"Panty! Stocking! Target the bottom of the ghost! It's the only part that isn't vibrating!" Brief shouted to the angel duo as they destroyed another batch of small ghosts. It wasn't easy being a member of the occult, especially one that was hunting ghosts of the smaller variety and assimilating them into heaven coins. This week's ghost happened to be in the shape of a dildo, who Garterbelt explained was the built up anger of all females who never reached climax from one.

Needless to say, Panty got excited at fighting this one.

"You don't have to tell us everything Geek Boy!" the blond haired girl called out before she shot another bullet at the base of the ghost. Stocking, Panty's gothic sister, made a dash towards the ghost and punctured it multiple times before it exploded. Brief heard the gong from the church bell, signaling that the ghost was killed, which made the sisters smirk at one another. He, on the other hand, raised his ghost detecting device and sucked up another small ghost.

'That should be enough for a few spare coins.' he thought as he walked closer to the sisters. Panty, who he had a major crush on, was several inches taller than him, with long blond hair that covered a good chunk of her forehead. Her outfit was torn apart and had some stain. 'Most likely from those used condom ghosts.' Brief took a look at Stocking, who was even in height with Panty, though her dark blue hair, which had some pink high-lights, went down to her ankles. Unlike her sister's current state, her clothes were unstained, even though she was the one that went up close to the ghost.

"Yatta! We got five heaven coins from fighting that pathetic toy! Lets head home Stocking. I want to get home before Heaven's Erotica starts." Chuck, the girl's abnormal dog, showed up driving their car towards him. Before it could hit him, he was pulled into the alley and watched as the girls took off from the damaged factory.

"They honestly have no regards for human life do they? Especially the life of their fellow baka." Brief turned to see a red skinned girl that, like most other teens, were taller than him. Her glasses amplified the envious look her green eyes held, though her long, light blue hair hid her right eye. When the girl pushed him away, he was able to see that the rest of her hair was tied into a rather wild-like pony tail that reached her knees. She wore a Daten High uniform with a pair of white knee socks that were several inches away from her very short skirt. "Are you okay baka?" Brief snapped his thoughts back together and nodded.

"I'm alright Kneesocks-sama! No need to worry about me!" he began waving his arms in front of him before laughing as he was preparing to walk back to his house. A hand prevented him from leaving, which made him turn to see Kneesocks looking at a garbage can near his left.

"I'll take you home!"

"...Huh?" Brief thought he heard her wrong. She, one of Panty's enemies was being kind to him? It felt like a dream.

"It's my duty as a queen of the school, as well as being the mayor's daughter to help out a fellow student." Her hummer appeared, with Fastener driving it, letting her walk up to it and open the side door.

'If I don't join her, I'll regret this later...' "Thank you Kneesocks-sama." Brief entered the vehicle, sitting next to the other door as Kneesocks let herself in and closed the door. The hummer took off, forcing his head to hit his passenger door.

"Are you feeling well? I could of sworn those dirty slut's car hit you."

"I'm alright. You saved me at the right moment." An awkward silence formed between the two, letting Brief look around the fancy vehicle. "I'm surprised to see that Scanty isn't with you Kneesocks-sama..." Kneesocks sighed, shaking her head for a moment.

"She's currently training for our newest mission. It will be a long one, so you and your fellow bakas won't have do deal with us for a little while." Brief couldn't help but notice the small sad tone in her voice. The fact that she could even feel sadness was surprising alone.

"I do hope that you and Scanty-sama return with no serious injuries." Kneesocks let out a bitter laugh at the statement, which made him rub his knees together.

"Why do you care about us?" Kneesocks mumbled low enough for Brief to almost ignore it. "Why do you help those sluts!" Kneesocks quickly said to hide her previous statement. In a flash of anger, she lifted a random wine glass and threw it at Fastener. The sudden collision caused the dog-thing to surve out of control, making the hummer bumb into multiple cars, creating pile-ups and many people to die. Brief felt his chest moving at a fast pace, though his heart was beating even faster. "All they manage to do is destroy more of this already corrupt city, hurting people without a care in the world, and whenever you're around, they use you as a shield, put you in harms way, and even embarrass you by stripping you, or by calling you foreskin boy or geek boy!" Kneesocks was digging her nails into the seat, slowly causing it to tear. In a move that he couldn't explain, he placed his right hand on her left. This action surprised the both of them; but, it shocked himself even more.

