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Tai and friends: We're back!

Naruto: except for Tai, since he was here last chapter, so it's not like he went anywhere...

Tai: *eye twitch* so me jumping through a rift to go to the digital world and dealing with creatures of mass destruction who want to take over multiple worlds isn't going anywhere?

Naruto: sounds like the typical day for me back home *nods*

Tai: *groans*

Everyone else: *sweatdrops*

o~kay... let's get to the story now

Kari: lets... now everybody out there, remember!


Naruto had gotten Kari back home and ran to get her a glass of water, after all, he still had to take care of her until her parents got home. He was on his way back to the bedroom when another shake hit, like an explosion happened off somewhere, making him stumble a bit. He looked out to the balcony in thought 'You better hurry Tai, it seems to be getting worse' before rushing back when he remembered he was getting Kari some water. After a request from Kari, he also went and brought a dish of milk for the cat.

After it seemed to settle down for a while, the front door opened as it sounded like two adults entered the apartment, "Kari, Naruto! We're back!" Naruto went to sit down as Kari went to greet her parents and find out about her grandmother. Naruto's ears twitched as he heard what sounded like beeping coming from under the bed. Looking under, he found two digivices, those things that looked like the one Tai had. Taking them, he gazed at the odd devices, feeling a pull from one and not from the other, he pocketed the one that seemed to connect to him, while waiting to give the other one to Kari 'odd... must be hers...'

There was what sounded like Tai's voice coming from the other room, which meant he was home again, Naruto sighed as he thought about the situation they were in with these digimon things, especially with Tai's involvement with it. "Geez, give a little bit of training and already they're out trying to save the world... Now I know how Kakashi-sensei must've felt..."

Tai walked in and plopped down on the bed, with Koromon on his lap, he looked exhaused "Well, don't you look comfy" Naruto smirked as Tai looked over at him "Well yea, to me it seemed like we were in the digital world for months, and then I find out only a few minutes had passed here... I'm worn out!"

After a couple of minutes, Kari walked into the bedroom again, only to be interrogated by Tai, although Naruto was thankful it wasn't like Anko or Ibiki and was just a bunch of questions.

Koromon: "What is it Tai? You seem bummed."

Tai: "Ummm... I don't know..."

Kari: "I'm glad your back, I missed you while you were gone."

Tai: "I missed you too... By the way Kari, do you remember something that happened about four years ago in Highton View Terrace? Tell me everything you know."

Kari: "I remember that Koromon got really huge and fought with a big bird monster."

Naruto: "It was green, with two red feathers on it's head, a gold helmet looking thing, and it shot electricity from between the feather..."

Tai: nods "And he beat him"

Kari: "That's something I will never forget"

Naruto: "And neither should you Tai, after all, that's what got you two started on me training you two in the ninja arts."

Naruto blanked out as he wondered about the digital world, and what it was like there, and what kinds of digimon were there and all that. He completely missed Koromon asking Kari if she had a digivice, which led eventually to a frantic phone call from Izzy about something, but Tai was too tired, so they just called it a night. However by then Naruto snapped out of his daydream and took Kari to the side, giving her a digivice, Kari looked wide eyed at it "Isn't that a digivice like Tai has?"

Naruto nodded "I have one two, I found both of ours under the bed, but we don't have digimon like he does so I want you to keep quiet about us having one until then, I don't think we can help them other than out ninja skills anyways."

Kari didn't like lying to her brother, but if it kept them safe for now, then she'd do it. After their little talk, the two got into bed and curled up next to each other, falling fast asleep.

"Aww, come on, where'd I put that thing... junk... stuff... more junk... more stuff... man, I was a messy kid!" Tai stated as he searched in his room for something, Naruto had to bite back a few comments that he had. It was the next morning and Tai was looking for some sort of old book of his, Naruto only got the basics of it, so he wasn't sure.

"I can't believe how un-organized I was, whoa!" Naruto burst out laughing as the books and stuff fell on him. The noise drew Kari into the room, "What cha doing?"

Tai, half knocked out by the mess that fell on top of him, simply muttered "Looking for my old phone book, it'll have exactly what I'll need" Agumon sat up and added in "And I'm helping!"

Kari made sure nobody was coming before she shut the door "How come?"

After a while of searching, and turning up nothing, Naruto and Kari had to help Tai sneak Agumon out of the house when Izzy came over. Once again leaving the two children alone together.

It was about half an hour later when Naruto and Kari decided to go for a walk, well, it was more of a chase since they were trying to get back Kari's cat, Miko. Naruto was jumping through the treetops while keeping an eye on Kari, which was his unofficial job while they were out and about. As Kari walked along, she passed a white cat with a thin long tail and yellow paw gloves on her hands

"What a funny looking Kitty..." After a failed attempt to talk to what Kari thought was a digimon, (and so did Naruto, that cat routine wasn't fooling him) it ran off, leaving the two to their cat chase. Naruto created a shadow clone to trail the cat while he followed after Kari. It would help to find out who's on who's side in all of this. However on their way back home, it seemed that the white cat was following them, so Naruto dropped down out of the tree, running next to her. Naruto smirked, seeing that the cat was shockd at his sudden arrival "don't tell me you've picked up another pet Kari, remember, Miko didn't like that Koromon before, what makes you think this one's any different?"

Kari just pouted as she ran "Well that was because we were feeding that Koromon her food."

Gatomon stayed quiet in thought 'so, there's not one, but two that know about digimon... but which one is the eighth child? And that boy, where'd he come from?'

