Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...Wow. Just, wow. It's been an entire year since I made this fanfic. It makes me feel so old... yet proud at the sametime. Fitting that I would finish this exactly a year after it came into existence. But, this is the deciding factor. Will Toadette hold in her crying and finally prevail over Bowser Jr.? You'll have to read to find out. Hoohoohoohoohoo...

Toadette and Bowser Jr. were finally back at their house, with Toadette having cried twenty three times. The day has long since become night, and the night was almost over. This allowed Bowser Jr. to be as stealthy as possible, only needing Toadette to cry one more time before the night was done.

"You seemed to have really let out a lot of tears, Toadette," Bowser Jr. commented as he rolled his pencil around in his right hand. "I guess you can't handle not being emotional."

Toadette growled as she puffed her cheeks, folding her arms in annoyance. "Hey! I'm a sensitive girl! Cut me a break, will you?"

Bowser Jr. chuckled as he whispered under his breath, "Sure, Dette, sure."

Toadette got so frustrated, she slapped Bowser Jr. across the back of the head. "Oooh, I may be emotional, but I'm not afraid to slap somebody if I have to! Stop being so stubborn!"

Bowser Jr. growled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Lousy stupid little... just wait until we get inside..."

As Toadette and Bowser Jr. went inside the house, the two immediately went into the living room. Bowser Jr. placed the notepad on the wooden counter next to him, as he picked up a remote control and turned on the television.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to see what the movie will be about!" Toadette exclaimed with glee as she clapped her hands several times.

The movie turned on, and it showed depression images of the Great Depression. Toadette's giddy face disappeared as a horrified expression replaced it. Toadette surprisingly was fighting back against her tears, closing her eyes and trying to think of silly things to get the images of the television out of her mind.

Bowser Jr. smirked, placing both of his arms around the back of his head. "What's wrong, Toadette? Can't handle a little drama?"

Toadette screamed in frustration as she grabbed the television and chucked it out of the window, panting as she turned to Bowser Jr., her eyes wide open. Bowser Jr. had a surprise look on his face as he coughed.

Toadette calmed down, and she giggled as she closed her eyes, placing her hands behind her back. "Okay, now with that little thing outta the way, let's have some snacks! I'm starving!"

Bowser Jr. chuckled nervously as he cautiously followed Toadette into the kitchen, grabbing his notepad as he went.

Toadette opened the fridge, pulling out some cupcakes as she stuffed her face into them. Bowser Jr. backed off, deciding to opt for some nice Italian bread as he watched Toadette scarf the sweets in a pinch. He raised his right hand, remarking to Toadette, "Gee, Toadette, you sure do know how to munch down. You'll get fat if you keep eating them that way!"

Toadette stopped eating the cupcakes as she turned to face Bowser Jr., pushing the last cupcake into her mouth. "Get... fat...?" Her lips began trembling as Toadette slapped herself, prompting herself to stay cherry. "No, I can handle this! I'm a big girl!"

Bowser Jr. chuckled as he covered his mouth with his left hand, squinting his eyes. "Yeah, a big FAT girl."

Toadette got annoyed and grabbed a frying pan nearby, slamming Bowser Jr. on the head. Bowser Jr. groaned as he rubbed his head injury, with Toadette deciding to head upstairs. Bowser Jr. got an idea as he snapped his fingers.

"If these attempts can't get to her... maybe a sad story will!" Bowser Jr. muttered to himself as he chuckled deviously, tapping his fingers as thunder boomed in the background, a thunderstorm occurring.

Toadette and Bowser Jr. were both in Toadette's bed, with Toadette on the right and Bowser Jr. on the left. Toadette placed both of her hands over her stomach, over the pink blanket that was covering herself and Bowser Jr.

"So, what story are you gonna read me, Junior?" Toadette asked in a sweet tone.

Bowser Jr. pulled out a random green book, flipping through several pages as he found nothing but generic fairy tails. "Uhhh... this story... will be of the story... of the Sad Shy Guy."

Toadette gasped as she gained a frown on her face, a sad expression showing how she felt. "Oh my... this sounds like a sad story."

