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I looked out the window, my eyes following the passing cars. Each drop of water glided down the glass. The faint tapping of the rain filled my ears, relaxing me. My fingers were tracing the smooth, wooden construction of the window. 'Rin should be home soon.' I thought. I continued to stare out the gloomy scene before me, running a hand through my blond locks. 5...4...3...3...2...1-

The opening of the front door broke the calming silence. Rin stumbled to me, almost tripping in the process. "H-hey." Her breath smelled of alcohol, she was drunk. "Out with your friends?" I asked even though I knew the exact answer. "Mhm." She came closer to me, "Now let's have some fun." Rin cooed seductively. She looked at me with passionate, blue eyes, messing with the loose tie around my neck. "Not now," I sighed, this always happens. "Aw, come on!" She pouted her lips, making me hold up a white flag. "Fine." I gave in. I can never say no to her.

Because I love you.

Winking, she smirked and led me to our room to participate in the soon to come "activities."

I woke up to the cold draft that came from the cracked window. I could still hear the rain that seemed to have gotten worse. Feeling lonely, I sat up and looked at the empty spot next to me in bed, she left. I laid back down, staring up at the crème ceiling. Lately, I've been feeling that Rin's using me. Once she gets what she wants, I'm left to disappear in the wind. But it's my fault also, I can never say no or state MY feelings.

Because I love you.

I let out another sigh, I can just end the "relationship." Done. But I just hope for the inevitable.

I got up, dressing into a fresh new pair of clothes. I made my way to the living room, Rin was looking through a magazine. Pulling her into a hug from behind, I whispered in her ear, "Wanna have dinner later?" She turned her head away, knowing what she was going to say. "U-um I have to work, next time though." No surprise, she declines everything I say, but when it's me, I accept whatever she says, no matter what.

Because I love you.

"I guess it's Chinese takeout for me tonight." I fondled with my pockets, searching for my cell phone. "I'm sorry, Len." I knew her apology was an act of kindness. She fled to our room, probably to go get ready for 'work.' "Apology not accepted." I said to myself.

Rin came out wearing a large coat, attempting to hide the short dress that I knew she kept beneath. "Love you!" I called out as she put on her heels. "Pick me up at 12." was all she said before leaving. 'Good to know you feel the same way.' I looked down, why do I still even try?

Because I love you.

I know other girls are interested in me, not to be cocky, but I keep trying to please Rin. I could feel the tears threatening to fall. I blinked them away, it's not worth it for me to cry over her. I happened to glance at the seat next to me, noticing a bright glimmer. It was the ring that I had given Rin from high school, and she just left it on the cushion. This time I didn't stop the tears that landed on the fabric. Lightening lit the room before being engulfed in darkness.

I'd do anything for you, but would you do the same for me, Rin?