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Let's dive into a Nightmare.

*Begin Story*

He couldn't believe it! Shizuo should have known dammit!

99% of weird shit always involves Izaya! A-L-W-A-Y-S!

He refused Celty to go get her head.

"This is Flea related" he had said, "so this is my problem to solve!" And off he went to Shinjuku.

He's running through the streets, looking for the right building. Finding it, he pushed the doors so hard the glass shattered, shining –sparkling- in the moonlight.

Shizuo forgot about the elevator 'not fast enough!' and ran up the stairs to the fifth floor with only one word in mind.

'Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!'

Reaching –finally- the correct door, the bartender kicked the door open, leaving a dent in the wall.


"Shizu-chan?" Izaya looked up from the computer to see his enemy coming closer to him. He wished today wasn't Namie's day off or else she could have been a wonderful human shield!

"YOU! Where is it?" He grabbed Izaya's collar and lifted him up, fist ready to punch.

"Why, Shizu-chan, I have no idea what you mean~!" Izaya smirked.

"Celty's head! Where the fuck is it?" The blonde growled.

The informant was shocked, how did he find out? He slowly got out his switchblade from his back pocket and held it behind his back. He was ready when Shizuo was ready.

"I don't know what you're talking about Shizu-chan~!"

Izaya was thrown behind Shizuo's back and landed on the floor, where he jumped up and striked the former bartender's vest and shirt, showing a bare chest with a single cut, barely a scratch even. He stared long and hard at the chest.

'I wonder…' A plan forming-no. A new game forming in Izaya's mind.

"I wonder how long Shizu-chan can go on before he gives up~!"

Shizuo stopped his next punch with a confused expression, "Eh! What was that, flea?"

Izaya smirked and smirked, eyes filling with a childish mirth and true malice (a strange combination that should not be put together.)

He'll finally break Shizu-chan. And he'll have some fun doing it too!

"I'll give you Celty's head. Not a problem, if…"

"If what!" Shizuo was already getting a larger migraine just by not punching him. But this was for Celty, his friend who accepted him.

"If you sit down, and let me do whatever I want to you for 24 hours. Sound fair? I think so~! I guess because I was planning to use that head as my gate way to Heaven, but this could work too…" Izaya said, eyes never leaving that one, small scratch.

"The HELL! There is no wa-

"Then you don't care for your friend enough to do this one thing. You won't do this one thing to give your friend what she truly desires. Tsk Tsk, Shizu-chan~!" Knowing he hit a heart string, he saw Shizuo's face become shadowed.

'For Celty.' Shizuo lowered his punch and just stood there, like a puppet waiting for a command.

"But next time I see you, you mother-fucking flea, you're as good as dead."

The informant laughed his head off. Sides hurting, he crouched down and whispered, "Deal."

The brunette led Shizuo to his favorite spinning chair, where the blonde sat down (grinding his teeth) and just waited.

"Oh! I'll be riiiiiight back~!"

When Izaya came back, he had something in his hands, behind his back.

"Nooo peeking~!"

"Tch!" The blonde shut his eyes. He could handle this. Shizuo knew himself, he had endured two bullets in his body, he could easily endure this.

But what he wasn't ready for was the flea's arms around his waist. Trying so hard not to open, trying so hard not to just to fucking get up and kill him for even TOUCHING him, he just couldn't.

He had to do this, for a friend, possibly one of his only.

'Wait… Is he… tying me up!'

There was a great deal of pressure on his lungs, and could already feel the chaffing.

"Don't worry, Shizu-chan", Izaya whispered (his breath was so ragged, Shizuo noticed, as if the brunette was excited) in his ear, "this is only to make sure you don't run away like a coward. You could even say I'm helping you~!"

'Keep your trap shut, Shizuo! It'll make it less difficult.' The blonde repeated in his mind.

After tying Shizuo up in the chair and tied up his arms to the handles, (he made sure the rope was the thickest kind, he had it in cases of tough cases, and the rope even has steel in it, a nice touch for Izaya) he walked to see the front of the protozoan blonde.

