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Chapter 7

To say that school was interesting would be an understatement. Everything that Eiji had to do was boring, his so called 'friends' were off in their own little world during recess (just like always), talking about things that he hadn't seen or heard, laughing their hearts out. He wore his mask and pretended to be one of them, of course, but it just got harder and harder to pretend to be something he wasn't and to like something he has never seem. It was hard to even breathe; the people around him suffocated him.

He hated it.

It hadn't been this hard with Ryoma. Probably because the younger knew how it was to pretend and lie and wear the mask made of stone, with awkward, fake emotions carved into it, made for the sake of hiding away from the eyes of others. Ryoma understood him, to some extent. The younger had his own demons to fight, just like Eiji had his.

That's why he didn't have to hide away and pretend and lie when he was together with the first-year. He even felt… comfortable with him. It was the first time, since his dad had disappeared, that he could be himself while together with another living person. It was a bit scary, yet a reassuring feeling at the same time.

The bell for lunch break finally rang through the quiet hallways, cutting the teachers in mid-sentence and making the students jump on their feet and make a mad-dash to the cafeteria or lazily pull out their bentos from their bags and settling down with their friends either in the classroom or at some other place. For Eiji it meant a lonely store-bought lunch at the roof, where people rarely went and even if they did go, they left the red-head alone. And Eiji was perfectly fine with that.

So, as usual, he silently left the classroom, slipping past the students that were in the hallway, cheerfully greeting those that called the usual 'hey Eiji!' and 'yo!' behind him. He made his way to the stairs and climbed up to the very top. The door was already unlocked and left wide open, few students already enjoying their lunch of the roof. The red-head took his usual place on the side and opened up the store-bought melon bread.

As the third-year silently chewed the dry bread he thought back on what had happened on the morning. Why did his step-dad even care? It wasn't like something would change if he were to leave the home, well no… It would change – for the better. No more of the disgusting son that came from that man, no more of the child that only wastes that woman's money and ruins her health. They could be a 'happy family'.

Fine by me. I'd rather they all just disappear from here. He drank from the bottle of coca-cola and tore another bite from his bread. I finally got away from them. For now, that's all that matters. For now.

"Why do I run into you so often?" a lazy voice suddenly drawled from his left and the first-year flopped down besides Eiji, opening his bento.

The red-head looked at Ryoma and then down at the healthy and tasty looking food that the kid had taken with him to school. He swallowed and then looked away – he shouldn't remind himself of the sorry state of his own lunch even more.

"If you really didn't want to see me you wouldn't have sat next to me, ne?" Eiji remarked, taking a sip from his cola and crumpling up the empty bread container. He took out another bread from the plastic bag and then added, "Can I really stay at your place?"

Ryoma looked at him from the corner of his eye, retaining his constant poker face and sighed, "Like I said, you can." He picked up the tamagoyaki and ate it, humming low in his throat at the flavors that filled his mouth.

Eiji half-glared at the younger boy next to him and his food and continued to eat his own store-brought lunch that had lost it's already little taste. "So lucky, homemade lunch." He mumbled to himself, thinking that Ryoma won't hear.

The short kid smirked a small smirk and mumbled back, "Isn't it?"

It was after school, the streets were now full with grownups and kids that had just gotten out of school and didn't go to any clubs. If it was already hard to get through the crowds while the school was still going then now it was just hell.

But Eiji didn't bother about being polite and nice and simply broke through the wall of humans and dashed forward to his destination. He had already told Ryoma that he had something to take care of, which wasn't a lie, and that he would be back in the evening. The first-year kid only hummed and said that he would ask Nanako, his cousin, to save his part of the meal.

The phone is the pocket of his jeans started to silently vibrate, reminding the seventeen year old that Sai was not a very patient man and he did not like to wait. He had received a very brief message from him right before the last lesson, merely stating the time and place where Eiji should go. Thankfully, it was after the lessons, so he could still catch up with Ryoma and let him know that they would not go home together. The kid didn't look too saddened by those news, but Eiji wasn't surprised.

Eiji tch-ed and pulled out his phone, "Listen Sai, I am already on my way! I'll be there in ten minutes." He wasn't particularly kind or polite; it never really mattered when he was speaking with Sai. After all, he got the same result either way.

