On the Rise of the Red Moon A Nightmare Inspector Fan fiction~

It started as a dream. She was in a luscious meadow green meadow, that glimmered with the shine of the moon in the dead of night. As she twirled, her white dress flowed majestically. It s a perfect world. The next night, she enters the same meadow, but something is different. There s a different presence. A dark presence. Then the words. Those blood-curdling words that shook her entire body. On the rise of the red moon, the world as you know it s hands will be soaked with the scarlet of blood. Every night, those words rung out, louder and louder .

It was your average day at the Silver Star Tea House, a day of little activity, and Hiruko was hungry. Suddenly, a young girl burst through the door, tears streaming down her face, her body shaking with fear. Y-you re the Baku, correct? she said. I am. Please, take a seat. Hiruko replied. T-Thank you . Now, what can I do for you? I have this nightmare, and I simply can t bear it! Each night that voice the red moon you must help me! Before we do anything, what happens in this nightmare? I ll try to explain the best I can . and she explained her frightful nightmare. I ll pay any fee, just please- The fee, is your nightmare. That is all Ok. By the way, my name is Aiko Yamashima Aiko, Hiruko said, standing up and pointing his menacing staff, Sleep now, Then, they entered the nightmare.
This is it Aiko exclaimed, with fear stricken in her voice. It doesn t look like a nightmare . Just wait! You ll hear soon enough! and so, they waited approximately 15 minutes before it came.
On the rise of the red moon, the world as you know it s hands will be soaked with the scarlet of blood hmm on the rise of the red moon Hiruko mumbled. Aiko? But he received no answer from the girl, frozen with fear.
Aiko? He said again, waving his staff in front of her face.
You see! It came! She shouted.
Yes, I heard. Oh please, help me! Well, I can certainly try. Thank you! Now, you say this didn t happen until the second night, correct? Y-yes Then, we must figure out how this presence arrived here How will you do that? By speaking too it What? Just as I said, by speaking too it But how- Just watch he told her. How many days till the rise of the red moon? Hiruko asked. The rise of the red moon is unpredictable And why will the world soak it s hands with the scarlet of blood? The rise of the red moon is unpredictable Apparently, it s only answering one question Hiruko stated. Guess we have to find this presence. So, they continued through the dream, searching for this presence . Eventually, they came across an ocean. Here is your presence, Hiruko told her. What? This ocean? Yes. And now, we wait, till morning Uhhh alright . They sat and waited until the sun raised, presenting them with a beautiful, scarlet red sunrise.
Here, is your red moon Hiruko said.
But that s the sun . Yes. But it can be easily mistaken as a glowing red moon Oh! Then- She exclaimed, with surpirise and worry.
It s ok. Everything will be fine. It s simply an old wise tale Thank You, Hiruko. I can now rest peacefully at night Your welcome. Now, I shall cosnume this nightmare After he had finished, he arrived back at the Silver Star Tea House, he explained to Mizuki what happened. But, why an ocean? And a red moon? Simple. Her nightmare reffered to the old sailors tale. Red sky at night, Sailor s delight. Red sky in the morning, Sailor s warning. Hiruko replied. I have never before tasted a sail s dream.