After arriving back home to an empty house, and inviting the cat digimon inside, Naruto began watching the cat while the cat seemed to be watching Kari. Sneaking up on the cat, Naruto whispered in it's ear "I know you're a digimon, and if you do anything to hurt Kari, I won't forgive you." Then walked passed on his way to join Kari on the couch. Gatomon was surprised that a mere human managed to sneak up on her like that, these humans were getting rather... interesting.

Naruto detected a faint amount of killing intent rolling off of the cat as it looked like it was going to strike at Kari with it's claws, so Naruto sent out a burst of his own, making the cat falter and when Kari turned around, it was the last straw, making the cat fall off the couch before leaving. Kari smiled and told the cat she was welcome anytime before going back to watching the news. Naruto in the meantime got up to shut the door after the cat left.

That night, Naruto and Kari sat on the couch while Tai had a minor argument with some boy named Joe before he ran into his room to look for that book again. "ugh... this is repetitive, we need something new to happen..." Kari noticed something and went out to the balcony, and with the whole digimon thing, Naruto went along for her safety. Kari stopped her cat Miko from getting out, putting her back inside before she rushed to the edge, only to be greeted by the flying form of a humanoid digimon.

Kari: gasp "Who're you?"

?: "Wizardmon"

Kari: "How're you able to fly like that?"

Naruto: chuckle "Kari, we're able to jump to the top of buildings and run as fast as cars, do you honestly think it's that hard to fly if you know how?"

Kari: rubs the back of her head sheepishly (it seems as if some of Naruto's habits are rubbing off on her) "Sorry, I forgot about that"

Just then, the cat from before came summersaulting in all graceful like "Oh hey! it's you! how come you ran away last time?"

Gatomon seemed nervous "w-well, it turns out I'm your digimon..."

Kari seemed surprised by this and pulled out her digivice, it began to beep in response to Gatomon. After getting Gatomon's memories back she seemed happier. Naruto smirked at the scene before him, then turned to look at Wizardmon, Naruto pulled out his own digivice as it began beeping in response to Wizardmon "Looks like Gatomon isn't the only one who's getting a partner" Wizardmon's eyes widened as a smile graced his face, not that you could see it "So it seems. It will be nice working alongside you." Naruto shook his hand "Name's Naruto, it's nice to meet you Wizardmon." "Nice to meet you too Naruto."

At this moment, Tai and Agumon came out "Kari, Naruto, get away!"

"What's the matter Tai?"

"What do you digimon want?" Before Tai could go on about what he thinks, Naruto walked over and bopped him on the head "You numbskull, me and Kari are like you, Gatomon here is Kari's digimon, and Wizardmon is mine."

Tai just rubbed his head and looked up at Naruto "What do you..." but was cut off as Naruto gave one of his trademark grins and held up his digivice, Tai looked over at Kari to see she was holding up one of her own. Afterwards, Wizardmon told them that Myotismon, whoever that was, had Kari's crest, again, Naruto had no idea what that was, maybe it was that weird necklace thing that Tai came home with? And if that was the case, where was his? Naruto crossed his arms and mumbled to himself as the others tried to think up a plan of action. Sneaking in, Wizardmon and Gatomon tried to get the crest from the sleeping digimon, however he awoke and attacked them with bats, sending them back outside. Back at the apartment, Naruto couldn't wait for the two digimon to return, fearing the worst. So, he did the only thing that he could do, he jumped down and bolted after them. Right before Myotismon dealt what would be the finishing blow, rearing back to use his Grizly Wing attack...

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" A large gust of wind knocked away all of the bats as a boy, from Myotismon's perspective, landed next to Wizardmon "Hey buddy, you ok?"

"y-yes, I'll be fine, thank you" Wizardmon staggered as he got up. Naruto glared at Myotismon, who made the claim that Naruto was the Eighth digidestined, Naruto smirked and told the vampire that he wasn't, that he was more likely the nineth. A Battle between Naruto and Myotismon ensued, ending with Naruto beaten and on the ground next to Wizardmon, who was trying to gather enough power to fight back.

"If that's all the power you have? Human! Then there's nothing standing in my way of destroying the other digidestined!"

An oppressive feeling overcame Myotismon as you could almost hear the beastly growls coming off of Naruto. "You... you may hurt me, but I will never let you hurt my friends! I will take you down, even if it's the last thing I do!" With that declaration, Naruto's digivice began to shine, right as Kari, Tai and Agumon arrived. In front of Naruto, a tag and crest appeared as if constructed by sand that wasn't there before, then it moved to hang around his neck. They symbol on it was a leaf hidden by a swirl, the symbol of a Konoha ninja, or in this case, the symbol for determination. Then, Wizardmon began to digivolve.

"Wizardmon digivolve to!... Mistymon"

Now standing before them was some sort of cross between Melin the magician and King Arthur. He stood in crimson clothes, with silver armor, a purple cape and hat, and weilded a flaming enchanted sword as a crystal ball floated next to him. Mistymon took a stance "Now to bring you to justice! Blast Fire!" With a swing of his sword, Mistymon sent a wave of fire at Myotismon, encasing the vampiric digimon in a blaze. Myotismon yelled in pain as he flew away, he would have his revenge!

Back with the digidestined, Mistymon dedigivolved back into Wizardmon before landing next to Naruto. Tai and Kari thought it was so cool, however when Gatomon brought up that they hadn't gotten the crest, Tai, Kari and the digimon looked crestfallen.

Naruto smirked and held up his hand, "You mean this?" dangling from his fingers was the tag with the crest of light, Kari's crest. Everyone was shocked, before Naruto told them out he did it. Apparently while the fighting was going on, Naruto had a shadow clone go in and get Kari's crest while Myotismon wasn't looking. Naruto walked over and put the crest around Kari's neck "I believe this belongs to you, Kari."