"Oh, but it is!" Bowser Jr. stated as a smirk came across his face, chuckling as he pointed at the book, which had a picture of a random red Shy Guy on it. "There once was a red colored Shy Guy who was sad. But, he wasn't just sad, he was very sad because..." He glanced at Toadette, who was starting to form tears in her eyes, causing him to smirk. "Because he was lost... he was lost and very sad. And then, he—he started to cry continiously."

Toadette begins to choke up as she breathes heavily and heavily.

"He cried and he cried," Bowser Jr. continued as he flipped through the pages, glancing at Toadette and then at the book, "And he cried even more. So much that his mask fell off from all the crying."

Toadette shakes with sadness as she starts whimpering. Toadette forces back tears in her eyes as she felt pain in her chest. "

"Crying and crying and crying and..." Bowser Jr. stopped as he noticed that Toadette was ready to burst. "That's right, girlie. You can do it."

Toadette whimpered as she let out in a high pitch squeak, "I'm wondering if it might not be so healthy to hold in all my tears..."

Bowser Jr. nodded in agreement. "That's right, Toadette. Let it all out!" He glanced at the clock, which was ticking. Remembering what he promised Toadette, he began shaking his fists. "Come on, Toadette... you can do it, you can do it!"

Toadette wailed in pain as she pushed the blanket off of her, holding her hands together as she tried holding back, but the tears were just about to come. The situation was getting intense as Toadette was ready to burst, every ticking closer and closer.

"Come on, Toadette... come on Toadette!" Bowser Jr. exclaimed as veins appeared in his head. "You can do it... you can-"

Unfortunately for Bowser Jr., the clock ticked at midnight, causing him to drop his arms as his eyes were black voids of nothing. He sighed as he narrowed his eyes, turning to Toadette, defeated in his ultimate bet. "Ough... darn it..."

Toadette was still holding in her tears, whimpering as her voice continued reaching unfathomable heights of tone. Bowser Jr. shook his head as he turned to Toadette.

"Well, Toadette, it looks like you won the..." As Bowser Jr. was admitting defeat, it happened.

Toadette finally cried for the twenty fourth time.

And Toadette cried so much, it caused the entire room to be overflowing with tears of water. The tears were overflowing the entire house, causing all of the windows to bursts as the tears poured out. Toadette cried out tears of waterfalls, crying more than she had ever cried before. Bowser Jr. wads completely damped, his entire body wet. Eventually, what were seconds became minutes, as the tears overflowed the entire meadows, spreading to nearby locations, including Choco Mountain and Seaside Hill. After exactly an hour and twelve minutes of crying, Toadette finally stopped crying, feeling much better. Toadette rubbed her eyes, getting the last of her tears out as she let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Oh boy, I feel MUCH better!" Toadette exclaimed as she giggled, holding her hands together as she turned to Bowser Jr., who was off the bed. "Junior, you may be a jerk, but you're such a good friend!"

Bowser Jr. growled as he placed his right hand on his face. "D'oh... well, I guess I have to make that cake now, now that you've beaten me at my own bet..."


Several minutes later, Toadette was sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. arrived with not just one cake, but several, each of them a different flavor. Toadette squealed with delight as she clapped her hands several times.

"Oh joy, oh joy! Thank you, Junior!" Toadette exclaimed as she jumped off the couch and hugged Bowser Jr. tightly, kissing him on the cheek as she took the vanilla frosted cake and munched into it.

Bowser Jr. had an exhausted look on his face, sighing as he shook his head. Saying with annoyance, he muttered, "Well... it's the least I could do for you... after I lost the bet..."

Toadette let out a loud belch as she giggled, wrapping her right arm around Bowser Jr. "It's okay, Junior... let it all out..."

Bowser Jr.'s sighs turned into screams of angrish as he literally yelled his head off, with Toadette giggling as she closed her eyes, moving in to hug Bowser Jr. tightly as she raised her right foot in glee.

"That's right, let it all out. You can scream all you want. You're among friends here." Toadette stated as she kept giggling, which accompanied Bowser Jr.'s angry screams.

And for the rest of the night, nothing but angry screams and giggles of glee were heard. Oh, what a long night it was going to be for the rest of the neighborhood.