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The Hall of Origin, the most beautiful place on earth and the residence of the gods, was located high above Mt. Coronet and the Spear Pillar, far beyond the reach of mortal ken. It was a tremendous palace the size of a medium-sized country colored a soft gold and done in Classical style with enormous pillars and friezes, beautiful statues of heroes, immortals, and legendary Pokémon, towering spires and cupolas, crystal towers and stained glass windows and carefully positioned mirrors that refracted light to constantly bathe the Hall in a multicolored aura of pure radiance. Among all the architectural masterpieces were awe-inspiring gardens with the most beautiful plants and flowers the world had ever seen, and many it never had. Fountains and more pillars and statuary filled these gardens, and a visitor could easily spend days wandering the gardens in bemused wonder. This place certainly deserved the title of "Heaven."

The massive vaulted chambers and corridors of the interior were floored with marvelous golden tiles and radiant pure white walls that made anyone who gazed upon them smile. The hallways were so long and big that they seemed endless. This place was the home to a mighty Pokémon, the god and creator of all things, Arceus. He had lived in this place ever since he created the universe, for a few billion years or so.

In the center of this magnificent palace, the Creator sighed and rose from his seat to walk around for a bit, exiting his palatial personal chamber and heading for the main chamber of the Hall of Origin. He had been getting a bit tired and bored as of late, always solving problems here and there, having no real company. Even if he did get visits from the other Legendary Pokémon from time to time, they were mostly there to complain about their duties or to say another Legend was doing something weird. It was rare for a Legend to pass by just to say hello.

And some of the Legendary Pokémon weren't helping much with his recent tiredness. For example, Palkia and Dialga got into a fight. Again! And almost killed Darkrai in the process! Oh, and he had to make sure the two dimensions they used as their battleground didn't merge and trigger a mega-disaster. At least Palkia had been kind enough to have mercy and restore the poor town and its inhabitants that they had dragged to that horrible void between dimensions and almost disappeared with their battle-Alamos Town he believed was called—back to its proper place. He made a mental note to scold them for their antics.

That wasn't all. Groudon and Kyogre had gotten into a fight. Again! Where the hell was Rayquaza! He had to make sure that the continent they battled on was still stable enough to support life, and to not get extreme climate changes after their battles, since they tended to mess up the surface of the planet with their battling. Why couldn't they get along? Apparently this time some humans were responsible for their fighting in the first place. And those were just two examples of fights between Legendary Pokémon, others were brewing all the time.

Ah right, and just a week ago Giratina almost got killed. Oh great. Why? Some dumb human with a completely ridiculous obsession with her wearing a ridiculous Giratina-themed suit. He decided to try and steal her powers as ruler of the Reverse World, her personal dimension. Thankfully Shaymin was there to save her, and the same group of humans that always seemed to be around when Legendaries were getting into trouble, or were causing trouble in the first place, managed to save the day.

Arceus hoped that she wouldn't come and bitch about the matter to him later, she had a habit of doing that every time something happened. Maybe her meeting the boy that saved her had softened her up so she wouldn't come? Maybe. She was taking a while to arrive, but maybe she was still busy making repairs to her Reverse World or hunting down Dialga and Palkia to beat the crap out of them for causing all this trouble.

Due to all this, it was very likely that the delicate bond the Reverse World and the Regular World share was damaged. Sure, Giratina could heal any damage done to the Reverse World, but not to the bond. Arceus made a mental note to go there to see if everything was alright.

He shook his head. Ever since humans had become so technologically advanced, things had become a lot more hectic, and he was the one that had to ultimately make sure everything stayed fine. Being God was certainly not an easy task, and boy was it tiring.

He was starting to get stressed out from all this. Wait, can gods get stress? Well, apparently yes! And boy was it horrible! And now he wondered what was next.

Maybe the Legendary birds were getting into another fight and threatening the world balance, again. Maybe Kyogre might decide to sink a continent? Or maybe Groudon would do the opposite to that and randomly create a whole new continent? Or worst of all, Giratina would come to yell at him about her recent brush with death.

