Suddenly David

A/N – With the 'Suddenly Karofsky" stuff on LJ, the song Suddenly Seymour kept popping into my head. I am usually a very visual person and since youtube seems intent on not allowing any glee videos from me, I'll have to make do here. (Plus there aren't nearly enough scenes to do what I want) Hopefully this comes out has I picture it in my head.

Lift up your head, wash off your mascara. Here, take my Kleenex, wipe that lipstick away. Show me your face, clean as the mornin', I know things were bad, but now they're okay.

Five year old Kurt Hummel enjoyed school for the most part. He liked learning his alphabet. He really enjoyed coloring and crafts. And until one afternoon, he thoroughly enjoyed free time. Most of the boys went to play on the playground equipment. Kurt often stayed behind with the girls and played house or dress up. It was during that fateful afternoon when the fact that he was truly different, was first introduced to him.

He was with the girls just outside the kindergarten door playing with the sparkle fairy wands and the tiaras, when he felt a violent shove from behind. He caught himself so he avoided landing face first on the blacktop. He turned around to see who had pushed him, and through the tears of shock and hurt welling up in his eyes, he saw a dark skinned first grader staring down at him.

"Fag." The boy practically spat at him.

Kurt didn't really know the meaning of the word, but he knew it was not a term of endearment.

"Faggy little priss has been contaminated by cooties playing with the girls." The boy continued looming over Kurt. "And now he's gonna cry. Go ahead, cry like a girl."

The tears that had been threatening to fall now slid down Kurt's face. He didn't even know what he had done to this boy.

Suddenly, another first grade boy came over from the jungle gym. "Hey, Azimo. Leave him alone. It's almost time to go back inside."

The dark skinned boy backed off. "See ya later crybaby." He turned and headed back to the rest of the first graders.

The other first grade boy helped Kurt up and brushed the leaves off his sweater. "Are you okay? Sorry about him. "He said motioning to the other boy. He handed Kurt a napkin to wipe his tear stained face. They stood in silence for a moment before the bell rang, announcing it was time to go back inside.

Just before he turned away, the boy held out his hand. "My name is Dave, by the way."