This is dedicated to Bee!



She doesn't belong to you.

How could she?

Stars are too bright, too bold, too beautiful,

to be plucked from the velvet sky

in which she sparkles.

And Marlene is the brightest of them all.


She is russet curls and ringing laughter,

She is bright blue eyes and sharp steely wit.

She is fearless;

Pure light in the darkness that

Draws nearer every day.


You can't help but like (LOVE) her for it;

For every perfect smile sent

Your (yes, you – Alice) way.

You can't help but hope (& dream) that

She will like (LOVE) you in return.


It is your secret (dearest) wish

Upon your most precious star that

Marlene will shine

For you.

Unlikely. You dream on.


Marlene is unpredictable, though.

She defies your logic.

You don't have to reach for her,

Because this star falls from the heavens,

Just long enough to show you that

Reality with her is more

Wonderful than any dream.


When her eyes meet yours,

You feel special.

When she takes your hand,

Lifts you into the sky,

You are special.

When you share those sweet secret kisses,

Together, you make a brilliant constellation

And you are hers.

(As she is yours)



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