A/N: I still need to buy "Fallout" by Ellen Hopkins. I was just bored, so I thought it would be interesting to write another poem about this book, even though it has been a while. I got some great reviews on my last one (Thank you for that) so I hope anyone who reads this one likes this one just as well, maybe even more! *EDIT: It seems really short so I might add to it if I'm ever in the mood.


My life is untitled because

I lost everything.

I wish I could change past events,

Filling with mourning.

I'm riding this rollercoaster,

Following a lie.

Walking down a broken path,

Hoping not to die.

Crying on the inside

Does nothing to help me now.

All I have left to hold on to

Is the drug that I allow.

I wake up Bree to help me,

Pleading for freedom from her grasp.

The only thing I can do

Is let her have her way with this.

Bree welcomes the monster

While I shun it away,

But nothing can be done.

The monster's here to stay.