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"Gods, Travis. You're so stupid."

Travis Stoll smirks. He's used to hearing that (especially from Katie Gardner). Travis continues to watch Katie search for her favorite (and only) pair of earrings in the bushes outside the cabin. Of course, when she found out they were missing, she automatically blamed Travis for hiding them. He pretended to be insulted at the accusation but it's not like she was wrong in assuming it was his fault.

"Gods, Katie. You're so easily irritated." he mocks. Katie stands up straight and glares at him. (He's used to that too.)

"Just give me my damn earrings." she demands. Travis is suddenly fascinated by his left fingernails. (But really, he just likes getting under her skin.)

"You could try looking for them. Or asking nicely." he adds, thinking that the day Katie Gardner is nice to him is the day he stops being awesome. Katie scowls. She opens her mouth as if to say something but decides against it. She brushes some dirt off her jeans, walks around to the other side of the cabin, and begins parting the bushes there. Travis hears her mutter a swear word every few seconds as she gets pricked by all the branches she's searching through.

"I swear to Zeus, Demeter, and the whole freaking pantheon that when I find those earrings, I'm murdering you." Katie hisses as she's stabbed by another branch. Travis sighs and shakes his head as if disappointed in her. Really, she should be grateful he even bothered telling her that the earrings were hidden close to her cabin. (Technically, his back pocket is close to the cabin, so he didn't lie.)

"Really, Katie. It's just a pair of earrings." Travis tells her condescendingly. Katie's scowl deepens.

"Yes, Travis. Just a pair of earrings. Just the only birthday gift I've ever gotten from my mom. Y'know. Ever." she says sarcastically. She looks at him as if expecting him to suddenly be overwhelmed by waves of crushing guilt, tell her the exact location of her precious jewelry, and beg for forgiveness. Travis blinks. Katie clenches her fists. She storms over to where Travis is standing and smacks his arm.

"What was that supposed to accomplish?" he asks with the tone of voice of someone who's commenting on the weather. Katie's scowl deepens. Travis blinks. (On the inside, he's laughing.)

Katie lets out a frustrated sigh as she hunches over the bushes to continue looking for her missing earrings and mumbles "Maybe they're over here..." Her current position gives Travis a rather nice view of her...assets. Travis can't help but let out a chuckle.

Travis Stoll is a lot smarter than Katie Gardner gives him credit for.

(A/N) Yeah, I don't know...I wanted to write Tratie but I wasn't sure if I could write them well and wrote this drabble as practice. I don't really know how I feel about this drabble or if I did this pairing justice. *insert shameless review whoring here*