For a strange fleeting moment he'd actually had the unbelievable urge to say ‚Yes, Milord', but luckily that moment had passed the moment he'd realized it.
Strange as it was, it did little to distract him of the current situation. Gently pushing the other back by his shoulders, he only waited for the moment for those shy eyes to flutter up and face him, before leaning in and lightly brushing their lips together.
He'd savor it. Cherish it. Take his time.
The last time was already such a long time ago and overly hurried too…
If he was honest with himself, he hadn't even expected being able to bed the young half human this fast.
Yet here it was. A golden opportunity that he wouldn't let pass.

As he withdrew, Snake showed an expression of puzzlement. "… T-This is… part of t-that too?", he asked confused.
Fighting down his amusement, Sebastian blinked once, before lightly smiling. "Well, not necessarily… This…", he lightly kissed the other again. "Is called a 'kiss'. It's not necessarily a part of 'sex'… but between lovers it's often part of 'foreplay'… An act to set the right mood before the actual act takes place.", Sebastian explained politely.
Absently he remembered attempting 'the talk' with the young master before, but this one had rather flatly told him to shut up and that he'd already been educated on that long ago, before sending him off, with the excuse that he felt like tiramisu just right then and there.
Back at present, for once various expressions flashed across the Snake's face – thought the majority were displayed in his eyes.
Finally he reached up to lightly touch his lips with the tip of his index and middle finger. "Kiss…", he repeated, before actually looking Sebastian in the eye.

Thought he instantly understood what the other wanted when this one moved to close the distance between them, the move still came a bit as a surprise.
Snake seemed to be full of them too.
Given how shy he was in one moment, one would never expect him to pull a move like this in the next one. As their lips met once more, Sebastian slipped one gloved hand into the other's hair, intent on keeping kissing for a longer time this time around.
He'd have to teach Snake how to play chess. Given the youth's personality, he'd certainly be an entertaining opponent to both himself and the young master.
Sensing the other getting out of breath, he pulled back a little, allowing the young servant to inhale. "Try breathing through your nose next time.", he instructed, before diving in again.
Obediently Snake complied this time.

Deciding to take things a bit further, Sebastian parted his lips a bit and let his tongue lick over the other's closed mouth.
It took a few attempts, before the other got the hint and hesitantly parted lips to grant him entrance. The same procedure had to be followed when he twisted his tongue to tease the other into playing along.
When they finally parted, Snake was breathless and holding tightly onto his senior, cheeks a bit flushed and eyes slightly glazed with a dazed expression on his face.
Unable to help it, the butler placed a quick peck on the nose. "That", he explained once more. "was a tongue kiss, which is often also referred to as 'french kissing'."

"… Now, let's move this over to the bed. It will be more comfortable that way."
Blushing, but nodding, the youth obediently allowed himself to be lead over to the bed. Sebastian didn't push him down onto it or anything, instead he simply stopped and hugged the other from behind again, gaining access to the neck once more.
Without actually needing to look, he pulled the black tie off the other, which made the collar get a little looser.
Roaming lower, brushing lightly over the other's nipples on his journey down, he enjoyed the gasp the other gave. This time however, his targets were simple buttons, which kept the other servant's tuxedo shut at the front.
Those undone and out of the way, he let the black fabric slip of the slender shoulders and onto the floor.
The black vest and the white shirt were given the same procedure, thought Sebastian didn't let the shirt slip off right away, instead mouthing, kissing, licking and nibbling all along the way whenever another inch of palest skin was revealed.

By the time the demon butler finally moved for the pants, Snake was a helplessly shivering creature in his arms, who'd been teased and pleasured so throughout, that he was hovering so close to the edge of reaching release, that it was close to being painful.
But not yet.
Sebastian was a master at manipulation – especially the manipulation of the body- enjoying making the other dizzy with pleasure.
Having laid Snake out naked on his sheets, he actually pulled back a little, taking the moment to let his eyes roam all over his 'treat'.
"Uhm…", Snake mumbled, biting his lower lip nervously for a moment and shooting a spark of desire through the demon over him without being aware of it.
"What is it?"
"… A-Aren't you… going to… t-take off… your c-clothes too…?", the young servant asked, voice becoming smaller as his embarrassment rose, which also showed in the other avoiding eye contact.
"Do you want me to?", Sebastian simply inquired, making Snake blink his golden eyes up to him, then give a small nod.

Thought Sebastian REALLY wanted to go on, he merely gave a small smile. "Ask for it then."
"… Take… off your clothes… please?", came the shy, breathless whisper.
Not 'loud and clear', but at least he wasn't stuttering this time.
Snake's reward was a long kiss, before Sebastian pulled back and stood at the side of the bed, slowly taking his clothes off, purposefully making a show of it, since he knew that the youth was watching.
Only when he pulled down the final clothing did Snake flush hotly and look away for a few moments, before curiosity got the better of him and he actually looked back, cheeks coloring even deeper.
"… You are…", he muttered softly, unable to speak on.
It was obvious to the demon servant, that Snake was rather surprised to see him erect as well, despite Sebastian having done all the pleasuring so far.
"Giving a partner pleasure, can be pleasing as well.", he informed the younger, who looked at him with a weird expression, before gnawing at his lower lip in thoughts.

