(I don't own KH or Final Fantasy)

Angie walked into the Room of Daring (She decided to change the name for some reason.) where all the video game characters were already waiting.

Angie: Hey guys-


Cloud: You e-mailed all of us and said for us to be here in an hour THREE MONTHS AGO!


Angie: I'm sorry! I made a DeviantArt (AngieLovesAnime) and I've been working on that! I'M SORRY!

Axel: I don't really mind since I have the computer, but you know, not everyone can be awesome like me.

Angie: See! Not everyone is ticked at me!

Zack: Everyone except him is pretty ticked!

Angie:...RAEGY! HELP ME!

Raegy walked through a Dark Portal, opened by Xaergan.

Raegy: WAZZUP~!

Sephiroth: WHY is SHE here?

Angie: Yeah, this probably won't help your moods, but... raegy-is-gonna-be-a-permanent-guest-please-don't-hurt-me! (A/N: There are dashes because I'm talking fast)

Axel:...Ok, now I'm ticked too.

Angie: I'll give all of you guys cake if you calm down!

Everyone: CAKE!


Angie covered up Raegy's mouth.

Angie: Now that that's cleared up, let's start up the dares!

Raegy: This first dare is by organization13girl:

"Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo:Thanks guys,your the best!Oh and maybe Cloud or Reno know where Mother should use their weakness to find out!"
Yazoo brought out a random moose, and Loz got a feather. And so Cloud and Reno's torture began.



Kadaj: RENO?


Raegy: While they have fun over there, we'll continue with organization13girl's dares!

"Rufus:Please tell me?"

Rufus: I can't tell anyone.

Angie: Why not?

Rufus: Because.

Raegy: C'mon Rufy~

Rufus: Don't give me one of those silly little pet names!

Angie: Were you having sex with random women?


Raegy: Well, there's your answer then!

Cloud: Are you two seriously twelve?

Angie: Nope! Raegy's eleven, but I'm twelve!

Raegy: Stop rubbing it in!

Angie: Never!

Raegy: Well at least I'm taller than you!

Angie: Shuddup...

Raegy smirked.

Angie: Ok, next dare by- Oh wait. Kadaj, stop violently interrogating Reno, we need him for this dare.


Reno ran away from the moose the "brothers" had.

Angie: Now, next dare by organization13girl:

"Reno:a few !I saw a flock of moosen!Outside!"

Reno: AW C'MON! Moose inside, moose outside, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Reno went to the bathroom and locked himself inside.

Reno: I'm not coming out till the moose are gone!

Angie: 3...2...1...


Rude: What did you put in there?

Raegy: Oh we just put a few moose items in there...

Angie: Moose statues, moose posters, moose plushies, all that stuff.

Axel: Genius!

Angie: I know!

Raegy: While he has fun in his bathroom of terror, let's continue!

"Vanitas:I can't give you that..do your evil laugh!"

Vanitas: Evil laugh...?

Angie: Yes, laugh evilly.

Vanitas: mwahahaha...?

Raegy: Better than that!

Angie: I have an idea!

Angie went over to Sora and whispered something in his ear.

Sora: Hey Van~!

Vanitas: Don't call me that.

Sora: You know, your mask looks really good on me.

Vanitas: You stole...my mask...?

Sora: Yup!

In a bout 5 seconds Sora was on the floor and Vanitas was on top of him.

Vanitas: That'll teach you to steal MY mask! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Angie: There ya go. Next dare from organization13girl:

"Zexion:The book..nice...just ...why don't you pwn Sora into oblivion?"

Zexion: I'd be happy to...

Sora: O.O

Raegy: Heheh. Sucks for you Sora!

Zexion snapped his fingers and an illusion of a cookie on the top of a 12 foot flag pole appeared.


Sora repeatedly attempted to climb up to grab the delicious (fake) treat, but, being an illusion, it was impossible.

Sora: I want the cookie... :(

Me: Aww...Here's a buck, go attempt to buy one.

