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Well, here's the official sequel to There's No Way Out! I hope you guys like it.



It's cold today.

The weatherman said it was going to be in the seventies, but it feels like it's in the low sixties, probably lower. Maybe I feel cold because I've been sitting outside for hours. I should've brought a jacket. I tuck my hands in my laps, which are in a pretzel shape, and my feet are bare. I'm still wearing my pajamas.

The wind picks up and I shiver, feeling the hairs on my body stand. I glance down at my arms and notice all my scars. My precious scars. They're a part of me now, since I can't make them disappear.

It's early morning, I'd say around 7:20am. It's Saturday so I don't have to worry about school. Sensei Kamijou has been somewhat nicer to me, and hasn't been giving a whole lot of homework. But occasionally I'll get hit with a book or board eraser.

You're probably wondering why I'm out here in the first place. Where is 'here' exactly? Out in the balcony of the penthouse, sitting on the ledge. If I look down, I could see cars zooming by and people doing errands. I try not to peer over too much as it'll make me dizzy and I'll start to lose focus. I'll just look up at the sky and let my mind wander. It's so clear yet hypnotizing. I could stare at it forever. When I feel overwhelmed or just angry, I'll sit out here to try to calm myself. It worked sometimes but not every time I guess.

Another gust of wind blows in my direction and I chew my bottom lip. I want to go inside and hide under a blanket, but I don't move. I want to feel numb. I refuse to back in the house. I wonder what would happen if I just sat here all day. Of course Usagi wouldn't approve. I know that for sure. But he isn't here. He hasn't been here for three days.

My phone starts ringing and I look to see who it is. Well, speak of the devil. It's him. I don't answer and after a few seconds, it stops. I wait a little longer as I know he'll leave a voicemail, which he does. I pick up the phone and open my voicemail box. I hit 'play' and listen.

"Misaki," he sighs and clears his throat, "please answer the phone. I shouldn't have to call you and tell you to come." There's a pause and I wait as there's more. "Don't you care? Don't you care! Misaki, come down here, you have to. It…doesn't look good and…who knows how much time is left. I can't believe…you would do this."

The message was over. I didn't realize that I was crying. I glance down at my phone, my vision blurry and I couldn't see the keys, I wipe my face and open a new text message.

I'm sorry I write and sent it to Usagi.

Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes. I raise my cell phone high, peering over the balcony and release it. I wait a few moments and finally hear a faint shatter of the small object against the pavement.

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