simon in his eyes before Nathan says something highly inappropriate and Alisha slips her hands from his. His knee bumps into hers and she catches a shy smile on his face.