As the butler of the Phantomhive household he was used to having to teach the other servants how to properly behave and successfully do their job.

Well, the later with slow, but steady success.

Back then he hadn't had enough time to address one particular matter, but now, that things had calmed down for the time being, it was the perfect moment to take care of one slightly irking habit of one particular servant.

The only one that hadn't been chosen by him, Sebastian Michaelis, but directly by his young lord, Ciel Phantomhive.

"Snake… After you completed your tasks, please come see me in my room. Without any of your 'companions'.", the black haired male addressed the newest member of the household, who looked at him with slight unease at the way he put emphasis at 'any', but nodded obediently. "Yes, Sebastian-san."

Out of all those working for his lord, Snake probably was most valuable in the manner of 'servant'. He was certainly the one giving him the least headaches when it came to the chores split among them. Aside from Tanaka-san, of course.

By the time he himself had done his tasks – including tucking his young master in – it was nearing midnight. He was almost surprised to see Snake leaning against the wall next to the door leading into his room.

Absently he wondered how long the young male had been waiting for him, while holding the door open for the youth to enter.

"Did you follow my instructions and came here without any of your snake friends?", he inquired, while closing the door, thought he already knew the other had followed his instructions.

The last of his scaled friends had just snuck away when he'd rounded the corner and entered the hallway.

"Y-yes…", came the soft spoken, nervous reply.

And this… was exactly the problem. It wouldn't do if a servant of the Phantomhive household was pretty much useless in everyday situations if he wasn't accompanied by a snake.

Of course he could inquire how it had come to this, but then again there were other solutions to the matter at hand.

"What was that?", he calmly inquired, as if having missed the answer.

"Y-yes, S-sebastian-san!"

Louder and more clear now, but still not enough. At least he was trying.

Facing the snakeman, he absently noted that aside from the shaking of antenna-like hair strand, there was no sign of the other's emotions at all. That and his stuttering and uncertain voice.

"Do you remember the first lesson I thought you when you became a servant of this house?"

A soft nod.

"Would you mind repeating it?"

"… T-to straighten up… A-and speak… loud and clearly."

For a moment Sebastian really didn't know whether he should be satisfied the other remembered, of annoyed that despite remembering he failed to execute the order.

Even thought he did only stutter at the first half, to give him credit.

"And are you satisfied with your results on fulfilling that task so far?"

"…" Snake didn't seemed to know how to answer this and looked at the floor for a moment.

Just when he was about to speak up again, the youth suddenly lifted his head. "I-I think I'm doing g-good when with a companion."

After a moment Sebastian actually allowed a small smile to slip over his lips. To stun him was quite a feat. The half-human was amusing and starting to peek his interest.

Perhaps he'd attempt a different approach on this, than he had originally intended.

"Yes. That is correct. When you have one of your snakes with you, you have close to no trouble speaking at all. Only your mannerism needs to be changed a little.", he admitted, slightly praising the other at the same time. "However", he continued with only a small break. "when you are on your own, the quality of speech – if any at all – is rather lacking. As a Phantomhive servant, that is absolutely unacceptable. Given the fact that there are many possibilities how you could end up without any of your friends, we can't have you unable to speak up at such times."

At his strict and firm words, the other's eyes had fallen back to the ground again and his shoulders and antenna had dropped. Circling the other man slowly, he stopped once he was behind him, almost having passed the other shoulder again.

"That is why we'll do a special training starting today.", he calmly announced, holding back a smirk.

Without warning he wrapped his arms around the other servant from behind, hearing him gasp in surprise and feeling him stiffen against him, not used to being touched so freely.

"S-Sebastian-san?", Snake asked, head turning to face the other, with his eyes wide in surprise.

"Your task for this session is but a simple one.", the demon butler continued in the same calm manner as before. "All you need to do is speak up clearly what you want. No matter what it is… You can even ask to stop the lesson… Understood?"

"… Y-yes."


Without further ado, he slowly let his hands roam over the slender frame, absently taking note of the sensation of ribs. He really needed to make certain the young human was properly eating and not giving everything to his 'friends'.

He could feel the other growing uncomfortable and instinctively try to squirm away from the touch, but as expected he didn't manage to tell him to stop.

A soft hitch in breath was Sebastian's reward as he let one hand slip lower, lightly brushing over the inner tight as he pulled the other's body closer against his own. Snake had gone completely still.

Almost like a bunny facing a snake.

The image coming to his mind was incredible amusing.

Not done by far, he slipped the other hand upwards, purposefully brushing a nipple through the cloth, feeling the other jump a little and exhale quickly in surprise.

Still no word of resistance.

For a moment a smug grin slipped over his lips, allowing it to happen only because the other one faced straight ahead.

Leaning more forward, he licked over the tip of the ear, before wrapping his lips around it, lightly sucking on it, then letting go only to brush with his nose and lips against the hairline. Wanding lower, shoving the cloth away, he headed for the neck, feeling the little tremors running through Snake.

Not quiet satisfied with the amount of verbal reactions, he again brushed over the nipple, this time continually rubbing his index finger over the top.


Such a beautiful voice. It was almost a sin that he didn't use it more.

