Gargoyles belong to Disney and not to me. All original characters belong to Denigoddess2001 and the poetry does too! Please don't sue.

by Denigoddess2001

So the winged warrior stares upon his enchantress and smiles.
His wings unfurl and she is awed by their span.
Priceless platinum folds meld with scarlet as they engulf her.
She is a wellspring that quenches love's thirsts
And quiets the tumultuous world that confounds him.

He longs for the quiet shores of his Beloved Avalon.
Yet, he finds home and solace in the arms and heart of one captured.
Neither Mithral nor magicks binding can restrain her heart or spirit.
And both find freedom in something forming from within their hearts.
She brings him peace. He gives her freedom.

His darkness and fire crave her light and beauty.
She is the melody that brings harmony to his discordant soul.
She is the bliss that his being seeks for completion.
She loves her beloved dragon. In that he is pleased,
by her love he is gentled rather than broken. He is seduced.

He is treasured.
She is adored.
He is desired.
She is protected.
Together, they discover love.

It is seduction
of the mind
of the heart
of the spirit
Of the body least of all.

It is a melding of essences into one glorious intimacy
knowing neither boundaries nor constraints.
Together they know the blazing warmth of the sun
and the quiet contemplation of Diana's moon.

Author's Note: A small poem written one afternoon about a contemplative Gargoyle and a capricious Djinn.