My eyes blinked from the rays of the sun as, gradually, I woke up. Now, the first feeling I started to feel on some moments whenever I wake up was the norm: metabolically cranky. Sometimes I'll just be cranky, and that's the nice Max that you'll want to hear waking. But what really was unusual was that I felt something bulky wrapped all the way 'round me, up to my neckline, something like a fire hose hugging me sweetly. I tried shuffling my limbs a bit which was no problem, at least I was't that wrapped up tightly, I shook off whatever was hugging me and worked my wobbly legs to stand... was I sleeping within a snake's tendril in a fuzzy bra?

Just as things were slowly dawning to me, the next big shocker to greet me was the smiling face of the snake.
"Rissse and ssshine, sssleepyhead," he said as he ruffled my messy tangle of tawny gold hair. "Did you have a nice nap?"

Still feeling that my alert-o-meter was reading "no-go," all I could do was try to get some answers. "What happened… how long have I been asleep?"

"For the whole morning," the snake said cheerfully. "I needed you to ressst up a bit more, so that my influence over you would lassst longer without ressspite. Don't worry, it isss perfectly normal not to recollect anything after a hypnotherapy, eh, a fairly interesssting hypnotherapy. Jeb will be ssso proud of me."

"Hang on a minute... you think you can screw around with my mind?!" I raised both eyebrows. All I could remember was... nope, I got nothing to remember, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

"Yes," but the snake continued calmly, "just look at what happened with the little exposure I gave to you. Don't act like you were bench-presssing poundsss of granite and eating gristle just minutesss ago. You were acting like a happy, little bunny who jussst wanted to be held."

I was too confused to give into whatever he said, even though someone inside me said that he was right. At the same time however, I was slowly becoming angry. "What, you think you know me so frigging well? Like all the other scum-bellied, needle pushing narcissists who thought they did?

"Sssilly, sssilly, sssilly child," said the snake as he raised his head to meet my own eyes. "I can sssee right through you, even without my eyesss ("Which you won't have, as soon as I'm totally awake," I seethed under my breath). You act like like you're unbreakable when you really are a docile, little trite. You have to melodramatically contrive your toughnesss to thossse you perceive as a threat, as a way of masssking your insssecuritiesss. Ssspeaking of insssecuritiesss..."

He unraveled his coils around my legs, deviously revealing that all this time I've only been wearing a leopard-skinned bikini. "Ssstill think that you're in control? Tee, hee, hee."

"I'd like my clothes back please," I demanded firmly, carefully without setting him off that I was on the brink of a murder rampage.

"Oh but Max, you're much more sssusceptible to my coilsss with sssome bare ssskin," he smiled disgustingly. "And just think, what geek fanboy in the world wouldn't give to sssee me charm you while you wear that. It'sss all a fassscinating role play, isn't it?"

"Why-" I started to scream before he cut me off.

"All you need to know, my little jungle bird," His tail weaved around me and patted my bum. "You're lucky that I let you wear sssomething."

"YOU BASTARD!" Without another threat said, I lashed out at the worm. Fingernails posed like claws, jaws foaming, wings buzzing like a hornet's wings, I let the scum have it. No matter how much he begged, I wouldn't stop until he bled. Oh yeah, did he still think I was cute and sexy now?

"You'd better watched that temper of yoursss," he said behind me, making me stop myself to realize that I was licking a tree to death. "You might chip one of your nailsss."

How did he move so fast? It's not like he had enough room to duck in a small perimeter like the treetop boughs we were in, what did he do different? I was just about to turn around where the snake was and try again, but this time I balled my fists. The next thing I knew, I smacked nothing but air. Thinking fast, I stretched out my wings to balance myself back onto the branch before I fell off.

"What isss your deal?" said the snake mockingly, "do you have a visssion problem? Just hit me." That jerk was gonna feel pain real slowly, but I didn't want to fall for any of his traps again. This time, I tried being the one luring him: "Afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?!"

He replied, "And you had better watch that tongue of yoursss."

"Then come down here and make me," I growled, "Mary Frigging Poppins!"

He showed his head again, and I went into ramming speed towards it-

He tapped my cheek with his tail. Noting more than a tap, like a BFF tap, but it knocked the wind right out of me. Head was spinning, muscles were weakening, legs were wobbly.

"What's hap..." was all I could form before it quickly trailed into a slur. My derpy eyes searched out for something that'll brace me. A vine. I tried walking in coordinated steps towards it, which was more like a drunken sleepwalk; that's how hopeless I was. Without caring if it was too far out of reach, I stretched out and caught the vine. But the snake wasn't done with me, so without having so much as an inch of consistency, he slowly slithered right beside me. Before I let him make another damn gesture, I breathed in and aimlessly flailed one of my fists around in selfdefense.

"I guesss you still haven't learned your place," he sighed like he was so disappointed with me.