He blinked for a moment, then truly smirked as he noticed the pale hands trembling and clenching and unclenching at his ministrations, obviously uncertain what to do with them.

Humans. He surely wouldn't ever completely understand them, but at right now he at least understood how to associate 'adorable' and 'cute' properly.

"Do you like it when I touch you like this?", he inquired, speaking for the first time since starting this 'lesson', his breath ghosting along neck and air, causing another quiver to go through the body he was holding.


Another cute sound. Obviously the other was very embarrassed to be asked such a question. In fact, now that he took a closer look, the other had blushed all the way to his ears, the pale skin for once spurting a bright red.

Keeping up teasing the nipple – now rolling it between thumb and index finger – he stopped just lightly carecessing and rubbing the the inner tight, but actually wandered up and down.

By now Snake's breath had gotten uneven, even stopping for a moment when he wandered upwards, towards his groin, before shuddering exhaling when he went back down again.

Despite having not recived an answer yet, he allowed to let this 'disobedience' to slip. It was much more amusing this way.

Without warning he suddenly cupped the buldge, making the other jump and arch as he lightly traced the contents with his fingers, almost banging their heads together at the sudden move, a surpressed sound still loud in the otherwise silent room.

With Snake leaning his head against his shoulder the way he did, the butler was able to get a perfect view of his face and licked his lips.

White teeth were showing as the other desperately bit his lower lip, trying to keep the noise in, his eyes squeezed shut.

Suddenly the other's hands wrapped around his wrists, actually making the demon bristle for a moment, thinking the other was trying to fight him off, instead of just telling him to stop.

To be honest, he had almost forgotten his original intention when he'd started this. Almost.

His suspicions were for once proofen wrong, when aside from tightly holding onto him, nothing more happened.

The demon kept teasingly rubbing the other, enjoying to fell the buldge grow against his touch, the erection no doubt already pressing against the confinements of underwear.

Yet, even as he enjoyed the other's sounds, when this one no longer could hold them in, he made certain not to take this too far, making the other squirm deliciously against him as he kept him on the very edge, yet not allowing him to reach fulfillment.

"Ahh... hah... .. nhn... ah... S-s..."


It seemed even Snake's shying away from talking had a certain limit. Thought he had to admit he was kind of impressed for the other to be able to stand this sweet torture this long.


Shivering the snakeman's head felt forward, hair obscuring the view on his facial expression.

"I-I... ungh..."

"Yes?", Sebastian asked, figuring he'd be nice if the other was showing such helpless attempts.

"I-I... it's... weird... hot..."

… The boy had to be kidding him? Weird? Hot? Surely at least this half-human would have experimented with mastrubation before. … Did he?

The demon butler mulled the question over in his head, before feeling a broad smile twitching across his lips.

Now this would certainy explain some things.

What unexpected discovery. It certainly made 'tutoring' this one a the way sweeter. Perhaps the snake controller would provide to be more entertaining and useful than he'd originally ever taken into consideration.

"... Remember the rules?", he gently whispered into the air, watching the smaller male shiver even more. "You need to tell me what you want."

"I-I …", the other tried again, breaking off as another moan slipped from his lips. "I-I... S-seba... Seba... S-sebastian...-san..."

Patiently the other waited for the other to speak up more clearly, but all he heard was attempts at saying his name.

Honestly, was it that hard? He could just tell him 'Stop' or 'More'.

"I... S-sebastian-san!", the other suddenly panted, the grip on the butler's wrists tightening as he gave one particular hard shudder, once more arching his spine.

The demon found himself blinking.

Given how hard the other was trying... Could he really mean what he thought?

This time he didn't surpress the grin that would make a chesire cat green with envy. To want him, Sebastian... The boy surely was bold, when pressed.

"Shh...", he gently whispered, attempting to calm the other one down.

Just this once, he supposed, he'd be nice.

That boy didn't knew what he was really asking after all and for once he didn't feel like taking advantage of him. Not yet anyway.

Taking his time with this one would certainly make the pleasure he recived from this all the more sweeter.

And give him entertaining toy to amuse himself with while waiting for his young 'master' to finally archive his goal, so he could get his longed for reward.

… Yes... perhaps he'd even keep the other around after that. Someone like Snake he certainly hadn't encountered in all the years he'd been living.


Eyes glazed with lust opened a little as he stopped carecessing the buldge, trying to figure out what was going on.

Sebastian sensed the other thought he might have done something wrong after all at that very moment and destroyed it a moment later, as he undid the pants and made them slip off the hips, where they got caught around the slightly bend and shaking knees.

Yes... he was indeed having fun with this one.

Licking over the ear, he actually enjoyed it when the other jumped this time and smirked again, when gasping wide eyed a moment later, when he pulled the underwear down just enough for the other's erection to spring out.

Certainly nothing to be ashamed off.

Wrapping his gloved hand around the warm, hard and very red flesh, he started slowly pumping the dick.

His effords were quickly rewarded with more delicious sounds escaping the other one, who didn't seemed to know how to react, pushing away from the sensation and up against his senior in one moment, then back into the hand making him feel good.

