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He just couldn't help himself. In a moment, no a hour of maddening weakness Captain Kirk had not only made a fool of himself on the bridge but also rewarded himself by providing Lieutenant Uhura ammunition for the next month. Yes this was turning out to be an interesting day.


"What I didn't say anything."

"It is not what you said Captain. Your thoughts are intense, close to the surface and standing as close as you are it is difficult for me to ignore them." Spock said emotionlessly not once taking his eyes from his console.

Kirk straightened and wandered a couple of steps backward while Spock worked. Something was indeed on his mind, an urge, an itch. He couldn't bring himself to bury the sensation though but nor could he act upon it. Frustrated he withdrew and slumped into his chair for a moment tapping his fingers against the arm rest.

"Captain I have the information you were looking for however I feel it unwise to broadcast it across the bridge."

Reluctantly Kirk walked back to the science station, the entire time Spock, unblinking, didn't take his eyes off of his captain. Kirk was conscious now of his thoughts and the fact his first officer could read them and tried to focus on something else, namely the information he'd asked for.

"Captain if it would make you more comfortable I could withdraw until you have completed your analysis of the data."

"That won't be necessary Spock." Kirk mumbled engrossed in the information before him. Uhura in the meantime had been listening to their exchange and watched them carefully curious. What was making Kirk so uncomfortable? After all this was the man who faced Nero, the man who went against not only his commanding officer, but his acting captains orders… not to mention he was the man who totalled his step fathers car with one rev of the engine.

"If you are sure captain I do not wish to cause you any discomfort."

It was too much, Kirk had decided he had to act upon his… 'Itch' he had to, itches always spread and get worse right? What if he ignored it now, but did something much worse down the line? Beside him Spock was shifting ever so slightly and Kirk was acutely aware he was probably in his thoughts.

"Ah what the hell."

Kirk reached out and with both hands, began to grope his science officer's ears. Simultaneously Uhura choked at her station, Spock went a bright green colour and his itch was finally satisfied. Spock looked as impassive as ever but Kirk could tell he was livid.

"Ah so they do feel like normal ears who knew…" Uhura finally exploded with laughter which caused the entire bridge crew to look around. Kirk quickly withdrew his hands, cleared his throat and turned to address his staff.

"I trust your curiosity is satisfied now captain?"

"Very much so commander…" Kirk quickly withdrew his hands, cleared his throat and turned to address his staff. "Please get back to work Lieutenant Uhura merely intercepted a… questionable transmission..."


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