"I'm a member of the occult, and I like the existence of ghosts. They're interesting, unique in each circumstance, and they have a personal history tied into each one. Panty and Stocking are my friends. I was the first person to actually befriend them in Daten High, and was the one who helped them find the ghost in our school, before you and Scanty-sama came of course." He took a quick moment to catch his breath before he continued. "They've placed me in harms way because friends help each other out when they're in trouble or need a helping hand. As for why I care about you and Scanty? You two, in my book at least, are people I call friends. I just wish that you two would ease up on the red carpet targeting my back every now and then." Kneesocks giggled a little at the last comment.

"It's not my fault that you're right there at the correct moment. That's physics for you." the two shared a moment to chuckle as the hummer slowed down. Brief looked out the window to see that they stopped at a gas station. "I guess we needed more fuel. This is one of the few things I hate." He looked at her with a shocked look.

"B-but why! This hummer is so cool! It can go into water, survive some of Stocking's attacks, has a mini-bar, and can hold so many people in it!" Kneesocks opened the mini-fridge and poured herself a glass of red wine. After taking a sip, she poured herself another glass and handed it to him. "T-thank y-you Kneesocks-sama..." Personally, he didn't enjoy wine. The sweet taste of it didn't suit his tastes; but, he could stomach it for a while.

"As nice as this mini-fridge is, it doesn't solve the fact that it breaks the rules!" Brief took another sip of his wine as a way to hide the blush he wore on his face.

'The way she and Scanty-sama roll their r's when they say rules is very, very HOT!' "So you have rules for what cars you own too?" Kneesocks, to his surprise, shook her head.

"It's one of my own personal rules. It's not the biggest rule; however, this is just something I wouldn't allow if I had my way. Refill?"

"Yes please." Brief said as she filled his glass. The two entered into small talk, finding out a bit more about one another, laughing at one another's joke, and even talked about Panty and Stocking without him blushing, or her getting angry. However, the loud sound of a honking horn broke them out of their conversation and made them look at each other before taking a glance at their hands.

"S-SORRY!" they shouted and pulled their hands away, blushing as Fastener chuckled at their actions. His window was lowered, letting them see that they were in front of his house.

"Well...this is my stop." He turned to Kneesocks, who was giving him a slight nod with a small smile on her face. He moved his hand to his PKE meter and removed a pitch black canister that had a childish drawing of a ghost on it. "Here." He placed the canister on Kneesock's lap. "They're the ghosts I managed to catch today. I know they're not much; but, every little bit helps when it comes to distracting your opponent." He opened his door and stood out, turning to close it and smile at Kneesocks. "Hope to see you and Scanty-sama at school soon!" He turned around and ran to his door, though this rush caused him to trip over his own foot and rolled into his house. Once he allowed for his stomach to settle down, he looked out his broken door to see that Kneesocks had left. With a sigh escaping his lips, he quickly barricaded the broken door with spare pieces of wood and smiled. "It's another week of the Instant Ramen Diet!"

-Author's Notes-

Hey all. I'm not dead, though I've been busy with holidays and trying to get into college. You would not believe how hard a roll of wrapping paper could hurt you if it's falling from an angle. Any-who, I actually took a look at my fanfiction page today and realized I had two stories on there. I guess I didn't do enough with the Naru/Digi combo to remember it. Now if only I could find that story file, as well as the one that had the next chapter of Naru/Poke. At least the Naru/Poke would be a X-mas gift of sorts.

Anywho, this story, which will most likely have some of my shortest chapters to ever be written, is based off of the newly popular anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (and Chuck, though his name is most likely written in small print on the logo...) The anime is fairly new, with each episode being more hilarious than the next. Each one has a good amount of swears, sexual jokes, perverted actions, and has references, different art styles, and even hidden guest stars in it if you can spot them. Hell, tvtropes said it was weirder than FLCL, and that is saying something. If you couldn't tell, Scanty and Kneesocks are the 'evil mirror' versions of Panty and Stocking, angels who must kill ghosts in order to one day return home, or at least use the coins to buy sweets in Stocking's case. On a random note, I believe the accent the demon sisters have when they roll their tongues is pretty hot.

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