Arceus turned and walked to the main hall, wondering what to do. He was definitely going to go crazy if this kept up. He paused as he sensed a presence coming to the Hall of Origin. 'What now? I hope it's not Giratina…' He thought, sighing. He was so not in the mood to deal with her.

The front doors burst open. "Hiya, Arcy!" a very childish and feminine voice called loudly, her playful voice echoing in the empty hall.

Arceus groaned. 'It's something far worse than an annoyed Giratina,' he thought as a certain pink kitten-like Legendary Pokémon with a long tail entered the hall, her baby blue eyes scanning the room in search for the God Pokémon. Out of all the Legendaries, Mew was the one that visited him the most just for fun, or to pass some time.

She soon spotted him and smiled brightly. "Hello Arcy!" she squealed, her voice carrying the perpetual sense of happiness she always seemed to have.

Arceus sighed, bemused by the nickname. Mew had the habit of making 'cute' nicknames for most Legendaries. Scratch that, all Legendaries had a cute nickname from Mew, including Arceus, the god Pokémon himself. "Mew, how many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"Arceus sounds boring and formal, Arcy is much better!" Mew said, doing a few twirls in the air.

Arceus couldn't help but smile a bit. Had any other legendary called him that he'd probably pulverize them on the spot, but Mew was the only legendary he simply couldn't deny. That and Mew could make anyone smile with her brightness and playfulness. "What are you doing here?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Well, I got tired of trying to get Mewtwo to play with me, the grouch. So I decided to get you to play with me!" Mew said, squealing happily.

Arceus shook his head. "Sorry Mew, I'm not in the mood…"

Mew pouted. "You're never in the mood. You never wanna do anything and always tell me to go play with another Legendary," the pink psychic-type commented. She then noticed that Arceus seemed a bit… off. Well, he was always serious and stern about everything, which was logical considering the importance of his duties, but… Arceus was never one to be sad or depressed, like he seemed to be now. "You seem a bit down. What's up Arcy?"

"Nothing's wrong Mew, go back to Earth and try to get another Legend to play with you," Arceus answered, turning back and walking towards his personal room. Why was Mew so playful again?

Mew teleported quickly in a small pink flash, appearing in front of Arceus. He stopped and looked at her. "Nope, I want to spend time with you! Besides, something's going on with you, don't cover it up," she chided, which sounded odd considering she was talking to the God Pokémon.

Arceus sighed. "Just thinking of the most recent events…"

Mew shook her head sadly. "Feeling down a little?"

"Just a bit stressed out," Arceus admitted. "Things have been a little chaotic these days."

"That sounds weird coming from you," Mew giggled. "I didn't know you could get stressed."

"Apparently, I can," Arceus said flatly.

"You need to take your mind off all this for a while," Mew suggested. "Come and play with me! That will make you feel better!"

"Sorry Mew, you know I'm not one for games," Arceus said apologetically.

"You really should take a break, Arcy," Mew said softly. "If you keep this up, it might really give you some mental problems later. You don't want to fall into complete depression. You've been doing this since the very beginning of everything, I think you should try something different for once. Everyone needs a change once in a while, even you," she said, nodding to herself in approval.

"Mew, this is my role. I am bound to this. I have to take care of my creation," Arceus countered. He smiled at the little pink legendary. "I'll be fine."

"I still say you should take your mind off all this," Mew suggested sweetly, giving him a cute smile. "Why don't you go to Earth and spend a few weeks there? I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time there. Take your mind off your duties for once!"

"That won't work Mew. Even if I leave this place for a while, I still have to watch over everything, so I'll still have the pressure of taking care of my creation," Arceus said with a frown. He had to admit that taking a break sounded like a great idea, but… that was off limits.

"Arceus, you can take a break. Get a vacation!" Mew suggested, smiling.

"I'd be pointless considering I still have to take care of everything, regardless of my location," Arceus reminded her.

"Why don't you leave someone else in charge?" Mew suggested, tilting her head to the side.

"No one but me has the power to take care of my creation. Besides, even if I did, what good would it do?" Arceus asked, looking down at Mew.

