Chapter One: The Arrival.

"Can I help you?" Violet asked after observing the woman at reception looking lost.
"I'm looking for Dr Bennett" the woman replied.
"Oh right," smiled Violet "do you have an appointment?"
"I don't think I need an appointment dear" the friendly-faced woman replied "I'm his mother."
"Marion?" Naomi's voice floated across the office, much to the relief of Violet who was glad to be relieved of her mother-sitting duties.
"Hello dear" Marion beamed as she enveloped Naomi in a hug.
"Marion, what are you..." Naomi began, her curiosity beating her composure.
"You didn't think I was going to miss my great granddaughter's first Christmas did you?" Marion smiled.
Naomi returned the smile and retrieved Marion's bag from the floor.
"It's so good to see you Marion, Maya will be thrilled. You must be exhausted after your journey, let me get you a drink" Naomi said as she lead Marion to the kitchen. As they left, Naomi quickly looked over her shoulder and mouthed to Violet 'call Sam', whilst miming putting a telephone to her ear. Violet, taking the hint, began to dial straight away.
Naomi settled Marion on a stool and began to prepare a cup of tea. She needed to speak to Sam, they needed to decide what to do. Marion was an amazing woman, an inspiration and also a devout catholic with strong views on divorce - that being the exact reason Sam had neglected to tell her they'd split up.

"I tell you, Mark Sloan has nothing on Chad, that man has some moves, he does this thing where…"

"Amelia," Naomi interrupted as Amelia and Addison entered the kitchen, deep in conversation, well, Amelia was deep in conversation, Addison was dutifully listening to the merits of Amelia's latest squeeze. "Marion, this is Amelia Shepherd" Naomi began, hoping Amelia would manage to filter for once "Amelia is our neurosurgeon"
Marion smiled at Amelia and Amelia managed to flash an innocent smile and greet Marion without saying anything disastrous.
"and this Addison Montgomery" Naomi continued "Addison is a partner here at the practice."
"Nice to meet you" Addison replied shaking hands with the woman in front of her.
"Addison, Amelia, this is Marion Bennett," Naomi began "Sam's mother."