What pieces of work Fairytales are. They have been told since the dawn of time to every child near and far. Some are different, some are the same. But it is their animation, heart-warming moments, and values that give them fame. In most stories, damsels in distress and princesses in love wait for their heroes of faithfulness. And in other tales, humble people are destined to slay the vigor beasts of terribleness. In vain, evil mistresses of entities so dark allege to be the fairest of them all. In seasons of spring, joyous multitudes of satyrs, dryads, nymphs, and talking beasts gather to dance at a lawny ball. Dwarfs, elves, and three little pigs are humorous to gawk at, but the rare meeting of a beautiful mermaid or a sweet fairy girl is nothing to mock at. Who dares to endeavor strange lands to find lost gold, guarded by dragons, giants, and daunting spirits of old; only the brave? Witches of deception do trolls of trickery that haunt our dreams. Who guards the queens of gentleness, belonging to the long lost kings; no one but the brave? Merry men and warrior women may look funny with their green tights and leather britches, it looks like a shame. Yet they are daring saviors of victims under the warlord's knife. It is danger that they rave. Fairy godmothers and angels bring goodwill; hope and serenity to the souls full of strife. Chivalrous knights take on wicked villains and fight the bloody fight, until all has been made right. Finally, the castles of shadows reveal a looking glass of light to seek heroes of peace who liberate the dreams of happiness and life. While one story ends, another one begins. To the young at heart, these fairytales are more. They are a part of their lives, and life is always something to be adored.