"I know you are. Hahaha!" Sai's hollow, yet amused laugh drifted through the phone receiver, "That's not what I wanted to talk about." He made a small pause, "I want you to get something for me on the way here. Something from a dear, old friend of mine. He has a... how to say it, ahh… a gift for me. And you can grab it on your way here." It may have sounded like a simple request, but in reality it was nothing more than a command, a command that was not to be disobeyed.

Eiji stopped at the intersection, waiting for the lights to change. He kept silent for a couple of seconds and then agreed. "Yeah, I can. Where do I meet him?"

"Good boy." Sai seemed to be pleased, "At the Russian cafeteria, just right before my territory starts. You'll know him when you see him. Bye~." Sai hung up and the dial tone was all that was left behind.

Eiji shut his phone and then slid it back inside his pocket. He almost ran the rest of the way, only stopping when he absolutely had to. Soon the Russian cafeteria that Sai often used as a place for meeting other drug kings came into view. Next Eiji noticed a rather old man, dressed in all white with a long beard that was braided up and in black sunglasses. He was immediately sure that that was the man that Sai had talked about.

The teen walked up to the old man, opening his mouth to say something when the old man simply gestured for him to keep his mouth shut and gave him a small bottle, shut tightly and wrapped up in cloth. Eiji took it and, after watching the man for a while longer, walked past him, inside the dark part of the city.

It took him five minutes to reach Sai's appointed meeting place – an old shop, shut down to the rest of the people around Eiji. The seventeen year old took a deep breath and walked up the stairs, his heart beating faster and faster with each step that he took. He knew that he would not leave this place unharmed. He felt it with every fiber of his being. The red-head placed his hand on the handle and opened his door.

His heart almost doubled its beating speed and cold sweat broke on his skin.

Sai sat on an expensive looking leather chair, twirling a knife between his fingers and yawning. Once he noticed Eiji's presence in the room, he threw the knife on the table and smiled, "Min, long time no see."

The teen watched the knife that was now stuck on the table's surface and then back at Sai, making a half-assed smile of his own, using one of his masks to make the impression needed to please the king of the underworld. "Yes, really."

"I hope you brought what I asked you to?" Sai almost asked, totally uninterested and then pointed at Eiji, "Now then, drink that and while you do, I will tell you what I called you over for." He tilted his head to one side, black hair covering his green eyes.

Eiji gulped, a shiver ran over his spine and he exhaled a shaky breath. But he still unwrapped the small bottle and, after fighting the lid, he sighed and drowned the whole bottle, shutting his eyes tightly. The bitterness stung his throat and burned his mouth, it was horrible. But he couldn't disobey Sai, no one could.

Sai hummed in sick humor and then produced a picture from his pocket, "Now then." He started in a low voice, "An old friend of mine has asked me a favor. Can't say that I want to help that motherfucking drunkard, but this seems interesting enough for me to participate in."

Eiji nodded. He was starting to feel rather hot; his body seemed to slowly start to set on fire, starting from his fingertips and toes, the warmness slowly creeping up and taking over. He leaned against the door and exhaled again, listening closely to what his boss was saying.

"You see, that fucking ass is now looking for his runaway son. A fairly pretty kid, if I say so myself, might make a pretty well-earning prostitute if I get to keep him." He chuckled and ran a hand through his black hair, "Either way, what I want from you, Min, is to find this shitty brat and bring him to me."

Sai leaned a bit forward in his chair and licked his lips, watching intensely as Eiji was shivering and fighting to keep standing. "Of course, I am not saying that you must do this, because, you know, this fucking brat might be at the other fucking end of Japan. But in case you spot him know that I want him, so you get him for me. Ne?"

Eiji slowly shook his head, trying to even out his breathing. He had slid down the door and was now sitting on the dirty ground. His heart was pounding in his chest; body felt like it was on fire and, strangely enough (or not), he was hard. His head was all fuzzy, no coherent thought could form in his head - it was hard and almost tormenting. He moaned, not managing to stop himself in time.

Sai laughed out loud and leaned back into his chair. He crossed his legs and smirked, showing the white of his teeth. "Crawl to me, Min. We're gonna have a little fun now." He quietly ordered, green eyes looking down on the teen, glinting in animalistic joy, the photo of Echizen Ryoma slowly fluttering out of his hold and down on the ground.

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