A Date With Doji-chan

Now that I got the pseudo-crossover out of my system, let's get back to why we're here; to be flies on the wall during Shouta and Doji-chan's afternoon out.

I had a reference to Shogo Suzuki (or at least a character of his) in the last chapter. This chapter will have homages to a couple of his co-stars.

The finale to Dogoon V was depressing as all get-out for me. Now, I really wish something like this story and "Doki Doki Night" would have taken place in the canon.

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Chapter 2: Stuck On You

Outside of the Game Factory, Doji-chan stared at the sheet of stickers. "Ah, Shouta-san looks so cute!"

Shouta wanted to hide his face, but, as if on cue, the chorus to Cocoa Otoko.'s "Rebirth" began to play in his pocket. He fished his cell phone out and flipped it open. "Yo. Hey, Ryuichi. No, not today, sorry. I'm busy. Look, let me call you later, okay? All right, see you." Shouta closed his phone and turned to Doji-chan. "Sorry. That was a friend of mine from class."

Doji-chan nodded. Suddenly, she peeled one of her stickers from the sheet and stuck it to Shouta's cell phone. "For you."

Shouta was exasperated, but the look on Doji-chan's face, like that of a contented cat after a good meal, forced him to put on a smile. "Thanks," he said, trying to sound decently grateful. As he repocketed his phone, he made a note to himself that he would remove the sticker after they got home. He held his bent arm out to Doji-chan. "Let's go check this shop out," he said, pointing towards a shop selling manga and anime. As they approached the manga shop, something else caught Doji-chan's eye, and she broke away from Shouta to run to what had diverted her attention. "Doji-chan!" Shouta jogged after Doji-chan. "I told you to stick close to me! What are you looking at?" He looked into the window of the bookstore where Doji-chan stood, peering inside. His eyes fell on a photo book whose cover featured a tanned bishounen smiling at the camera as he laid under a white sheet, stacking letters spelling "TORI". Shouta raised an eyebrow. "You like that guy?" Something twitched in the pit of his stomach; he had no idea what it was, but it didn't feel good.

"No, Shouta-san." Doji-chan pointed at a book a few inches away from the bishounen's photo book. The cover showed a smiling young woman in an apron. She held a large kitchen knife in one hand and an onion in the other. "Everyday Cooking Made Easy With Mako" was the title. "That's what I was looking at. I thought I could learn how to make some of the things that Shouta-san likes to eat."

Shouta all of a sudden felt stupid. He scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry," he said sheepishly. "I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions like that. That's actually very sweet of you."

"It's okay. Shouta-san doesn't have to be jealous of that boy. He's handsome, but he's not as cute as you are. Can we get that cookbook?"

Me, jealous? Of Tori-what's-his-name? Ha! I'm not jealous of– wait, did she just say I was cute? Shouta shook himself out of his reverie, cleared his throat, and smiled. "Oh, uh, sure." He held out his elbow to Doji-chan. "Come on. We'll go to that shop I wanted to show you after."


Doji-chan sat waiting at a table at the food court. Shouta came out of a nearby ice cream shop with a sundae in one hand and two plastic spoons and several paper napkins in the other. He placed the heaping paper cup in front of her. "Here. You and I are going to share this."

Doji-chan looked quizzically at the treat in front of her. "What is it?"

"It's an ice cream sundae," answered Shouta. "This one is chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, nuts, and whipped cream. I suppose you didn't have these back in the Jomon period." Doji-chan continued to look over the sundae in fascination, so Shouta took one of the spoons, picked up a half a spoonful of the sundae, and held it out to her. "Just try it."

Doji-chan opened her mouth to let Shouta feed her. The cold ice cream was a new experience for her, and she was so surprised at the temperature that she half-choked on the bite as it went down her throat.

"Are you all right?" asked Shouta. He patted Doji-chan on the back several times.

Doji-chan coughed a couple more times before she managed to answer, "I'm fine." She looked somewhat wounded, but put on a smile as she said to Shouta, "I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting something as cold as that."

Shouta grinned. "I should have warned you. Sorry."

Doji-chan picked up the other spoon, scooped up another bite of sundae, and, after bracing herself, carefully popped it into her mouth. She held the morsel in her mouth, savoring the flavors and textures within. There was something very cold, thick, and creamy, the taste of which she wanted to describe as sweet and dark, something else that tasted much like the cold stuff, but was quite warm and much thicker to the point of being almost chewy, a third sensation that was creamy but airy, and little knobbly bits that had a roasted flavor and crunched under her teeth. "Mmm." Doji-chan's eyes squeezed shut, and she wriggled her fists up by her cheeks with glee. "Mmm! It's yummy!" she squealed. She took another spoonful of sundae and bounced happily.