Mew smiled playfully. "Oh you have no idea what kind of fun you can have! Humans have invented some very interesting stuff in recent years. Since I'm one of the few Legendaries that can become human, I have lots of fun there!" she finished happily, doing a series of happy twirls and loops in the air, grinning playfully. She paused. "Well, at least when I can't get Mewtwo to play with me… which is almost all the time."

"Is that so?" Arceus said, looking at the pink Legendary skeptically.

"Is there a way for you to leave someone else in charge… even for a little while?" Mew asked. "And don't act all mysterious like you sometimes tend to be."

"Well Mew, there is a way, but it's risky," Arceus began. "Only I have the powers to take care of the universe properly, but, if I were to give my powers to someone else, then that someone would be able to do my duties... thought I'd take their place. Basically we'd switch minds."

"Pick me! Pick me!" Mew squealed happily, raising her hand while hoping up and down.

"Sorry Mew, but I can't. You already have your own things to worry about, if I were to switch with you, that could severe the very delicate and intimate bond you share with your home, the Tree of Beginning," Arceus said, causing Mew to moan in disappointment. "The same goes for all the other Legendaries, I can't take their places and neither can they take mine."

"What about a lesser creature? Like a non-Legendary Pokémon or a human?" Mew asked.

"They might work," Arceus admitted. "But most would be corrupted by the sheer amount of power my position has. You'd have to find someone exceptionally pure-hearted for this to work."

Mew grinned, getting an idea. "What if I find someone that wouldn't be? Someone you could trust your position to?"

"Well…I don't know. I'm not sure I want to become a mortal," Arceus said doubtfully.

Mew smiled softly. "I think it would do you a world of good. It would give you an entirely different life to try, a chance to meet interesting new people and Pokémon. I could show you 'how to have fun' Mew-style…there are tons of things you can do!"

"Is there even someone in this world that wouldn't take advantage of my position and its powers?" Arceus wondered skeptically.

Mew grinned. "Of course there is! If I find someone who would be perfect for the job, would you accept, Arcy?"

Arceus hummed in thought, heavily pondering the situation. "I guess…it would be something interesting to try," he admitted.

"Yay!" Mew squealed happily. "So, when I find the individual, what will you do?"

"Well," Arceus. "I'll watch him for several days to see if he is good enough for this, and while I do that, I'll also make sure all is well in the universe so that whoever takes my place doesn't have any problems. This is assuming, of course, if you find someone… which somehow I doubt."

Mew smirked. "You don't know who you're talking to. I might surprise you. I'll start searching right away. Take care, Arcy!" she said as she got ready to Teleport away.

"Wait, Mew," Arceus said, stopping her.

"Yes?" the small pink Legendary asked, pausing.

"May I ask why you are so eager to do this?" Arceus asked.

"Even gods need vacations Arcy," Mew chided lovingly. "And you seem like you really need one., Don't worry, I'll make sure you enjoy it." She Teleported away with a small pink flash.

Mew appeared in the middle of a forest in the Sinnoh Region in a small pink flash (What? She likes pink flashes), startling a few Starlies that were roosting in a nearby tree. They quickly recognized her and bowed in respect. She was one of the world's most powerful legendaries, after all. She giggled at the sign of respect and winked at them, causing the Starlies to blush. Did I forget to mention that Mew was one of the prettiest legendaries too?

Mew turned and flew in the direction of the closest town. Unbeknownst to Arceus, she already had someone in mind to take his place. 'Hehhee, Arcy will be so shocked!' she thought giddily. She paused. 'Or maybe he said he'd go through with this because he knew I had someone in mind?' Or maybe he didn't know and I'm thinking about this too much?' She paused again. 'I'm confused…Anyway, I hope the little human I have in mind hasn't changed since I last saw him in my Tree of Beginning. Ash, let's see where you are,' she thought as she flew towards the city. Her eyes glowed a soft pink as she extended her psychic senses as far as she could, easily covering a large part of the region, searching for the individual she had in mind.

