Cold bitter wind bit into her
As she stould on the edge
Icy tears trailed and dripped

Silent Sobs
Broken Hearts
Lonely Nights

Have destroyed her
There is no sign of what used to be
What Could be.

What should have been
But never will
Because of those Icy tears

White snow drifted down covering the layer of snow that had fallen the night before. A young girl sat in a tree. Her orange hair fell over her face hiding her violet eyes from the world. silent tears the slid down her face. she seemed cut off from the outside. She seemed unaware of the cold icy wind that howled. and bit into her.
A dark haired boy with a pair of goggles around his neck about 14, He stood lanky. He had traveled here on his Christmas morning to come out here in the bitter wind at 5 am. He had known for some reason that it was a good thing.
"You should not be out here." The boy yelled up
"What in the world does in matter to you?" The Orange haired girl yelled back
"She is going to make me climb that damn tree." he growled muttering to himself
The Dark haired boy got to the branch. he slid of his coat and slid it over the girl.
"Please, Rika, come in at least." he murmured brushing her tears away
As the entered the house. an erie cold had settled over the warm house. The Dark haired boy gently dragged the young girl through the house. He sat her down a started preparing hot chocolate.
He had heard from Alice that Rika would be spending Christmas alone. But the He had not thought she would have taken it so badly.
He grabbed another blanket and tucked it around her.
The Ice Queen did not seem so icy. Just Cold and sad and alone, She sat there and took the cup from the young boy attempting not to burn her hands.
"Thanks Gogglehead."
The boy smiled gently at her.

"You could have called. You should have called Rika." He insisted

Yes, I should have." The Dark haired teenager recoiled in shock.
"I should have called, I should not have decided not to tell anyone." She continued beating herself up

"Don't beat yourself up about it." He murmured gently catching Rika off guard "Why Don't you head to bed."

She nodded in an un-Rika like manner and went off.
The Dark haired boy stood there in shock. Tomorrow he would have to ask but not right now.

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