Toadette's Crying Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Toadette cried in dismay as she looked at the following author's note, realizing that this was going to take a long while because the author likes to ramble about boring nonsense no one cares about.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, December is here, and its the last month of 2010... so Imma going to try and finish as much as I can. And as you can see, several of my old fanfics that I don't like or care anymore and disappearing in favor or new fanfics like these that I actually complete. So as you can see, I got a lot going for me as far as my fanficing goes, and I'm replacing the old, unfunny crap with new, better stuff. Now that I said that, I got one more thing to say, in a desparate effort to push this thing over one thousand words. It's like a disorder that I have with that requires a particular thing to get checked, whether it be long or short words, cause I like having my fanfics around a thousand of them, since it makes them full of content and doesn't have them look like cheap filler, as it being a big word count (for you) fills me with more glee than a Zoroark plushie on two Krabby Patties. That made no sense whatsoever. And why did I mention Zoroark, it's not like I have- whoops, time's up, I got over a thousand words. So anyway, I better get off my lazy ass and update the other fanfics after this. Also, I updated this to make it be one of those obligatory 100 chapter stories since this clearly is hugely popular, enough to be one of the results when you type 'Toadette fanfiction'. Also an excuse to shove in Dry Bowser, and whoever I like in general or at the moment. Ciao!

Toadette yawned as she woke up in her pink bed, feeling peachy and full of vigorous energy!

"Ahhh! What a beautiful day for me to go and enjoy the day!" Toadette exclaimed as she looked out her window, embracing the nice sun rays as the morning was incredibly bright. Toadette turned around and jumped off her bed, stretching as she dusted her pink pajamas.

"I think I'll go and-" As Toadette headed out of the room, she tumbled down the stairs. "Oooh! Oww! Yeowch! Eeyagh!"

Toadette landed at the bottom of the stairs, landing on her face as she got up. She felt immense pain, rubbing her right leg that she injured.

"Ouchie... I hurt my leg! Sniffle..." Toadette began to cry as tears came out of her eyes. Toadette then proceeded to wail loudly, rubbing her leg.

Later that beautiful pleasant morning, Toadette was in the kitchen, having some delicious, sugary Frosted Flakes for breakfast, with two muffins and some eggs, bacon, and toast next to her, along with a glass of orange juice and milk. Being a big eater, Toadette gulped everything down in five minutes, letting out a cute belch as she resumed finishing up her cereal.

"Mmm, this is so good! Glad I was extra hungry this morning..." Toadette mentioned as she giggled, bopping her head joyfully.

Suddenly, after the cherry music on the radio finished, a news announcement came on. "And now, we'll go to the latest news. Seven hundred and seventy seven kittens have all perished in a huge wild fire nearby the city, and not a single one was rescued from the devastating..."

Toadette gasped as she had the spoon on her mouth, taking it out as she trembled, sniffling as her eyes widened. "Not the kittens! Waaaah!"

Later, after breakfast, Toadette decided to head out of the house, of which was one of her many summer homes she had since she was rich enough to get these getaway cottages, and do some aerobics. After getting some well earned exercise, Toadette went over to the nearby Peach Gardens to partake in a regular race. After winning the gold trophy easily with fifty extra gold coins, Toadette headed back to the house, whistling merrily along the way.

"Well, seeing Bowser Jr. will make me feel even better!" Toadette exclaimed as she bobbed her head to her whistling, "I just hope that- AHH!"

Toadette fell down a deep sand pit, landing head first. Popping out from the sand pit, Toadette spat out the sand as she glanced to her right, gasping as she placed her hands on her face in dismay, to see her trophy sink away, along with the gold coins.

"Not again!" Toadette cried as she began bawling again, the tears flowing out as she rolled around in the sand.

Shortly after having her little sand tantrum, Toadette went through a warp that led her to the Grumble Volcano, seeing Dry Bowser painting some molten rocks. They exchanged glances at each other as Toadette farted, then proceeded to cry out of embarrassment from her fart.

"For crying out loud..." Dry Bowser mumbled, unaware of the pun he made as Toadette dashed her way through another warp, still feeling embarrassed for passing gas in front of her close friend, despite all the times she would constantly do it.

Anyway, Toadette made it back to the house, somehow getting over losing her precious trophy and extra coins from the Peach Gardens race. She opened the door and welcomed herself in, launching her arms into the air. "Hey guys, I'm here!"

Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper gulped as they glanced at each other, and then turned to face Toadette.

"..." Is what both bosses didn't say, but thought. Wow, how original.

Toadette blinked as she placed her hands behind her back, tilting her head to the right as she cutely asked, "Hey, what's with the long faces?"

"...You're not gonna cry again, are you?" Gooper asked as he somewhat shuddered, wrapping himself with all four of his tentacles.

Toadette shook her head, still somewhat confused. "Well, not really, why?"

Petey sighed as he rubbed the back of his head with both of his big green leaves, sheepishly stating, "Because, well, we... sold your old dusty pillow. Because it was ancient, it was making us sneeze, and..." He coughed while shaking his head. "...we really needed the extra money. For some DLC shit."

Toadette's mouth opened wide as her eyes expanded, the white being visible in her cute black eyes as her lips trembled, causing Toadette to cry again as she placed her hands on her face. "My old dusty pillow! No! I loved that thing to pieces!" Toadette wailed loud enough to cause the entire to shake greatly, accidentally tossing Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper up and down. "A-and worse, you sold it for fucking DLC! Oh, I-I couldn't be more sad! Waaaah!"

Bowser Jr., who was reading an old magazine, got fed up with Toadette's crying as he dropped the magazine, storming into the other room and stomping right towards Toadette, going deep into her face. "That's it! Toadette, zip it! It's just a dirty old pillow! Get over it!"

Toadette whined as she trembled with sadness. "But Bowser Jr, my sweet! My pillow! My old, dusty pillow!"

"Old dusty pillow nothing!" Bowser Jr. replied angrily as he shook his face.

Toadette continued sniffling, trying to hold back as her entire body was trembling from crying, despair, and fear. "But-"

"OLD. DUSTY. PILLOW. NOTHING!" Bowser Jr. snapped as several veins appeared on his green head, panting heavily.

Toadette briefly paused for a few seconds as Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper looked at each other, both of the bosses concerned as Bowser Jr. continued panting. Several seconds passed as there was absolute silence in the room.

"..." Toadette began sniffling as she started trembling again.

"...What now?" Bowser Jr. angrily asked as he folded his arms, impatient and angered.

Toadette winced as she went from whining to crying again. "You... yelled at me! Waaaaah!" Toadette covered her face as she continued crying loudly. "You yelled at me...!"

Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper both felt bad as Bowser Jr. sighed, placing his right hand on his face, muttering to himself, "Oh boy, here we go."

And Toadette's crying went on, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

"This is gonna be one of those days, isn't it." Dry Bowser mumbled as he was suddenly there for no reason, realizing that he was involved in yet another stupid fanfiction regarding Toadette. This poor old skeletal bastard of a reptile just can't catch a break.