"I can't believe it's over." Kurt shifted his bangs.

"Finally!" Puck stretched his arms above his head.

The Glee club was at park, celebrating the end of high school with a picnic. They had united two tables, because Ms. Pillsbury put a halt to sitting on the grass.

"So, Rachel, what are your plans now?" Mr. Schuester asked.

"We have found some places in New York, so we'll settle down." if someone found strange Rachel using the plurals they didn't show it. "We'll have some family time and we'll take a vacation."

"Look what I found!"

Heads turned to the voice, and froze at the sight of Santana Lopez with a kid on her hip.

"Oh, what is it?" Rachel asked, overemphasizing her curiosity.

"I think it's an elf, or a dwarf, or…"

"Quit the height jokes if you don't want to sleep on the couch."

The Glee club watched fascinated with the exchange.

"El, El!" the baby stretched her arms towards Rachel.

"Saved by the bell," the girl warned Santana, while taking the toddler in her arms. "Come here, baby girl."

She put the infant on her legs. "Let me guess, you're here for ice cream."

The baby clapped her hands.

"What flavor?"


"You corrupted her! No sane kid would choose fruits over creams," Santana moaned.

"Beth is perfectly healthy, Santana! Ouch!" Rachel pulled out her hair from Beth's grasp. "We are going, we are going, no need to hurt me," Rachel stood up from the bench.

"Down," Beth ordered.

"Bossy," Rachel murmured putting her down on the ground.

"Look who's talking," Santana snickered.

"Tana! Hand! Tana!" Beth was extending her hand to Santana, the other already holding Rachel's, before dragging the two girls towards the ice cream stand.


"Shelby, what are you doing here?" Mr. Schuester asked, once he saw who Brittany had greeted.

"I'm looking for my girls," she glanced around.

"So" Mr. Schue cleared his throat to break the silence. "Are you going back to Vocal Adrenaline?"

"Oh, no! I'm transferring to New York."

"Really?" Ms. Pillsbury inquired suddenly interested.

"Rachel is moving too," Finn said.

"I know," Shelby smiled. "I promised to be around."

"It's nice. I mean, that you are keeping your words to Rachel." Emma said.

"To Santana."

"What?" the red head blinked.

"I promised to Santana that I would never leave Rachel again, and by the way, where are they?"

"Why to Santana?" Finn asked the question everyone was thinking, but Shelby ignored him, as Brittany touched her arm.

"There! Aren't they cute? They seem a family," the blonde pointed at the two girls who were holding Beth hands and swinging the baby.

"Disturbingly so."

"Because she is your daughter?" Brittany asked. "But Rachel is your daughter too," she added after a second though confused.

"No," Shelby chuckled "It's silly I know, but people usually date, then try to live together, and the next step is expanding the family. But they are ahead on this schedule, and now that Leonor won't be there to buffer"

"What's the matter with her cooking buffet?" Brittany interrupted her.

"I mean that Leonor won't be living with them anymore… and what if they want to jump at the next stage, skipping the living together part?"

"But they already live together," the blonde noted, continuing the conversation and ignoring the confused Glee members, "but you know, I think that before having a baby Rachel would want to get married."

Shelby looked at her, amazed. "I hadn't thought about that," she said, her concern not diminishing.

"Hey mom," Rachel stood on her toes to kiss her on the cheek, before sitting down.

"Hello Shelby," Santana sat down, putting Beth between her and her girlfriend.

"Mom, why are you looking at me like that?" Rachel stopped helping Beth eating her ice cream.

"Nothing," Shelby collected herself "I was lost in thought," she smiled at her daughter.

"Ahi, Rachel, do something"

"What is it, Santana?" Rachel rolled her eyes.

"She punched me, tell her to stop," Santana whined, earning shocked stares from the people sitting at the table.

"You should stop stealing her ice cream," Rachel said in a business tone, showing not surprise, but only amusement, and a little bit of annoyance.

"But she hit me," Santana repeated, trying to underlying the violent part of Beth's action, knowing how Rachel abhorred it.

"And who taught that to her?" Rachel finally looked at her, raising her eyebrow.

"She needed to know how to defend herself!" Santana protested.

"It was you," Rachel ignored her defense "So suck it up."

"I would prefer sucking something else…" Santana smirked.

Half of those present blushed, someone took a breath of relief seeing that the Santana Lopez they knew was still there, and Brittany and Shelby shrugged it off, used to the girls' banter.

"Santana, not in front of the child," Rachel chastised her girlfriend.

"Sorry." she didn't look apologetic at all.

"You'll be a wonderful mom," Brittany stated.

"Okay," Rachel took a breath. "Why we are talking about babies? Again, I'd add."

"Again? Are you pregnant?" Finn asked.

"Why does everyone thinks so? No, I'm not pregnant!" Rachel threw her hands in air.

Santana rubbed her back. "Cool down, querida, your mother knows that she doesn't have to worry about that for now," she looked pointedly at Shelby.

"And what about marriage?" the woman blurted out.

"Oh, for Christ's sake, I promise that when I'll decide to ask Rachel to marry me, or for a baby, you'll be the first to know."

"Really? And what about me?" Rachel looked pissed. "And who say that you'll be the one asking me? I told you on the first date how do I feel about that."

"Sorry!" Santana closed her eyes to calm down. "I promise that when we decide to get married or to have a baby you'll be the first to know," she repeated, looking at Rachel for appreciation. Her girlfriend nodded.

"And your mom?" Shelby asked.

"Okay, I'll do a conference with you, my mom and Beth."

The baby looked up, hearing her name and Santana smiled at her, ruffling her hairs.

"And Brittany," Rachel added, her eyes dancing with mirth seeing her slightly exasperated girlfriend.

"And Brittany," Santana confirmed.

"Wow, this is serious," Mercedes breathed out.

"What does that mean?" Santana asked, taking the defensive.

Kurt raised his hands as she was a dangerous animal. "I think that what she wanted to say is that you're talking about marriage and kids, and it's kind of serious."

"And why shouldn't be serious?" the Latina scoffed.

"Maybe because we didn't even know you were dating?" Quinn piped out.

Rachel and Santana looked at each other.


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