She located him rather quickly. 'Found you!' she mentally cooed. She sensed him in a clearing on the route towards Hearthome City a few miles away. She quickly Teleported, appearing inside the forest near the clearing, making sure to keep herself hidden. She peeked over the bushes she was hiding in to get a better view.

There were three humans, two of whom she recognized from her previous meetings with the group, Brock and Ash. The third was unfamiliar. 'She's probably a new traveling companion.' The group was having a picnic, enjoying their meal and talking, laughing occasionally. A dozen or so Pokémon were eating and chatting among each other happily as well. The mood around the group was a happy and carefree one. Mew smiled at it.

Her eyes glowed as she read Ash's mind gently, making sure he didn't feel her intrusion even in the slightest. He kept eating, not noticing a thing.

She smiled. He was still pretty much the same boy that she remembered. She was also slightly surprised that he had met almost every single Legendary in existence, including Pokémon like Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. 'Wow… he helped save Giratina's life just a week ago?' Mew thought, clearly impressed. 'This will make him look good in Arcy's eyes.'

She was glad he hadn't changed much. She remembered how she had first met him about four years ago when the humans had somehow managed to clone her. She wondered how they could have gotten a sample of her DNA. She had been to almost every part of the world, so she could have left a hair or something. The boy had helped calm her clone and get him to see life in a new way, even if it involved putting his life in severe danger. Now Mewtwo was Mew's favorite way to pass the time (When she got him to play with her).

The next time she had seen him was a few months ago when he entered her Tree of Beginning, and in an attempt to save his life she put her own in severe danger. Once again, the boy was willing to sacrifice his life to save her and her home, though Lucario had taken his place at the very last second.

And with her recent reading of his mind, she now had learned of all his meetings with Legendary Pokémon and his adventures with them. He was a truly wonderful human. 'Arcy will like him, I know it,' Mew thought. 'Though he isn't the…smartest human around, he'll do good. I'm sure me and Arcy can get around that, and besides, if he does do the exchange with Arcy, he'll be too awed by his powers to try to use them wrongly. This is perfect!' With a smile she Teleported away, leaving Ash and his friends with no clue they had been watched by a Legendary Pokémon.

Arceus stood in his Hall patiently, waiting for Mew to get back. He somehow knew that it wouldn't take her long since she probably already had someone in mind. Typical Mew. True to his thoughts, Mew reappeared in a bright pink flash. "I'm baaaaaack!" she squealed… and was surprised to find that Arceus hadn't moved since she left. "You knew I was gonna get back soon didn't you?" Mew stated , looking at the God Pokémon. To her dismay, he nodded. "Figures."

"This ought to be interesting," Arceus commented as he walked to the edge of the room. He looked at the center of the room as his red eyes glowed. The wheel on his midsection also glowed a bright and celestial gold.

"Pretty lights," Mew commented, staring at Arceus with a dazed expression. Arceus sweatdropped. "Sooooo shiny…"

The center of the room faded away and was replaced by a holographic 3D image of Sinnoh. Arceus' eyes stopped glowing, but the four gems on the wheel kept glowing, most likely powering the hologram. "So, Mew," Arceus said. Mew blinked and shook her head, regaining her composure. "Direct this dimensional viewscreen to your chosen candidate."

"Okiedokie!" Mew exclaimed as her eyes glowed softly. The holographic screen directed itself at Mew's command, quickly focusing over a road that led to Hearthome City, more precisely, a clearing where a group of humans were eating.

"So, which of them is the one you had in mind?" Arceus asked, looking at the pretty much normal and unassuming group of humans and Pokémon.

"That one!" Mew said, pointing to where Ash was sitting, munching on some sandwiches.

"I think I've seen him before…" Arceus muttered. "Oh yeah, he's that kid that's always messing around with Legendaries."

Mew sweatdropped. "Well, I myself have run across him two times in the past. He's a really wonderful human, he'll be a good person to take your place while you take your break."

"Couldn't you get a smarter human?" Arceus asked, looking down at the Psychic Legendary.

