A little something that came to my mind one day after reading the news. I really love a good Jack and John story, mostly slash, but this is just romantic. A small kiss in the end.



Finally General Jack O'Neill had reason to smile. Finally he had a reason to retire. And finally, he was going to Atlantis. Dr. Daniel Jackson walked in the door to his office.

"So, by the grin on your face I take it you already know." Daniel smiled.

"Yup." Jack grinned

"So, when is the big day?" he asked a little more curious.

"Tomorrow." Jack's grin went wider.

"Does he know what's coming?"

"No, not really."

"You have a plan, Jack?"

"Yes. And tomorrow you will know." Jack smirked and hummed an unfamiliar song while Daniel watched him and shook his head.


"Unscheduled off world activation." Chuck called out. Sam Carter came walking out of her office.

"IDC?" She asked concerned. It was Sunday and they didn't have any teams off world today.

"It's Stargate Command, Colonel."

"Colonel Carter. This is General Landry speaking." They heard his voice on the speaker.

"General Landry, it's good to hear from you." Though she was a little worried why they would open the wormhole a Sunday morning, she kept the worry out of her voice.

"Lower your shields and I'll let your guests explain everything to you."

"Yes, sir." Chuck had already lowered the shields and Carter mouthed to him 'guests'.

"All clear." Sam called out.

Sam went to the balcony facing the gate room floor. She saw several familiar faces coming through.

"O'Neill, Teal'c, Daniel and Mitchell." Sam walked quickly down the stairs, everyone could see the happiness radiating from her eyes.

"Guys. I'm so happy to see you all. General." She greeted the senior officer.

"Jack, from now on it's Jack." The question in Sam's eyes made him clarify. "I'm retired."

"So, what are you guys doing here?" Sam got confused by all the crates that came through the gate.

"Give you guys some good news, then I'll probably be more happy than anyone ever seen me before, then throw one hell of a party and then I'll have a vacation with the Athosians."

"Sir?" Sam asked more confused now than ever.

"How quickly can you have every available personnel in the gate room?" Jack asked.

An hour later there was a lot of confused personnel on the gate room floor. The only ones standing on the top of the stairs was Jack, Sam and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.

Jack was smirking and looked a little nervous. Sam and John were standing to one side quietly and carefully neutral.

"Listen up people." Jack began and the crowed went quiet.

"My name is Jack O'Neill. For the ones that doesn't already know me. I come bearing gifts and great news. And yes, not a General anymore. I've retired." Jack said as he heard a question in the crowed. "I don't really do speeches, but I recon that this once, I could make a short one. For a very long time homosexuals has not been allowed to serve the US military openly. You all know were I'm going with this, right?" Jack smiled when he saw a lot of nodding and happy faces everywhere. "I'm going to tell you anyway. Yesterday our President signed the papers in congress that throws that old fashioned law out the window. DADT is history!" Jack shouted those last words out while the crowed cheered like crazy.

John stared at Jack first, then turned to Sam.

"Did you know?"

"No, he wouldn't tell me." Sam studied John, he looked startled and a tiny bit nervous. "Are you ok, you look pale?"

"I'm fine, for a while longer anyway." John answered quietly.

When the crowed had dies down, Jack called for their attention again.

"This is a good day for many of us, including me. I've had a relationship with another man for about three years now. A hidden one, since he is Air Force as well."

The crowed listened.

"I asked him last year what he wanted to do when the DADT got removed. You now what he said? 'Like that is ever going to happen.' He never answered my question, but I will have it soon. Good or bad." Jack saw the crowed stare up at him. Daniel with his supportive grin, Teal'c with his usual expression, although if he looked really hard he thought he could see some surprise there. Mitchell was gaping, he had no idea. He saw other faces he recognized, Major Lorne grinning while shaking his head, Teyla, Ronon, Dr. McKay, looking very bored. He was Canadian after all.

"So, anyone else want to know his answer?" Jack asked, suddenly he felt nervous. The crowed started clapping and wowing and some one yelled 'get him up there!'

"I'm in the romantic corner today, and this is the only time I'm actually going to propose to someone, so I've even got a ring." Jack showed it to the crowed, but he was too afraid to look at the one he would give it to. "Here it goes." Jack turned towards Sam and John.

"John Sheppard." He said softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. There was a gasp in the crowed. He held out his and towards him. John was blushing and hid a small shy grin. John took four steps forward and accepted his hand. Jack got down on one knee in front of him an John was blushing even more, bit his lip and blinked his eyes several times to keep his tears away. He even had to glance away from the crowed and he meet Sam's shocked eyes for the briefest moment.

"John, ever since I first meet you, you held a special place in my heart. I've never loved anyone as much as I love you, you know that?" John nodded his agreement staring directly into Jack's eyes. "John Sheppard, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" It was so quiet in the gate room. Everyone was watching, waiting for John Sheppard to give his answer. They saw him run a hand through his hair, scratch his neck. Then his husky rough voice answered.

"What the hell. Yes. Yes, I'll marry you , Jack."

The crowed went crazy once more lauder and longer than the first time. Jack slowly got up on his feet. He slid the ring on John's finger, then slowly leaned in to kiss him. People started piling up the stars to congratulate them. Most people happy for them and a lot of people stunned. Their own John Sheppard, the one who flirted with every girl he meet, at least according to McKay, was going to marry Jack O'Neill.