Epilogue: A Dragon's Tale

Hey everyone! It's me sakuraphoenix, and I'm back with the last chapter of A Swan's Courage. What a wild ride it's been. But this fanfic's finally done. Anyhow, it's time for the disclaimer

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It's been a while since Xaviax was defeated, and today was the day that we'd all be able to go back home. I'm glad that we can, and yet, I'll miss being here. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my hair was pink again, and my eyes were brown. I also saw a note.


We've already left back for home. The portal's gonna close at midnight, so don't take too long.


"Typical." I said out loud

I then picked up my copy of Maya's book. So, one story's over, and another one's going to begin. Master Eubulon erased parts of our memories, the ones that would pertain to whatever futures we'd have. Frankly, I couldn't even remember what he did erase. The Ventarans were sent back home with the help of Master Eubulon, and Xaviax's teleporters, and began to work on putting their lives, and their planet back together. He also brought all of the Earth Riders back from the Advent Void. He told us that he healed them and wiped their memories of being Kamen Riders. Good thing too. I don't want JTC to know what he was. He even cured Chris of his asthma, and is now a marine again for the U.S. Navy. Adam also told Eubulon that he didn't want to be a Kamen Rider anymore, so Kit took his place as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and speaking of being Kamen Riders, after the last battle, our Advent Decks became our Signer Dragons again. As for Crow, Dawn, and Leo, Crow had his Blackwing- Armor Master back, Leo had his Power Tool Dragon, and Dawn has Sunrise Dragon back. Trent began working full-time for the No Men, working on setting up links with the Ventaran governments, and Michelle was learning something she had forgotten, patience. I put my book on the counter where Maya was.

"Oh, uh, what's your name?" asked Maya

"Sakura Phoenix." I smirked

She looked at me with surprise.

"Sakura!" exclaimed Maya

She jumped up and gave me a hug.

"So that's what you really look like. Oh, hey!" exclaimed Maya

Len, Kase, and Kit were here too.

"Thanks for coming." Said Maya

"No problem." Said Kit

Kit revealed he also had a book with him.

"Okay, I'm gonna sign your books for you." Said Maya

In my book, she wrote,


To brighter futures.


"This better make me look good." Kit and I said in unison

"Don't worry." Said Maya

"So, by the way, I've been meaning to tell you, I'm really sorry about your camera." Said Len

"Aw, better late than never." Said Maya

"Take care." Said Len

"And don't you have a portal to catch?" asked Kase

"Closes at midnight, so I have time." I said

Master Eubulon managed to cure Kit's dad too, so that's one happy ending, even if this isn't a fairy tale, the best ending anyone can hope for to be exact. I was about to ride through the portal back home when I saw Price and Maya. I waved good-bye to them as I lowered the visor on my helmet. There are many worlds behind the mirrors, so there are still more stories to tell.

Done and done! Well, I'm happy with the way this fanfic ended, but I'm also sad that it's over too. But still, this isn't the end of Sakura's adventures yet. Please review, and until next time, I'm sakuraphoenix, saying I heart you, signing off for now. I'll still be online, writing to my heart's content. Kan dao ni!