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'Men, stand tall. Hold your ground. Be prepare for anything.' Sayeeda ordered her fellow soldiers. They stood near the entrance, their bodies hid where the flames couldn't reveal them. 'Do not kill on site.' Manu spoke through the darkness. 'We must know if they friend or foe.' Sayeeda looked at him and slightly glaring. 'Of course they are our foe, Uncle. Every friend we know is down at the village.' The old man shook his head and sighed in frustration. 'You have still much to learn, child. An enemy is not the opposite of friend, nor is friend the opposite of enemy. We must know what we are dealing with. You cannot attack like blind men, we must show compassion when needed and defend when we have no choice.' Sayeeda grunted and turned her attention to the entrance.

The sounds of horses are heard in the tunnel and winds of whispers reached their ears. The warriors of Persia could not make it out and held on to their weapons tightly. The sounds of the horses grew louder and louder. The warriors could hear the panting of the animals' breath. The voices of the strangers can now be heard. Sayeeda narrowed her eyes and listened carefully. She signalled her men and used sign language to indicate that there are two women coming threw and to be ready.

Two hooded figures sat upon two horses. Their hoods covered their faces from sight. A gentle voice then is heard through the tunnel as she spoke to her companion. 'Just make no sudden movements, we don't wanna end up in...' Sharp arrows stared straight at the two. They were steadily held, threatening to release. 'State your business or die where you stand.' Sayeeda's voice rang against their ears. But they did not move. They seemed to be perfectly still.

One of the hooded figures grunted and kicked the horse slightly to bring it forward. 'We mean no harm. We seek the sons of Hercules.' The voice sounded formal but there was a hint of annoyance. Sayeeda glared at the hooded figure. 'There are no Greeks here. Your journey has been in vain.' It was her duty to protect her family and she took it very seriously. To reveal that Zack and Alexis were staying there, would put them at risk, especially her young sister. 'Now I must request that you reveal of how you come to know our location and how you know the ritual to enter the here.' A heavy sigh escaped from the hooded figure behind . A slender hand reached down into a sack on the right side of the horse. She pulled out an scroll. 'Cause Manu told me where your location was. As for the ritual, I saw it in my vision.' Manu looked at her and walked to her. 'I would never give the location, unless they are an alley.'

A giggle was heard from the other hooded figure. 'Sister, its best to tell them who we are.' It came from the other hooded figure. The voice was high, cheerful and feminie. The other hooded figure breathed out a sigh of frustration. Small hands reached up to the figure's hood and pulled it back. As the hood fell into the rider's back, a beautiful face was revealed. Her chocolate hair was held high in a ponytail and strands of curls fell upon the sides of her face. Her deep green eyes revealed a sense of urgency and eagerness. 'Manu, it is us, Charma and Lissa. The daughters of Cassandra, the seer, remember?'

Manu looked at the woman and raised his eyebrow. 'I see, forgive me. It has been a long time since I last saw you.' Charma nodded as then Lissa revealed her face. Her emerald eyes were soft and gently, a smile upon her face that had brightened the world with her brown freely down her back and on the black cloak. She gently climbed down from her horse. 'It is wonderful to see you again, Manu.' Her small hands griped the side of the dress and slightly lifted it. She brought her upper body forward and bowed her head. 'It has been too long.' She continued to say as Manu tiled his head in response to her action. The rest of the warriors lowered their weapons. Charma sighed in annoyance and climbed down from her horse.

'Ok, now that we officially know that you are not going to kill us. Can we see the boys now?' Her voice was covered with annoyance and frustration. Sayeeda looked at her with a stern look. 'You have yet to state your business. You may have kept in contact with my uncle, but that does not make you trustworthy. State your business and we will see about letting you through.' Charma raised her eyebrow and folded her arms. 'Miss Sunshine here wanted to see Zack's wedding.' She announced to the group of warriors. Lissa smiled warmly with her hands behind her back. 'Charma had a vision and I just had to come and see them.' Sayeeda raised her eyebrow. 'You can't be serious?' Charma sighed and rolled her green eyes. 'I wish that she was. She insisted in coming.'