Switchblade ready to strike, he commanded, "Open your eyes."

Shizuo was greeted with a cut to the cheek.

Yet he still said nothing.

"Awww! Aren't you even going to yell? That makes it no fun, Shizu-chan~!" Izaya said as he licked the blood off his blade.


More cuts began to decorate his face.

Izaya felt like an artist, creating something so…

New. Great. Fabulous. Human. Beautiful. Mesmerizing.


He just had to show his creation some love, so he left again, to his room.

Shizuo let out a breath he had been holding in. What was wrong with that fucker! He was so ready to just ruin the apartment, searching. But he was worried.

'What if I crush while trying to find it? What if I choose a wrong one? Izaya is a weirdo, he might have more than one!'

What if? What if? What if?

That's all that ran through his mind.

Soon enough he heard footsteps towards his direction.

"Close your eyes again."

He followed the orders.

Izaya came right behind him and blindfolded him.

"Now just imagine me as anyone you want, ne?"

"What the fu-

A small kiss was placed to his bloodied lips.

'Don't yell! Don't yell! Don't frickin yell!'

"Just like a mosaic! Shows so much emotion! Just-

Love it~!" He laughed, and laughed.

"I guess for now, I'll love like all my humans~! Especially since now I can predict all your movements when I have you like this."

Shizuo could just feel the other man's smirk and crimson eyes light up with malice.

The cold metal blade was held up to his neck. Another cut was made by his collar bone, another one was so close to his pulse.

Izaya looked at those marvelous cuts. He loved the crimson blood taint the blonde's white shirt.

This cutting game went on for hours, until the only thing left was his lower half.

Some were deep, some were long, and some were just scratches. But one stood out above the rest.

Izaya's favorite.

Near Shizuo's heart wrote, Orihara Izaya.

Izaya just loved loved LOVED this perfect painting. So much he took several pictures.

Before he knew it he was licking off the blood off of his enemy's neck. Giggling like a small school with her first crush.

Shizuo could not have felt more disgusted.

'C'mon! It must have been a day! Surely feels like it… Dammit, that flea is gonna die!'

Poor Shizuo didn't know it had only been 6 hours.

Six, long, terrible hours.

For Izaya he just loved his painting, loved his masterpiece. Although it wasn't as fun as he had hoped. He wanted to see him breakdown.

He wanted him to beg to stop.

To Izaya, he found this scene very kinky to the eye.


"Shizu-chan~" he whispered with such sultry.

'Is this guy bi-polar? He went from sadistic to hor- oh HELL NO!'

"NO! NONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOO!" Shizuo had finally cracked.

"Awww, but Shizu-chan!" He said, fitting himself on the blonde's legs. "I just want to show some love." He kissed and sucked and licked every part of his neck.

"You're so cute! I think you should see how beautiful you've become, Shizu-chan." He took off the blind fold. (not before he pushed the former bartender in front of a mirror)

Shizuo looked at himself. He could feel bile rising in his throat.

'Oh… my…' there in the mirror was him and with cuts sprayed across his body. The signature of the flea was near his heart, he wanted to hurt Izaya so badly. Oh, what he would do for a cigarette!

But that wasn't the worst part. Oh no, not at all.

It was Izaya who was on his lap with arms linked around his bruised (he prayed those were bruises) neck.

"Get off me!"

Izaya looked up to see the angry mocha eyes, and just smiled evilly.

"Hell no…" tracing his finger up and down the cut-up chest. Tracing his name.

"You want the head, right? So you'll do as I say. Ne, Shizu-chan?" he purred, trying to sound sexy. (might work with other people but this was Shizuo.)

'Hold it innnnnnn!'

"Do your worst, Flea." Shizuo sighed with shame.

"Hehehe~! Don't worry~!"

Not moving the chair, Izaya got up and left.


'I think Shizu-chan should admire the artwork a bit more~!'


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