1. The Queen of Ferelden

Alistair gazed down upon her, his hand in hers.

"Are you alright?" He asked his wife, the Queen of Ferelden. She had fallen all so suddenly that he hadn't had the time to catch her.

"Y-yes...yes, I'm fine..." She stuttered.

It wasn't like her to be clumsy; she almost never fell out of mid air. She had been falling out of the blue for a while now. Without quite knowing why. Thank the Maker that there wasn't a blight to be fought or anything. Alistair helped his wife up; he didn't rush her at all. Yet, she wanted to get out of there because she hated to fall in the main court where most of the nobles and commoners go to have a glimpse of the royal couple.

"Thanks Ally. I don't know what's making me fall all the time." She confessed.

"It's all right. But one day when I'm not around... I just hope nothing will happen."

The Queen turned around and touched his face with the tips of her fingers. "I'll be fine."

She smiled. "I defeated the darkspawn and an Archdemon to myself."

"I helped." He whispered holding her by the hips and bringing her forward.

She smiled. "Yes, your right." She leaned in for a kiss and said "You helped a bit."

He smiled and she kissed him. The crowd cheered, happy to see their monarchs doing a little PDA for them. "Nothing like a crowd huh?" She asked him.

He scoffed. "I was never the guy for crowds."

They both gazed at the assembly of the people accumulating in the courtyard, both of them waving and smiling.

Banners like "Adopt Me!" and "We love you My Lady!" and even "Marry me instead Alistair!" flooded the room. And yet amongst other joyous things, Duncan's face came back in Alistair's mind... What he'd give to see him right then. What he'd give to see them all...

"I wish Duncan were here... I wish they were all here."

The Queen looked at him and said in a consolation voice. "They are." He looked down at her. She put her hand on his heart. "They're in here." Her eyes were fixed upon him...

He sighed and took her warm hand and kissed her again.

The crowd went into an uproar. Throwing roses and tulips at them.

She smiled. She could get used to this sort of life.


She took his hand and they slowly walked to their bedchambers.

*********************BOW-CHICKAWrONWrON *********************