Sora ran out of the Room of Daring with his dollar.

Raegy: Ok then. Organization13girl also left a side note!

"That's all and this time hot fudge sundaes!"

And so everyone ate hot fudge sundaes.

Kairi: What about Sora?

Angie: Meh, we'll save him one. Now for dares from Jayshock!

"Aqua: Did u rite the Barbie girl song? Cause the singer is Aqua. oh and i wanna see u when ur drunk."

Aqua: No, I didn't write that strange song, and no, I WILL NOT get drunk.

Terra: Aw, c'mon Aqua~

Ventus: Yeah, you don't wanna disappoint the readers, do you?

Aqua: Fine...

Aqua chugged down 5 bottles of beer, and so the drunk Aqua fun began.

Aqua: VEN!

Ventus: Yeah...?

Aqua: Why'd you leave home? I wuz worried...

Ventus: Well, I was going after Terra. Besides, wasn't this a long time ago-

Aqua: TERRA!

Terra: What?

Aqua: Why'd you make Ven leave?

Terra: I didn't ! He followed me!

Raegy: As they continue, we're just gonna go on to the next dare...

"Xaldin: dont worry about getting pwned by sora because he had Roxas inside of him which is why sora beat u because Roxas pwns Everyone except for Xion who tecnacly is Roxas."

Xaldin: Uh...thanks...? Wait, are you saying Roxas pwned me instead?

Roxas: N-No, no, uhh, I couldn't do that Xaldin! You're, s-superior to me!...

Xaldin: That's what I thought.

Roxas exhaled a sigh of relief.

Angie: Ok, next dare!

"Sephiroth: ill give u the Black Materia if u can mess up Marluxias hair"

Sephiroth: Deal.

Sephiroth walked over to Marluxia and sliced off half of his hair with his sword.


Sephiroth: Done.

Angie tossed Black Materia to Sephiroth.

Raegy: Next~!

"Riku: I hate u for being rlly bad at the final boss on Kh2 go jump off a cliff"

Riku: Go jump off a- Wait WHAT? I'm not gonna jump off a frickin cliff!

Angie: I put pillows at the bottom. Happy?

Riku: No, I still don't want to-

Sora walked into the room munching on his cookie.

Riku: -jump off a cliff!

Sora: ...what?...

Kairi: Riku got a dare to jump off a cliff.

Sora's eyes got big, and he began clinging to Riku's leg.

Sora: NOOO! RIKUUUUU~! Don't jump Riku! Don't do it! Riiiiiiikuuuuuuuuuuu~!

Angie: Fine. Take a parachute too. He'll be fine Sora.

Sora: Really?

Angie: Yeah, now let go of him!

Sora let go of Riku and stood up.

Raegy: By Riku~~

Riku: Wait, what-

Riku suddenly disappeared. The group looked out a window and saw Riku standing on top of a cliff with a parachute strapped to him.



Riku jumped off the cliff, and pulled the string that would bring out the parachute.


Suddenly, Riku appeared in the Room of Daring again.

Sora: Riku, you're alive!

Angie: Told ya it'd be fine. Now, here are some dares sent in by Simple Shimmers! (these didn't pop up on the Reviews Page, but I got the e-mail)

"Sora: No one hates you... (inner me: YES PEOPLE DO!)"

Sora: Aw, thanks!...I think...

Raegy: "Roxas: Whats up! Im going to give you sea salt ice cream but you have to
answer this question...JOIN THE DARKSIDE wait the organization 13 is bad... "


Angie: Answer the question!

Roxas: I'm horrible at answering questions!

Axel: True. I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "Uh, um, well...hi...?"


Roxas: Uuuuhh, bubblegum!

Roxas blushed when he realized he said something completely stupid. He ran over and hid under the table Axel's computer was on.

Raegy: I think that was too much for him...

Angie: Yeah...Uh...next dare!