Absently Sebastian also took notice, that while the other's body was littered with patches of scales in various size here and there, there didn't seemed to be any on his cock.

In return, the other was graced with sinful silky and soft skin. And a lack of public hair.

Hidding his grin, he started nibbling along the other's neck.

Could the youth actually feel anything where scales were covering up? Intrigued, Sebastian choose to test it and gave one spot of scales a lick. Getting no real reaction, he actually felt a bit disappointed and continued licking, nipping and sucking along the slender neck instead.


? Now that was unexpected. A sweet spot perhaps?

He got the same reaction as he traced that spot again, frowning slightly as he could feel the edges of scales lightly scrapping against his lips. Just before it had done nothing and now it did?

A bit puzzled he gave the spot that made the other cry out and his erection twitch in his hand a closer look.

"Hn." Of course.

When he placed his lips and tongue this time against the spot, he knew excactly what to do to make the other squirm and cry out in pleasure, while also trusting into the channel surrounding his penis.

It was a rather exquisite sensation. Scales, that felt a bit like finger nails, hard, yet flexible, with a smooth surface, on one hand, then soft, silky skin. And in between a small part, that felt even silkier and softer than should be possible.

"Ah... Agh... Uh... S-s... Mhgh... S-seba... stia...n... -sAHn... I-I... AH... ah... I-I... can't... guh... Ngh...", the other panted sweetly in the air.

It was really endearing how he tried to tell him something he already knew. And probably better than the boy too.

Picking up the pace, he soon felt Snake stiffening against him, one helpless, last attempt to say his name, before moaning out, sperm shooting out of his tip, white blotches staining the floor between his legs.

Breathless and panting he sagged against Sebastian, who held the slender male easily against his own chest, waiting until he came back from his dazed pleasure.

When he did, he happened to look directly into his eyes and after a moment of no reaction at all, his face instantly burst into an intensive, blush that would have made a tomato envious of it's color, before ducking his head.

"You didn't do so bad for your first attempt.", Sebastian commented calmly. "I think, you'll be fine talking even in situations where your companions aren't with you, with a bit more training."

Pausing for a moment, he let the words sink in and waited until he spotted the other shyly peeking up at him from behind his bangs. Now certain of having the other's full attention, he continued.

"Can you stand?"

The other swayed at first, but managed to stand without help a moment later and gave a nod, making Sebastian release him.

"You should get dressed and then take a quick shower before going to bed. We are done for todays lesson.", the demon butler informed the snake-human.

Once more the non-human found himself surprised when the other obeyed his first instruction right away and bend forward to retrieve the clothing and pull it back up to his hips.

Had he been a mere mortal, Sebastian was certain he'd have a nosebleed now.

He was looking forward to make the other bend over like that again in the near future. Thought for a different reason.

Keeping his leerious thought to himself, he headed towards the door, reaching out to hold it open for the other to leave, when he blinked and withdrew his hand.

He'd almost forgotten that he'd made the other come, thus it was stained with his seemen.

"Ah...", the soft, surprised sound made by the other made him look over.

Snake's gaze was on his glove, with a newly blooming flush gracing his pale cheeks.

"Uhm... I-I...", he stuttered, before giving up.

Sebastian's red eyes grew wide as the youth suddenly grabbed his wrists and pulled the hand closer while also bending down.

Slowly the pink tongue rolled out, softly lapping up the white substance from his glove. It resembled a little kitten lapping up milk.

Unable to move, he could only watch the other go on his self-appointed task until the glove seemed all clean again.

Only on the surface, but...

"You do realize that I'll have to wash this anyway?", he gently asked the youth, who blinked wide eyed, before blushing again. This time in embarrassement, as his gaze went down to the tip of his shoes. "Your clothes too, by the way. I've made certain you have enough spare sets, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Pausing again, he gave a small smile as he brought his hand beneath the other's chin and lifted it up, so he could look the other in the eye again. "I do appreciate your will to clean up the mess you created. Good job.", he told him, before planting a kiss on his forehead.

When he pulled back, Snake's hand came up to cover the spot where his lip's had just been, his eyes once more wide, as if not quite understanding or believing what just happened.

"It's time to return to your room.", Sebastian guided the other's thoughts, opening the door, with his clean hand this time. "Please make certain you rest well. Tomorrow will be another busy day."

"Y-yes.", Snake whispered as he passed the man, hurrying out without lifting his head or glancing back again.

Satisfied, Sebastian closed the door, before allowing himself a moment of weakness.

Haaaaaaaaah! Snake was so adorable and cute! No matter how he tried to look at it, all the things the young fellow did was making him think of cute little kittens!

His swooning stopped a moment later as he snapped back to seriousness. No matter how cute and adorabe the other's appeal... He couldn't forget who the other was and how he had ended up here.


A feral grin grew on his lips once more, while his eyes started to glow.

Those simple facts wouldn't stop him from enjoying the male human for as long as he could. Coming to stop before the white spots on his floor, he simply sweeped them away with his already stained glove and then tugging it off.

Oh, yes. He'd certainly enjoy 'teaching' Snake the proper way to 'talk'.