"Aw, I'm sure he'll enjoy being in your place! Besides, he has a very pure heart and soul. He'll do a wonderful job," Mew said, looking back to the dimensional viewer. She saw how the group finished eating and decided to have some fun, beginning to play with their Pokémon.

"Okay Mew, I'll take your word for it," Arceus conceded.

"Yay!" the pink Legendary squealed, bouncing in the air happily. "So, what's next Arcy?"

"Well, like I said before, I'll watch him for a few days and then make my choice," he answered.

"Isn't that stalking?" Mew questioned, looking at the God Pokémon suspiciously.

"No," Arceus replied flatly.

"Okay, but, what am I supposed to do until then?" Mew wondered.

"I don't know, find something to keep you entertained," Arceus advised. He turned and looked at his dimensional viewer.

"Aww," Mew whined, disappointed. Her stomach grumbled. "I'm hungry… that means it's CANDY TIME!" she squealed excitedly before Teleporting away. Arceus sweatdropped.

And so, for several days, Arceus observed Ash's travels from the Hall of Origin. Watching the boy's carefree adventures certainly proved to be entertaining. The kid was one of those Pokémon trainers that seemed to be getting so popular lately. He also had an interesting ability to bond with his Pokémon, seeing how much effort he put into beating a Gym Leader at Hearthome City, teaching them a unique defensive style called the "Counter-Shield". All the time he dedicated to his Pokémon just so they could overcome this challenge was amazing.

At some point, Arceus decided that he wanted to know the boy a bit more; so, he switched to his Psychic form and read the boy's mind. Arceus smiled in bemusement at the fact that the boy had so many adventures with Legendary Pokémon, as that meant that he would be a good temporary replacement for him since he'd have some experience dealing with Legendaries (Which wasn't an easy thing).

So, Arceus made up his mind. He'd switch places with the boy, though he wondered what he could do in the boy's place. Keep up his journey? Mew had said she was going to make sure he enjoyed his little break. He wondered what Mew would put him through as a human, maybe teach him all that "fun stuff" she said humans had made in the most recent years? That could be it. Right now day was turning into night, and the human was getting ready to go to sleep. He was setting his tent up along with the other two humans. Once they separated and went to their individual tents, it'd be a perfect time to summon him to the Hall of Origin.

Arceus smiled as he powered down his dimensional viewer, causing it to fade into a shower of white lights that dissipated into the air. Now he just had to wait for Mew to get back. She came to visit him often to ask if he had made his choice, so it shouldn't take long. "Hello Arcy!" A voice rang through the halls. Yep, didn't take her long.

"Greetings Mew," Arceus said, nodding at Mew as she entered the room. The pink Legendary floated over to the God Pokémon, munching on a Chocolate bar. She quickly stuffed the rest in her mouth, smearing fudge all over her pink fur. Arceus frowned at her dietary choice.

"So Arcy, did you make your choice?" Mew asked, looking at the Alpha Pokémon expectantly, her long tail curling in excitement. 'Please say yes! We'll have so much fun together!'

"Yes I did, Mew," Arceus answered. "I still don't know how you talked me into this, but yes."

"YAY!" Mew cried happily, doing incredibly fast spins in the air. Arceus smiled at her cheerful demeanor. She was suddenly a few feet away from his face, causing him to recoil in surprise. "So, when will you do this!"

"Now, I guess," Arceus answered a little nervously, which came off weird seeing as he was God.

"Don't be nervous Arcy!" Mew chided. "This new life you're going to try is awesome! You've spent too much time trapped as God, now its time for you to try a new life, even if just for a few weeks. You'll enjoy it; I'll make sure of it!"

"Sure," Arceus replied, wondering what Mew was planning.

"So, how will this work?" the New Species Pokémon asked, eying Arceus.

"Well, we will basically switch bodies. His soul and mind will be transferred to my body while my soul and mind will transfer to his," Arceus answered. "However, I will take a few 'precautions.'"

"Which are…?" Mew asked.

"While my powers and body will allow the boy's soul to command them, they can't harm me, and I can return to my rightful body whenever I wish," Arceus answered. "Also, should there be a situation of grave importance, I'll know it immediately and be able to return to my body in a second. That way I'd still be taking care of thing here, despite being away."