Just when the butler was going to move in and take the next step, the younger one suddenly sat up. "T-Then I-I too…", he mumbled shyly, leaving the older one only to suck in air sharply when one pale hand had wrapped around his sensitive organ and slowly started stroking him.
The male instantly recognized Snake attempting to reconstruct what he himself had done to him before. Despite being far from perfect, the shyness and inexperience of the touch riled him up in entirely different ways, which were quickly becoming intoxicating.
"Stop. That's enough.", he quickly breathed out, mentally gritting his teeth at having to remain gentle-spoken at this point, when all he desired was to throw the other down and have his way with him.
"Lay back down.", Sebastian instructed once the other complied, watching him do so, still shy, but this time watching him with open curiosity and anticipation.

Moving down, he put his hands onto the knees, parting them without much trouble, thought Snake's breath shook slightly. Settling comfortably between the other's legs, he placed a kiss onto the bend knee, slowly making his way up and pondering if he could get away with giving Snake a special summer uniform that required him to wear stockings.
Snake had slender and elegant feet. Stockings would be perfect to emphasize that.
Leaning over the other's body, he reached over to his night table, pulling open the first drawer. After realizing the potential of the 'relationship' with Snake, he'd made certain to be perfectly prepared.
As always.
He purposefully let the other watch as he coated his fingers with the oil, then rose the leg he'd showered with small affections just before over his shoulder.
This way he had easy access to the hidden entrance between the other's globes.

The young half human shifted a little, unable to stay still, but Sebastian didn't mind at all. Instead he enjoyed the widening of the other's eyes as he rubbed the tip of his index finger against the other's opening.
Then, as he pressed in, the fluttered shut, white teeth showing as the other lightly bit his lower lip for a moment, before parting his lips to inhale air.
The hands went into the sheets, curling onto the fabric and holding tightly onto it as he made a second finger join the first soon after.
Given how easily the other was able to accept even the third with only a temporary hitch in breath, Sebastian found himself wondering for a few moments if it were the snake-genes in him, that allowed the stretching to come along so easily.

"This was preparation, which is required between two men, so the one 'reciving' will not be in pain.", he absently explained, while pulling out his fingers and then coating up his erection.
The oil was cold against the throbbing flesh, despite the fact he'd warmed it up with his hands. It didn't surprise him at all.
The need to burry himself in the other had become … almost unbearable.
Honestly, if his little brat of a young master decided that he needed him NOW… He'd be quite put off.
Luckily no disturbance occurred as he slowly slid into the tight sheath.
At one point Snake once more managed to surprise him, when one hand reached out to wrap around his neck. He didn't mind the action at all and promptly made use of it by kissing the other deeply again.
After trusting into the other a couple of times, this one rose his legs up on his own, wrapping them around Sebastian's middle, allowing the demon to trust even deeper into the half human and hit his pleasure spot.
A jerk went through the other, back arching and Sebastian smirking into the kiss, promptly doing it again and again.
Only to slow down again when he realized the other was close to coming.
Despite wanting fulfillment, Sebastian hadn't forgotten how much he wanted to take his time and enjoy this. Whereas Snake probably had no sense of time, the demon butler was well aware that he'd been keeping the young one near the brink of release for over an hour, before he was willing to end this.
For now.
Picking up pace again, his lips were a seal over the other's keeping the noise at a discrete level, thought he did sometimes pull away to hear the other's sweet sounds, that made him want to cause the other to cry out even louder.

As expected, Snake was even more beautiful when he finally came.
Muscles flexing, pale skin tensing along, with the young one actually accidentally biting Sebastian's lip enough to cause it to bleed.
Despite the muffled sound, he could clearly make out his name falling off the other's lips, watching as the other slowly grew limb and only then picking up pace to pound into the other without restrain and biting his own lower lip as he filled the other up good.

The demon butler allowed both of them to enjoy a few moments of blissful afterglow, before pushing himself up and pulling out of the other.
Snake had not passed out – which was also satisfactory.
Reaching out, he lightly messed up the other's hair, thus making the other blink one eye open and up at him. Due to these 'lessons' the young one had also gotten more used to being touched.
A great development if he dared saying so himself.
"I'm sure you'd like to stay here longer, but I'm afraid we must keep up appearances."
The other drew his eyebrows together in confusion for a moment, before nodding. Interestingly enough to Sebastian, Snake didn't pretend to understand, but actually seemed to understand.
Pushing himself up, he slid his legs out of the bed.
His attempt to stand ended up with him promptly placing his butt back onto the bed.
The demon butler found himself eyeing the pale butt as it rose again, his cum leaking out a little. "Want me to accompany you back?", he offered, surprising himself and Snake.
After a moment the other servant shook his head and finished dressing. Sebastian hoped he remembered last time and would take a bath. And put those clothes in the basket 'to be washed'.
"… I-I'll see y-you t-tomorrow.", Snake mumbled, cheeks flushed. "G-Good n-night."
"Good night to you too.", he answered, watching the door fall shut.

A smirk of deep satisfaction went through him.
Now that had been… almost perfect. A shiver went along his spine as he remembered the sensation of the other underneath him. Yes, he'd fully enjoy the exotic creature that was Snake.
As his eyes happened to come onto the pile of his own clothes, Sebastian merely snapped his fingers and he was perfectly in order again, with no single drop of sweat on him.
Perhaps next time, he'd feel like actually taking a bath… with Snake.
With a smug smirk he allowed himself to draw out some fantasies in his head, before deciding that enough was enough and planning the tasks to do and facts to consider for the next time.

Snake on the other hand was crawling into bed an hour later with red face and ears, putting his hands over the later, when his snake comrades kept teasing him on how he'd found himself a fitting and powerful mate.