Manu was slightly confused about this and turned towards his eldest niece. Sayeeda stood firmly and didn't move her eyes from the twins. 'So let me get this straight, you travelled across the Mediterranean Sea, came to a country where you are most likely be killed, just to see Zack's wedding?' Lissa nodded and shrugged. 'Wouldn't you travel to the end of the world to be there for your family on their special day?' Charma sighed and rubbed her forehead, but deep down she really wanted to see them. She had missed the boys. She didn't even get to say good bye to them. All she got was Lissa telling her that they were gone.

'So, can we please attend? I mean, we came all this way. So please?' Lissa's voice brought Charma back to reality. She held her breath and waited for her reply. Sayeeda raised her eyebrow and folded her arms. 'You two are probably the most strangest Greeks I've ever met. So...'

'SAYEEDA,' a loud, male voice cut her off. Sayeeda groaned and turned around. She looked at her men. 'Oh now what?' Her voiced filled with such anger. Alexis pushed through the warriors. Many of them rolled their eyes and muttered under their breath. Manu turned to looked at his student. He rubbed his forehead and glared at the boy. He walked over to him. 'Alexis, you should be with your brother.' He whispered in a harsh tone. Alexis looked at him. 'I know, but I've gotta warn ya. There is...'

Then the corner of his eye got something. He looked up to the entrance of the tunnel. His mouth released a gasp. His blue eyes widen in excitement and his lips formed a huge smile. 'LISSA,' he raced to her and hugged her tightly. He lifted her up high in the air. Lissa squeaked and wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. 'ALEXIS,' she laughed as he placed her down on the ground. He smiled at her, 'I can't believe you are here.' He looked over at Charma. 'Let me guess, you guys had a vision of Zack's wedding and you came all this way to celebrate with us.' Charma sighed and nodded. 'Gold star for you.' She said dryly, but a small smile appeared on her face.

Sayeeda pushed him back. 'As I was saying before,' she glared down at Alexis for a moment. Then she returned her glaze back to the seer twins. 'You will return back to Greece. You must return to your kind at once.' Alexis looked confused and stared at the leader of the warriors. 'Sayeeda, you can't kick my friends out. They are family.' Sayeeda glared down at him and folded her arms. 'Do not challenged me, Alexis of Greece. You are in no position to question me.' Alexis' face began to stiffen and his fists clutched. His mouth opened wide and took in a deep breath. Then he felt a soft hand against his shoulder. A voice whispered in his ear. 'It's ok, Alexis. We will be fine.' She looked up at the leader. 'We will go.' Alexis turned around and looked at Lissa. 'No, please wait.'

He sighed and held her hand. 'Please, let them stay for one night. That way they can rest and resupply and be ready to leave in the morning. Zack would be so happy to see them again, especially on his wedding day.' He turned to his trainer and his brother's sister in law. Sayeeda grunted and folded her arms. She looked upon Manu and he gave a deep sigh. She grunted and huffed in defeat. ' Very well, one night, that is all. But they must camp at the foot of the entrance and leave at first daylight.' Alexis smiled and Lissa clapped her hands. 'Oh this great.' Charma rolled her eyes and rubbed her forehead. 'I was hoping to avoid this.' She folded her arms but her mind secretly screamed for joy. She didn't allow it to be revealed by her body. Lissa smiled, 'oh relax sis, it will be fun.' She pulled her hand close to her. 'Let's go.' A ring of cheer echoed in her voice as they followed Alexis to the wedding.

Sayeeda and Manu watched them leave, their faces stirred and glared. 'I do not like this, uncle. Something is not right.' She spoke without removing her eyes from them. Manu nodded and clasped his hands over his staff. 'I feel the same way, we must continue with great caution.'