"Xemnas: Well no offense (total offense) but when me and my cousin were on a
sugar high we played you and Saix in KH 365/2 days...and we giggled about how
you floated instead of walked and my cousin yelled out "I'm Mansex the pretty
pink pixie!"...(Grins stupidly) Uh Sorry but the ethereal blades you had were
pinkish red..."

Xemnas: What? I am not "Mansex the pretty pink pixie"! I am Xemnas-

Angie: Here we go again...

Xemnas: Superior of the Organization, Leader of the Nobodies-

Sora: Mansex, Superior of the Orgy, Leader of Nobody!

Everyone except for Xemnas and Saix began laughing.

Naminé: Wow Xemnas, he really told you, huh?

Raegy: Next dare~

"Cloud: I feel your pain brother, but I shall torture you stupidly! No not
really but I hear from some of my friends they want to see what kind of drunk
you are...you better be a happy one I bet 10 dollars on it!"

Angie: First off, you seriously bet on what my messed up mind will come up with? That is NOT the best thing you can do if you wanna keep your money! Alright Cloud, chug it down!

Angie forced 6 bottles of beer down Cloud's throat.

Cloud: Oh, that was gross!

Cloud began gagging at the horrible taste.

Raegy: What's up with him?

Zack: He doesn't drink. Ever.

Angie: Well, this should be interesting...

Cloud: EW! How can people stand this crap?

Angie: Nothings happening...

Raegy: Maybe he doesn't get drunk...

Angie: I guess that's possible...Well, next dare!

"Zack: Hello puppy but I'm wondering what kind of puppy are you? It doesn't
matter, You have to wear puppy ears and a tail...permanently for three
chapters! Sorry but no ones tortured you yet!"

Zack: Whoa, whoa wait what?

A pair of puppy ears and a puppy tail appeared on Zack.

Angeal: Nice

Zack: Shut up.

Aerith giggled.

Raegy: Best. Dare. Ever.

Angie: XD

Raegy: Ok, next dare!

"Reno: Same bet as Cloud. I bet 10 dollars that your a angry drink that curses
every few minutes or something"

Reno: NO! I'm NOT goin' down that road again!

Rude: He's serious, it's horrible.

Angie: Too bad!

Angie forced Reno to chug 8 bottles of beer.



Rude shoved Reno into a closet.

Rude: Told ya.

Angie: Ok then... Next dare!

"Axel: I got a mission for you...BURN YOUR CHAKRAMS! (cackles evilly)"

Axel: But they're fire proof.

Angie: Hm, that's a problem... Oh well, let's just continue and-

Raegy: You're just saying that 'cause you li-

Angie clamped her hand over Raegy's mouth.

Angie: I said next dare!

Raegy removed Angie's hand.

Raegy: Yeesh, fine...

"Zexion: You aren't emo...here's my card call me at Suicide101 hehe yeah your
not emo either but still with everyone in my school acting emo...better safe
than sorry I was even tempted to cut myself! Emoness is very contagious!"

Zexion: See? I told you I'm not emo!

Raegy: Yeah guys! We told you so!

Angie: You're just saying that 'cause you're a fang-

Raegy clamped her hand over Angie's mouth.

Raegy: Read the next dare Angie!

She took her hand off of Angie's mouth.

Angie: "Sephiroth: O.o I'm convinced you dyed your hair...I've found hair dye under
your bed...how I know is a secret (smirks)"

Sephiroth: She got into my room?

Angie: Ooh, nice! Lock picking? Or perhaps a trip through the vents?

Raegy: Or maybe a climb through a window!

Angie: The possibilities are endless. The important part is-

The two girls turned to Sephiroth.

Raegy: -that she got into your room-

Angie: -and found hair dye-

Raegy: -underneath your bed.

Rikku: That was kinda creepy...

Angie and Raegy giggled.

Angie: Well Sephiroth?

The two girls stepped closer.

Raegy: Did you really dye your hair?

And closer.

Angie: Or is there something else?

And closer.

Raegy and Angie: Well?

Sephiroth: I didn't dye my hair! This beautiful hair was a gift from Mother!

