AN: Surprisingly not a Flippy War story. I took a few liberties with OCs and such as well. Anyway, I read one of the stories that focuses on Flippy and Flaky's children and this idea has plagued me ever since. Starts off light, but knowing my writing this is going to get quite a bit darker. Please R&R.

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Chapter one: Father

"All units reporting for duty, sir," The shout rang out through the forest, coming from the commander in the grey suit, behind him roughly a hundred soldiers were drawn up into long parade columns. The commander turned back to the troops and frowned, "Atten-hut." The ranks snapped into place.

Behind the commander a shadow formed, a hand stretched out from the shadow and rested on the man's shoulder. Well, not so much a hand... a metallic claw, that always gave the commander the creeps. He turned, but remembering who was behind him, stopped and snapped to attention.

"Very good commander." The voice was cold and harsh, "We are ready are we not?"

The commander shivered, normally that would have cost him. But of course, his men were even more terrified than he was, they were expendable. He licked his lips and replied.

"Correct sir."

The shadow laughed, "Excellent."

... ...

There is a saying that every child should see their father as a hero. It was the same for Sonia, her father was always helping her. He was a kind man and very understanding. There were times of course when he... He was strange, but he was always kind and funny.

Her father sometimes behaved oddly, he was overprotective when his eyes went green. But that side of him was just as fun, he'd taken her out fishing when she was small. Sure, he'd used high explosives as bait, but it had been enjoyable anyway.

In fact her father was always her hero, no matter how he acted.

It was no coincidence that her favourite story had been for a long time, "Doctor Jekel and Mr Hyde."

... ...

Sonia ran excitedly beside her father. His eyes were green today, so as usual her mother had refused to come out with them. She ran to catch up with her father, who was walking, somewhat stiffly, ahead of her.

"Where are we going?"

He looked down and smiled, his pointed teeth glinting, "I thought we'd go to the park to... Play with your friends."

Sonia smiled, for some reason her father always wanted to be around other people when his eyes were green. He'd used one of her friends as a pinata once, still they had recovered.

"That sounds fun," She smiled up at him, wondering what he was really thinking, her father had always been avoided by people, but she couldn't see why... He was a good man after all.

But of course, Sonia was only young, one day she would know, one day she would realise what her father could do...

She barely noticed as she walked into the road, a car screeched its brakes, heading straight for her, going to...

Crash, the bonnet collapsed, the drivers ribs shattered, the entire car caved in on itself and Flippy stepped back. He smiled down at his daughter and lowered his knife, slipping it into his pocket.

"You should be more careful, this town isn't exactly safe."

... ...

At the park Sonia went off to play. Flippy just stood to attention on the edge of the playground. He had things to do...

Flippy closed his eyes and seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, when he opened them the pupils were black and large. He smiled and relaxed against a tree, only for a second though, the voice in his head began to speak.

"If you don't keep her safe I'll..."

Flippy sighed, "I always keep her safe..."

"No you don't. You're just some wimp I..."

Flippy interrupted his imagination, "Who are you to talk about safe? You took her to the zoo last week and she fell into the lion pit."

The voice laughed, "I dealt with it though didn't I?"

Flippy sighed, leaning against the tree he pushed his beret over his eyes, much to his other self's annoyance, and looked over to where Sonia was. She was talking to someone he hadn't seen before, a young squirrel in a long coat and scarf. Flippy frowned for a second, then sighed, he was listening to his other self to much, she'd be fine. He leant back and looked up at the sky, letting his mind wander. He barely even noticed when he fell asleep.

... ...

Across the park Sonia was still chatting to the squirrel. She wasn't quite sure who he was, but she had noticed him standing by a tree and decided to talk to him. It wasn't going well.

"What's your name?" Silence, "I'm Sonia." The squirrel just adjusted his scarf and looked up at the sky, "How old are you?" The squirrel sighed, looking down at Sonia he frowned.

"Why does it matter to you?"

"I just wanted to be friendly." Sonia could feel the squirrels glare on her, she noticed then that his eyes didn't match, one green, the other bright blue, "Why are your eyes like that?"

The squirrel sighed again, turning on his heel he walked away, but not before turning back to look slightly curiously at her father. Why did everyone always do that?

She turned away and looked out across the park, a few of her friends were dotted around here and there. She happily dashed off to join them and quickly forgot all about the small squirrel in the long coat with the miss-matched eyes.

... ...

In Flippy's dreams there had always been a place where the sunlight ended and the nightmare began, where birds could not cross and green grass metamorphosised into war torn mud.

He called it the wall of glass. It separated everything he was, from everything he had been. He could never see beyond it, but he could feel the soldier on the other side. His darker self was here, he could always feel it.

"Good to see you soldier." The voice barked from the other side of the wall.

"Stop calling me that, I'm Flippy." The voice laughed.

"Your a soldier, no running from it. You fought right? I can see it in your eyes and that uniform isn't just for show."

Flippy punched the wall, trying to see the speaker on the other side, "We've been through this a thousand times. I'm not like you."

The one on the other side laughed again, "You are and one day you'll admit it. It's a fact."

Flippy turned away from the wall and tried to walk away, but he always found himself coming back to the wall, it always happened. He sighed and sat down leaning against the wall.

"Let's just talk about something we have in common okay."

The voice on the other side of the wall sighed, "Yeah, shouting at you and insulting your values gets so boring sometimes."

Flippy raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

But before the other side could answer Flippy was snapped from his dreams by Sonia, she smiled up at him. His eyes were normal now, it was time to go home.

He stood and took her hand, walking out of the park.

Both of him cared for their daughter, but he guessed it was only a matter of time before she decided which one she cared for more. It was sad but it was true, both his sides knew it...

And both would do anything to make sure she came down on their side.