kinda amateur-ish...I accept that.

Meh, I forced to write by my friend who's addicted to Fairy Tail anyways...YA HAPPY NOW? haha...-_-"

Making an Fb fanfic is so offences.


So, yeah. I think that is pretty simple to understand. Scroll down and start reading there...Nothing would make sense otherwise...Haha!


We(heart)Gray changed to We(heart)Natsu + Fear of Drowning

We(heart)Jellal changed to We(heart)Gray

We(heart)Gray to Juvia Loxar Don't even think about it! We've already lost Jellal-sama! At least let us have Gray-sama!

Erza Scarlet is in a relationship

Natsu Dragneel O_O you actually agreed…I don't know you anymore!

Jellal Fernandes I knew she would give in eventually.

Lucy Heartphilia So, you 'forgot' on purpose?

Juvia Loxar Ohh…maybe Juvia should try this method too…

Jellal Fernandes to Erza Scarlet Well?

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Erza Scarlet Hmm…

Jellal Fernandes Oh come on!...You just like messing with me, don't you?

Erza Scarlet Don't think so highly of yourself.

Jellal Fernandes I know you want me.

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Jellal Fernandes to Erza Scarlet I'm sorry. Punish me if you must….

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Natsu Dragneel It's been nice knowing you Jellal.

Jellal Fernandes Why thank you Natsu, you're not so bad after all..wait, why?

Natsu Dragneel Nevermind…XD

Jellal Fernandes But she's so cute when she gets mad. Me like….haha!

We(heart)Jellal You're a masochistic freak but we still love you Jellal O_O

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Jellal Fernandes I'm not masochistic!

Gray Fullbuster Falling in love with Erza…you should be.

Jellal Fernandes Touché

Gray Fullbuster to Erza Scarlet What do you see in that sick bastard?

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Erza Scarlet *sigh…I wonder myself sometimes….

Jellal Fernandes I was just joking! Can't you all take a joke?

Erza Scarlet to Jellal Fernandes You forgot….YOU FORGOT? What KIND of idiotic excuse is that!

Jellal Fernandes Tell you what, I'll make it up to you

Jellal Fernandes I'll…I'll make you an altar! XD And offer small animals to it! Would you like that?

Happy That's just sick. 0_o

Natsu Dragneel 0_o

Gray Fullbuster 0_o

Lucy Heartphilia 0_o

Jellal Fernandes I'm kidding!

Erza Scarlet to Jellal Fernandes Explain yourself or die.

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Natsu Dragneel ROFL

Lucy Heartphilia Natsu! *glare

Natsu Dragneel What? This is funny shit!

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Jellal Fernandes Ah…guess I forgot to tell ya XD

Gray Fullbuster FAIL.

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Erza Scarlet What's with all these "Congrats" and threats I've been getting?

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Lucy Heartphilia Huh? O_O I thought you and Jellal were 'in a relationship'

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Erza Scarlet WHAT?

Lucy Heartphilia Guess you didn't know….

Jellal Fernandes is in a relationship

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We(heart)Jellal No…Please tell us you just pushed the wrong button on fb….

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Jellal Fernandes Sorry but it's the real deal :D

Natsu Dragneel who's the unlucky girl?

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Gray Fullbuster Erza's gonna kill you man.

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Jellal Fernandes Erza IS the unlucky girl you idiots.

Jellal Fernandes I mean, the LUCKY girl.


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