Final Chapter


Takashi ran down the well beaten footpath to a clearing he knew well. He and Mitsukuni would often go there to get away from it all. Takashi's favorite spot was there under a sakura tree, but Mitsukuni…

And there he was, standing on the little wooden bridge that stood over the little babbling brook.

"Mitsukuni," Takashi called, having trouble accessing his voice.

Mitsukuni's head whipped around. "Takashi," he said, tears picking at the back of his eyes. No, he'd realized.

"Mitsukuni, if you're going to tell the man who loves you that you're gay, you might want to clarify whether or not you feel the same way."

Mitsukuni's eyes widened in surprise. What did he…

"So do you have feelings for me?" Takashi asked bluntly though the smaller boy could see him trembling and fighting back tears.

Mitsukuni closed his eyes and took a long, shaky breath. "Yes."

He could feel Takashi's warmth and he opened his eyes to see him standing directly beside him. Takashi held a hand out and offered Mitsukuni and small piece of foliage.

"What is it?" Mitsukuni whispered.

"Mistletoe," Takashi whispered back before leaning in and capturing the blonde's lips with his own. Mitsukuni lifted two shaky hands to Takashi's chest, slowly sliding them up to wrap his arms around his neck. Takashi planted his equally shaky hands on Mitsukuni's hips and drew him closer.

It was the first time Takashi had kissed a guy. Actually, it was the first time he'd kissed anyone; though he seemed to have an idea of what to do. Takashi moved his lips slowly and sensually and soon Mitsukuni was like putty in his hands.

Takashi knew what came next; the tongue. Though how to go about introducing such a thing without freaking out his already frazzled partner was beyond him. So imagine his surprise when he felt a little tongue tickle at his lip. Takashi parted his lips and relished at the new sensations Mitsukuni brought him.

"God, I love you so much," Takashi gasped, pulling away just enough to free his lips but keeping their foreheads mashed together.

"I love you too," Mitsukuni panted. "So much."

"You're quite possibly the best Christmas gift I have ever received," Takashi said.

"But it isn't even Christmas yet," giggled Mitsukuni.

"Somebody should probably notify Santa," Takashi replied, so seriously Mitsukuni broke out into an even bigger fit of laughter.

"Let's go home," Mitsukuni sighed once he'd caught his breath.

"Christmas Eve tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my boyfriend," Takashi said.

"Oh no," Mitsukuni whined.

"What?" Takashi asked. Had it been too soon to use boyfriend?

"We have Christmas Eve dinner with the Host Club tomorrow night."

"So we'll blow them off," Takashi chuckled.

"That wouldn't be very nice," Mitsukuni protested, frowning up at his boyfriend.

"We'll make being nice a New Year's resolution," Takashi offered before pulling Mitsukuni up into one more kiss.

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