First foray into Criminal Minds fic.
Post '25 to Life'.

Emily Prentiss may have been in the BAU kitchenette physically, but her mind couldn't have been further away. She was just staring at the wall, eyes glazed, lost in her own thoughts. Thoughts that seemed to be troubling.

Morgan had been watching for close to half an hour now. Watching her just stand there, hands under the faucet, scrubbing. Scrubbing. He could see the red raw skin of her fingers from his desk. He thought she'd stop soon, realise she'd hurt herself, but she just kept squeezing more soap onto her hands and start scrubbing again.

Under her nails, between her fingers, over her palms.

It was subconscious, almost impulsive.

It was worrying. It was like her Lady MacBeth routine at the scene the day before. Wiping the woman's blood from her hands over and over again. Nothing there but still she was wiping and rubbing and cleaning off the blood.

Finally, he'd had enough. He dropped his pen and spun away from the desk, footsteps lost in the noise of the bustling office.

She was just squeezing more soap into her hands when he tossed a towel over them, breaking her from her reverie.

She looked to him with wide eyes as she began drying her hands, it not registering that she hadn't even washed the soap off. "Hey."

"What's going on?"


"I've just watched you," he took her hand, thumb hovering over what must have been painful red welts on her usually pale skin, "scrub your hands red-raw. What's up?"

She snatched her hand back, sliding it into her trouser pocket quickly. "I'm fine," she shrugged, trying to keep her voice light.


"Morgan, I'm fine," she lay a hand on her chest. "But thank you."

She tossed the towel onto the counter and pushed on the glass doors, leaving Morgan watching after her.

She was definitely not fine.