Angie: Then why do you have hair dye?

Sephiroth: Well uh...

Suddenly, a silver colored cat walked into the room.

Raegy: ...I think we have our answer now... Ok, next dare!

"Angie: Yo other fellow 12 year old! Do you like Justin Beiber? Im not sure I
don't hate or love him like those crazy pyscopaths"

Angie: Justin Beiber? Yuck! His music annoys me. I wouldn't go as far as to murder him (maybe) but I don't like him.

Raegy: Yeah.

Angie: Now, next dare!

"Ventus: I'm convinced you use gel...do you? If you don't...I dare you to
change your hairstyle"

Ventus: Gel? Uh, nope... All natural-

Aqua: Aw, please!

Angie: Looks like she's still drunk.

Aqua: He uses TONS of hair gel!

Ventus: D-Do not!

Aqua: Then why do you take an hour to fix your hair every mornin'?

Ventus: Well, uh...

Raegy: Case closed. Next dare!

"Xehanort: (screams and hides) You remind me of that creepy pedophile on my
street who stalks my friends and me at the bus stop! DON'T MOLEST ME! Okay my
dare is to get a make over and not look so scary! (whispers) He's not going to
find me ever!"

Angie: Xehanort? Look NOT SCARY? Pfffft, as if!

Xehanort was still tied up, as Angie first put him.

Xehanort: ...

Vanitas: Yea, that'd be impossible.

Xehanort: Hey!

Vanitas: It's true!

Angie: Sorry, but that's completely impossible. Now for Raegy's dares!

"Ienzo: I have two for you. How old are you? I know you're young I'm just not sure how young. And do you read the same stuff as Zexion? If so, you are too young, I'm sure, so I'll be creeped out."


Zexion: His age is unknown. And no, he does not.

Angie: Phew!

Raegy: Yay! His soul is pure~!

Ienzo: ...

Raegy: Now for mah next one~!

"Saix: You're friends with Mansex? Hehehe..."

Saix: Shut up.

Manse- Er, Xemnas: You don't like being friends with me?

Saix: No, it's not that-

Angie: So you DO like him!

Saix: No!

Xemnas: So you don't like being my friend?

Saix: No, not like that-

Raegy: So-

Saix: Not like that either! GAH!

Angie: ...ok...next!

"Cloud and Kadaj: Sing the F.U.N. Song. I didn't come up with this, I saw a video on YouTube so blame the person who made it."

Cloud and Kadaj: WHAT?

Raegy: DO IT!

Kadaj: F is for fu-


Kadaj: Fine.

So they sang the real F.U.N. Song, which I am too lazy to type.

Raegy: Yay! Next!

"Luxord: Blah you! Sing Pokerface! :)"

Angie: And put this on!

Angie threw a card dress at him, and Luxord went to the changing room, mumbling something about "Stupid Muffins with wings" or something like that.

Luxord: I'm back.

Raegy: PFFFFT!

Luxord: Shut up, or I'll make you all lose The Game- crap.

Everyone: DANGIT!

Luxord: Sorry, sorry.

Angie: Just sing already.

Luxord then sang Pokerface.

Raegy: XD You can change now if you want.

Luxord: Nah.

Angie: Ok...?

Raegy: Uh, next...

"Demyx: Hutala hutala hutala, HEY!"

Demyx: Playing my sitar everyday! Hutala hutala hutala HO! Won't stop playing no no no-

Axel: Not again!

Raegy: Yaaay!

Angie: Uh, well, Larxene! You can go now!

Larxene left.

Angie: Now for more of Larxene's diary!

"Dear Diary,

Went on a mission in Never Land with Marluxia. Gosh that little fairy annoys me! I was so close to squishing her this time... Well, better luck next time. Did kick some pirate butt though. Well, later!



Raegy: Well that's it for now!

Angie: Remember that we don't own Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy!

Raegy: Peace out!

Angie: Bye~~

Demyx: -like my sitar! I like my sitar! I play my sitar, sitar, where ever I go-