Author's Note

Sorry, this is not a new chapter. I just wanted to add a note to this story and let you know that this tale continues in another story. It takes place just a week after "Tear Away the Mask" ended. The sequel is entitled "The Ties That Bind." It is primarily MaDi centered and is labeled a MaDi story. However, it does feature all the characters we love. Jazmin does feature prominently in it. I am also bringing in her twin brother, Jason, who will serve as a foil for Duncan in some ways. He will also be Weevil's new sidekick.

I have also finished a third sequel called "Road to Epic" (a LoVe tale) that begins with the summer before their junior year. The story is not finished, so author alert and you will be sent the new story when I post it. It may take longer for the next installment since I'm busy with the school year. Please, take a minute and tell me how you liked my story! Since the story is completed, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't nick-pick. I probably won't go back and change major details to suit you at this point. Give your feedback to a story I am still posting, and I will definitely listen! Thanks in advance.