Angie: Hi~! I'm Angie, broadcasting to you from the World That Never Was, with a bunch of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy characters ready for torture!

Xemnas: Excuse me? Is THAT why you dragged us all here?

Demyx: You told me there'd be cake...

Angie handed Demyx a random cake.

Angie: There ya go, Dem!

Demyx: Yay!

Angie: Anyway, this is a nice big game of Truth or Dare! You guys post dares, I read 'em, and then I use 'em! And they have to obey, or they will face my wrath... :3

Cloud: Ugh... Not another Truth or Dare...

Riku: Uh, why is there a little shadow heartless over there?

The Shadow Heartless looked at Riku, eyeballing him strangely.

Angie: Because I decided to have him here for dares too.

Sora: I'm not sure whether or not I should attack it...

Angie: Oh, you don't want to do that.

Sora: Why not?

Angie: He's rabid.

Kairi: If he's RABID, why is he HERE in a room with all of US?

Angie : Don't worry, he's tied up!

The Shadow Heartless tried to run, but was yanked back by the rope.

Axel: Listen, I REFUSE to do this.

Angie: Too bad! Like I said, obey or face my wrath!

Sephiroth: And exactly how old are you?

Angie: 12.

Zack: I'm out.

Zack began to walk away, but suddenly Angie was surrounded by an eerie dark aura.

Angie: Zack... Get back here...

Zack turned back around to look at Angie.

Zack: Uh... what happened to the little kid...?

Angie: Get back here NOW!

Zack ran back to the group.

Zack: ...I'm back...

Then, the dark aura was gone.

Angie: Yay!

Terra: Wait... if the KH and FF characters are here, then where's Xehanort?

Angie pointed to a large pole, grinning evilly. On that pole, was Xehanort. He was tied up with a chain.

Xehanort: Release me you demon!

Terra: ...I like it!

Aqua: Terra! That's not very nice!

Terra: Oh please! You like it too!

Aqua: ...Okay, I gotta admit, I do kinda enjoy watching him like that.

Meanwhile, Ventus was on the floor laughing.

Angie: Now, since I don't have any dares because this is the first chapter... I'm gonna do a little dare of my own...

Xion: I'm kinda afraid to know what she has in mind...


Vanitas: yeah...?

Angie: Since you were a tough boss in Birth by Sleep... I'm gonna make you do a little something for me...

Vanitas: I'm afraid...

Angie: You should be! Now. Go put this on!

Angie roughly threw a box at him, and he barely caught it.

Vanitas: ...It's a box.

Angie: There's something IN the box, you dimwit!

Vanitas ran into the changing room.

(10 minutes later)

Angie: Vanitas~? Are you coming out?

Vanitas: No.

Angie: Get out here. Now.

Vanitas: I refuse.

Angie: Ok then...

Angie walked over to the Shadow Heartless

Angie: Go get Vanitas!

The Shadow Heartless slipped into the changing room.

Vanitas: #%$#%^#%&#!

Vanitas ran out of the changing room as fast as he could. Angie then snapped her fingers and the heartless was back to the rope leash. Then everyone noticed Vanitas in a little maid outfit.

Angie: Hey there Vanitas!

Vanitas: I hate this SO much.

Everyone was laughing.

Xigbar: Dude! You look like such a doofus!

Vanitas: SHUT UP!

Angie: Well everyone, please review with some dares! By the way, I don't own KH or FF.