~Bella Swan is a single girl who's surrounded by not-so-single people. She's headed to her best friend Alice's boyfriend's house for the holiday. And as if she wasn't feeling third wheelish enough, he has invited another couple to stay with them as well. Will Bella be able to find a love of her own in the sunny town of Waterford?~

Just a lighthearted fic I've been thinking of starting for a while. Enjoy. :)

"God, why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?" I ask while my eyes scan the empty bakery for the tenth time.

"Bella, you've been over everything twenty times. Everything is where it's supposed to be, we're fully staffed for the week and if all of it goes wrong, I've got your cell. It's Christmas break. Relax. Breathe. Go have fun."

Thank god for Carolyn. She had been working with me from the very first day I decided I would open Bella's Bakery and she happened to be able to calmly asses any situation that would send me into a dizzying panic.

"Okay, I know I can trust you Carolyn, but this is my baby. I don't know how Alice talked me into leaving for a week." I tell her while chewing on my bottom lip.

She lets out a short laugh. "I've only met the girl a few times, but she seems persuasive enough to me."

"Oh she is." I agree and begin to lightly laugh myself.

"Well, I've got some prep to do, and Bella, you've got a plane to catch."

"Right. And you're sure-"

Carolyn cuts me off and nearly shoves me out the door. "Go." She snaps the door closed behind me and I take a run for the warmth of my car to escape from the falling snow.

At my side my phone buzzes from the other seat so I grab it.

"Ten missed calls." I mutter and pick it up.

"Bella Swan."

"Took you long enough, Bella. You do realize our plane leaves in three hours, right?" Alice's light-as-air voice carries angrily from the receiver into my ear.

"I've been checking in on the bakery and saying goodbye to Charlie. You know all this Alice. And three hours is plenty of time for me to get there." I tell her while starting the car's engine. The later I am, the angrier she will be.

"Well hurry it up. I can barely wait!" And just like that her angry voice turns into the familiar pixie voice I know and love.

"I think I can wait." I say with a sigh. "I hate leaving my dad like this."

Worrying me more than the bakery was my father. Of course he had friends he could be with for Christmas, but this would be the first one I would be spending away from him.

"Charlie's a grown man Bella. He can survive a week without you. Besides, aren't you excited to meet Jasper?"

Jasper Whitlock, the reason for this trip and the name I've been hearing on a constant loop for over a year now.

Jasper lived in the small beach town of Waterford, Florida and he had insisted Alice come down for Christmas this year. One thing led to another and suddenly I was joining her.

"Well, I've certainly heard enough about him. It would be nice to finally meet him in person."

"Oh, he's great Bella. And his house, it's right on the beach and-"

"Alice. Do you want me to sit here and listen to you, or do you want me to get my butt to the airport faster?" I inject quickly before I have to listen to an hour long list of everything that makes Jasper amazing. Talk about a kick in the pants for the single girl.

"Faster please. I'll see you in a bit Bells!" Alice ends with an excited squeak.

I toss my phone back to the passenger side seat and finish the drive to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

For a Monday, the lines aren't half bad and check in and security goes quickly. Before I know it, I'm at my gate scanning the rows of excited vacationers for my best friend.

I spot her at the same time she sees me. She makes a run for it and practically leaps into my arms.

"Bella!" She screams and she continues to talk at such a fast pace I can't pick any of it up. I'm hyper aware of every person's eyes trained on the two of us in the terminal.

"Alice." I call five times before she realizes I'm speaking to her.

She releases her chokehold on me. "I think everyone is staring." I tell her with a slight smile.

She rolls her eyes. "When are they not staring?"

"Good question." I laugh and follow her back to where she was sitting before I had arrived.

As soon as we sit down and get comfortable Alice starts one of her rants. It might be a long week.

~I know this was really short and kind of dull but it should pick up soon enough. Let me know what you think so far. Thanks for reading and feel free to review. :)~