His chin propped on his fist, Shouta watched Doji-chan as she rolled her mouthful of ice cream sundae around in her mouth. Something about her tasting the frozen concoction for the first time struck him as extremely cute, and he couldn't help but smile. "I'm glad you like it," he said, licking a stray bit of hot fudge off his spoon.

Doji-chan spooned up some of the sundae and held it out to Shouta. "Here you go, Shouta-san."

Shouta was taken aback, but he leaned forward and ate the bite of sundae that Doji-chan offered him. He felt a bit of whipped cream cling to his upper lip, but before he could capture it with his tongue, Doji-chan's finger darted out and swiped it away. Before his brain registered what happened, Shouta took hold of Doji-chan's wrist, brought her hand to his lips, and sucked the whipped cream from her fingertip. Holy crap! Did I just do what I think I did? Still holding Doji-chan's wrist, Shouta's face reddened as he stared at Doji-chan, not sure what to say to her.

Doji-chan felt goosebumps spring up all over her arm the moment Shouta's lips closed around her fingertip to remove the whipped cream on it. She looked at him nervously. Shouta-san?

The two sat looking intensely at each other, hearts pounding, until Shouta suddenly said, "Um, we should finish this before it melts completely." He scooped up some of the melted ice cream from the outer edge of the sundae and put it in his mouth, and Doji-chan followed suit. When the last bit of sundae was finished and the empty paper cup disposed of, Doji-chan took the elbow that Shouta held out to her. Instead of just holding on with one hand, however, she curled both hands around Shouta's arm and leaned her head against it. Shouta found himself strangely comfortable with Doji-chan's closeness, and he patted her hand lightly before they went on to their next destination.


Shouta and Doji-chan stepped through the front door. "We're back," called Doji-chan.

"Welcome back," called the rest of the Dogoon Five, who were seated around the table in the altar room.

Dore-chan looked up from her magazine. "Where did you go?"

"I was out on a date with Shouta-san," answered Doji-chan proudly.

"Eh? A date?" All the girls jumped up and crowded around Doji-chan; Dore-chan, Dori-chan, and Doka-chan began to bombard Doji-chan with questions about details, and Doro-chan began to chase Shouta around the room, yelling at him for aiding Doji-chan in shirking her training as he protested that he and Doji-chan hadn't actually been on a date. The ruckus continued until the altar doors swung open and Dogu-chan brought down the Hot Pants punishment on all of the Dogoon Five to bring back some measure of order. As the five girls yelped in pain, holding their bottoms and jogging in place, Shouta took the opportunity to escape to his room.

Once in his room, Shouta flopped backwards onto his bed. That was an interesting afternoon. He sat up and reached into his pocket. He looked at the print club sticker that Doji-chan had pasted to his cell phone. He was about to pick the sticker off when he sensed someone outside his door.

Doji-chan poked her head inside the room. "Shouta-san?"

Shouta looked up. "Doji-chan?"

Doji-chan bounded into the room and threw her arms around Shouta. "Thank you for taking me on a date. I had fun."

Shouta thought about emphasizing that he hadn't regarded their afternoon out as a date, but he thought better of it and returned her hug. "You're welcome."

"I'm going to try some of the recipes in my new book. I hope Shouta-san will like his dinner tonight." Doji-chan stood back up and scampered out of the room.

Shouta sat staring after Doji-chan, a slight smile on his face. He looked back down at the sticker on his cell phone. That is a pretty cute picture. I guess it was kind of a date, wasn't it? He smirked before he set the phone onto his nightstand. He reached over for his bag from the manga shop, took out a copy of the latest Yankee-kun to Megane-chan manga, and began to read.

Oops! I did it again... I worked in another Shogo Suzuki character reference, although this one was much more subtle. Ryuichi was the name of the character Suzuki-kun played in Heaven's Rock, which is the property of Kansai Telecasting Corporation. Speaking of Heaven's Rock, I finally got to work my Cocoa Otoko. reference into a fic with a Suzuki-kun character in it!

And yes, I did put in an ironic Shinkenger in-joke.

Shouta was never shown to have a cell phone in Dogoon V, but since practically everyone in Japan between the ages of 5 and 105 has one, I figured that it wasn't off the mark for him to have one, too. It also helped to push things along in the story.

So, for the two or three of you who've taken the time to read, thanks, and hope you liked it!