"Okay, sounds about right," Mew agreed. "So, do I bring him here?"

"I'll bring him," Arceus said as his wheel glowed with a holy golden light.

Suddenly, a small ball of light appeared before them, fading to reveal the figure of a sleeping human. He yawned. "Who turned the lights on? Is it morning already?" Ash asked aloud, rubbing his eyes. Weird, he didn't remember his sleeping bag being so rough…

"It's still night, and as for the lights, it's because you happen to be in the palace of God," a feminine telepathic voice said in his mind, giggling softly.

"Ah, okay," Ash muttered before falling back to sleep, searching for a pillow to put over his eyes. Wait… where was his pillow! The voice burst into full blown laughter. 'Wait…palace of God...' Ash's eyes shot open as he forced himself to sit up, only to close them from the intense light. "Oww… Too bright…"

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it," the telepathic voice said tenderly.

"Who are you?" Ash asked, still rubbing his eyes.

"Open your eyes and see if you remember me," she cooed, smiling gently.

Ash slowly opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the change of light. He was surprised to meet a pair of baby blue eyes. "Hi!" Mew greeted telepathically, tackling Ash into a hug.

"Wow, Mew?" Ash said, shocked at seeing the pink Legendary again. He hugged her back, returning her sign of affection.

"So you do remember me," Mew commented, giggling.

"You can do telepathy?" Ash asked. "Why didn't you use it the last two times we met?"

"It was more fun if you couldn't understand me," Mew said casually. She flew back and smiled.

"That's weird," Ash commented. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Mew."

"Likewise," Mew agreed.

"Ahem," a voice interrupted them. Ash turned to the source of the voice and was mesmerized to see the most majestic Pokémon he had ever seen in his entire life towering over him.

"Wow," a completely awestruck Ash said. He reached for his PokeDex, but found that it wasn't with him.

"Greetings Ash," Arceus said formally.

Ash didn't know how, but he somehow understood the Pokémon perfectly. It wasn't exactly a regular voice, nor was it telepathy, but something else…it seemed to resonate with his heart, spreading warmth through Ash's body from the simple sound of his gentle voice. "H-hello," Ash said timidly.

"Ash, let me introduce you to Arceus, the God Pokémon," Mew said, smiling as she perched on Ash's shoulder.

"G-God?" Ash asked weakly.

"Yup," Mew replied, giggling at Ash's stunned expression.

"It's an h-honor to meet you," Ash said, never taking his amazed gaze off Arceus.

"Yay, now we all know each other!" Mew squealed.

"So, w-why am I here?" Ash asked, still shaking nervously.

"No need to be anxious," Arceus said, smiling. "I would like to ask something from you."

"Me?" Ash repeated, wondering what Arceus could possibly want with him.

"You see, Mew somehow convinced me to take a small 'break' from my duties, but I have to leave someone here to temporarily replace me. I wanted to ask if you could be that replacement," Arceus explained, looking down at the human.

"You mean…" Ash started.

"Yep, he wants you to be God for a while," Mew explained.

"W-Wow…" Ash stammered. "Really?"

"Yes," Arceus answered.

"But…Why me?" Ash asked, utterly amazed by what he was been asked to do.

"You are the best candidate. You have a noble heart and pure soul, perfect for the job," Mew answered. "Though… I do admit you aren't the smartest one around…"

"Hey!" Ash said. "I can be smart when I want to!"

"No, you can't," Arceus and Mew said flatly at the same time. Ash sulked.

"So, do you agree to do this?" Arceus asked.

"Before I answer, I have three questions," Ash began. At Arceus' nod, he said, "What about my journey and friends?"

"You will replace me here, and I will replace you. I will continue your journey as best as I can. I am curious as to what it feels to be something other than God," Arceus admitted. "And while I'm at it, I believe Mew has some interesting ideas, so we'll see what she has in mind."

