Seaside Hill Bananadonna

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I sorta threw the title out of nowhere. Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Bowser Jr. and Toadette were once again in Seaside Hill, having left their home as they went in search for a special bunch of shining bananas, that were far more healthier and valuable than any bananas before. This is because that morning, Toadette was hungry, and her stomach growling convinced her to come to Seaside Hill, taking Bowser Jr., who had nothing better to do. So the two made their point at the point of entry to Seaside Hill, looking around them to see the nice, beautiful tropical jungle foliage, as well as the checkerboard hills and mountains that populated the white, sandy beach.

"Let's go get those bananas!" Bowser Jr. exclaimed as he grabbed Toadette by the arm and ran up the hill.

Toadette gulped as she was pulled by Bowser Jr. "I have a bad feeling about this..." She muttered quietly.

Bowser Jr. laughed as he winked at Toadette, shouting to her, "Hold on!"

Bowser Jr. and Toadette ran over two loops, before jumping off from the second loop, soaring over the tropical jungle foliage that was below them. Bowser Jr. pointed at the big salty lake within the middle of the dolphin island, with Toadette screaming as she held down her dress.

"This is a big fall, isn't it?" Toadette admitted as she and Bowser Jr. were getting closer to diving.

Bowser Jr. scoffed as he shook his head, a crazy grin across his face. "Ha! I've done bigger falls than this."

"Really?" Toadette asked in shock.

Bowser Jr. nodded. "Watch me land a hit." He then went back into his spiky green shell, spinning around as he bounced off the surface of the lake, with Toadette being spun around. Toadette groaned as she covered her mouth, her face turning green as she felt sick. Bowser Jr. then bounced off the water and landed on the grass nearby, popping out of his shell as he shook his head, getting the water off of him. Toadette ran into the bushes, barfing after spinning around for too much. Bowser Jr. chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well, that was a bumpy ride," Bowser Jr. admitted as he shrugged, smiling sheepishly as Toadette came back from the bushes, slightly annoyed as she wrapped her arms around her stomach, which grumbled after throwing up.