"Yay! I get to spend time with Arcy! I get to spend time with Arcy! I get to spend time with Arcy!" Mew squealed, doing a happy dance in midair.

"Okay… so, for how long will this last?" Ash asked.

"Depends. It could be a few days, or weeks, I'm not certain. If you want to return to your rightful self, feel free to tell me, I'll understand," Arceus answered.

"And… If I take over for you…I could do whatever I want right? But, how would I know how to do your job?" Ash asked.

"You may do whatever you want so long as it doesn't bring harm to anyone or damage to the world. You'll get a small portion of my knowledge so you can know what to do and how to use my powers," Arceus answered.

"I see. This is simply…amazing…I get to be God…" Ash muttered, slowly realizing what he was being asked to do.

"So, do you agree?" Arceus asked.

"Yes, it'd be my honor," Ash answered.

Mew smiled and hugged Ash. "Thanks!"

"You're welcome ,Mew," Ash said, smiling at her. "So…how do we…change places with each other?" Ash asked.

"Oh! Things like this are usually shiny!" Mew squealed, her eyes glowing as she Teleported some popcorn into her paws. She began to eat, watching them expectantly. Arceus and Ash stared at her oddly.

"Anyway," Arceus said, getting Ash's attention. "Just look into my eyes," he instructed as his red eyes began to glow.

Ash nodded and looked into Arceus' eyes. He felt lightheaded as he stared into Arceus' intense gaze, his eyes seeming to spin as they glowed powerfully. Ash experienced a feeling of warmth and happiness spread over him. He felt his mind go blank for a second, well, blanker than normal. The next thing he knew…he felt odd. Why was he standing on four legs?

Ash blinked and looked around, noticing how he felt… taller. He looked down and saw… himself? Well, it was his human body. Okay. This was getting weird.

"Hmm, feels odd," Arceus commented, looking at his now human body. "Ugh, this head is way too small. How can you live with it?"

"Hey!" Ash said. "Well… Err… Your head is big?" Arceus rolled his now-human eyes.

"Aww! What happened? When a god and a mortal switch places, shouldn't there be some kind of shiny day-long ritual where if a single thing goes wrong it can result in a mega disaster? And why wasn't it even shiny in the first place!" Mew rambled. Arceus and Ash stared at her for several odd hour-long seconds. She blushed in embarrassment.

"Well Ash, how does it feel to be me?" Arceus asked, gazing up at him.

"It feels…odd. I definitely need to get used to it," Ash commented, looking at himself.

Arceus chuckled. "You do that, and please…don't make me regret this."

"Oh I won't! I promise it Arceus… this is amazing!" Ash said, giddy over his new powers.

Arceus yawned. "Why do I feel so tired?"

"It's the human's bedtime," Mew answered. "You should go and get some sleep."

Arceus nodded. "Alright…a rest to get used to our new forms would do us both good. Anyway Ash, tomorrow you begin your duties as God."

"And you begin your duties as me. Try to keep up," Ash said teasingly.

"Oh, I'll do more than try," Arceus agreed.

"And you'll love being a human Arcy. Imagine all the fun stuff we can do! There are carnivals, fairs, and many more things that humans do to have fun! I'll make sure you enjoy it," Mew said, smiling at Arceus.

"I know you will Mew," Arceus said, smiling. 'I just hope I live through it…'

"Hey! I heard that," Mew pouted. Arceus chuckled.

"Well let's get some rest," Arceus commented.

Mew's eyes glowed. "I'll take you back to Ash's group." Arceus nodded as Mew Teleported them away with a pink flash, leaving Ash all by himself in the Hall or Origin.

Ash looked around. He walked back to Arceus' palatial room to get some rest and to get time to go through the knowledge that Arceus had left within his mind.

Yup. Tomorrow was going to be a very nice day. Besides, how hard could being God be?

And Chapter 1 is over! I hope you all enjoy this fic I've decided to start. It'll basically divide into two separate storylines, one following Arceus as Ash, and the other Ash as Arceus. Who shall have more success? Only time will tell! And yes, it's cheating if you go and ask Celebi or Dialga, you'll have to wait.

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