"You... shut..." I was furious with what was going on, but the weakness swelling up inside me kept me from speaking right, let alone murdering right. He gave me the beating tap again, and that was it. Arms drooped to the side, eyes dizzily rolling into my head, mouth hanging open... unable to speak... anymore...

"Oh Max, you really ssshould have jussst sssuccumbed to me... and trusssted in me."

Trussssst in me, oh jussssst in me. Ssssshut your eyesssss, and trussssst in me.

Max slowly regressed under Kaa's control, like a cat to an alluring ornament. She struggled to keep her eyelids opened and her muscles tensed, but they both seemed to be getting heavier and heavier, and the feeling of Kaa's long body, disguised as the vine Max saw, sliding along her chest was just too much. Her eyes finally fell shut and she began to snore.

Without anything to brace her, she slid off the branch and fell a few feet, only to be caught in Kaa's make-shift hammock. Emphasizing on his victory even further, Kaa lifted the defeated bird girl over the canopy of his tree and held her limp body over his head. He vaingloriously spun her around as if he was allowing the eyes of the outside world to feast over his triumph. He had a lot to be proud of, at least his mind said so.

"You're sssnoring," he chided playfully to Max, who breathed in deeply.

"Sssorry..." she replied in a long, blissful sigh.

After a few more minutes of gloating, Kaa lowered Max into a much wider space amongst the trees where he could fit as much of his coils as he could. Like a puppet without strings, Max fell back onto Kaa's coils after he tried setting her down. He had no fear of jolting her awake, because she was so anesthetized by his bioengineered power of suggestion that she could scarcely feel a thing, unless he said the suggestive command for her to wake. Though he could choose to be rough on her, if that's what he wanted, for now he decided to be gentile with her. Mostly gentile.

"You've been a nassty, little girl." With his jaws, he hoisted the jungle girl by the back rims of her loincloth until he gave her a wedgie. While he kept her hoisted up, her arms, feet, and wings dangling, he spanked her with his tail. Remembering his choice to be gentile with her, his spanking was mild and playful, although it did leave some lightly red lashes on both cheeks. Max moaned softly with mirth instead of pain.

"Ssso it ssseemsss," Kaa chuckled after he was done, "that they were wrong. You never had a sssevere case of ophidiophobia after all, jussst becaussse you're a bird girl. Deep down, you enjoy being degraded by a sssnake, don't you?" Max nodded sleepily as a big, stupid smile grew on her face.

"Good girl," Kaa whispered to her gently, "good girl."

What followed was a whole day of pure fixation on treating Max as nothing but a human toy. Kaa let her fall forward whenever she tried standing her up and always caught her with a loop of his coils around her waist. He did this a couple of times, sort of like bouncing her like a yo-yo, until he decided to change his catching technique by catching her by the rim of her loincloth. He did this over, and over, and over again not once feeling that this was wrong in any way.

"Ssstand up ssstraight," he said after he tired playing yo-yo.

Max's legs stiffened as straight as arrows, her arms planted along her sides. Her eyes were halfway shut revealing some white in her eyes, brought on by the constant fondling. Kaa slithered up to her face and raised her chin with his tail. "Oh Maxy, can you ssstill hear me?"

"Yesss," the girl droned happily.

Kaa's smile grew bigger. He laid out a trunk of his coils in front of Max and tipped her to flop on top of it, when he gasped and saw an embarrassing sight. "Oh dear," he ostentatiously exclaimed out loud. "I really mussst be more careful with your attire. Your poor, little behind isss nearly exposssed." True enough, Max's loincloth/bikini bottom was scrunched all the way up until it looked like a thong. Her subconscious mind processed the news of this wardrobe malfunction, and told her to relax and just blush sheepishly, which she did, and not turn around and beat the living crap out of the snake as the other Max would normally do. But then Kaa fixed her bikini bottom back into it's regular proportion, and so she sighed blissfully in relief. Her breathing was adequately even; the snake could feel her warm chest go up and down as she laid there.

"Very good, girl-cub." Kaa continued. "You know I could've just have you in no clothesss at all as I sssaid before, but I wouldn't want you to freeze in the winter rain, or sssizzle in the sssun, but I digress."

Then, as if he was situating an action figure, Kaa sat Max straight up again, gently bended both her knees, and fixed her head to look forward. When he put her back down on his belly, she looked like she was standing on all fours like an animal. As a final touch to that, he wrapped the very last end of his tail around her neck to replicate a leash.

"Now, crawl to me," he commanded.

Max did as she was told, clumsily walking along the trunk of his body like a fat cat on a fence, only being held up by the make-shift leash. A stupid grin was still on her face, and her eyes were still halfway closed. After a couple minutes, she was halfway to his head. Then Kaa conjured the same vibration motion he had been working on Max sometime before into his tail, which had the same, soothing effect that had pacified Max. Pretty soon, she ecstatically began to drool saliva from her front lips.

"Jussst keep going, Maxy," said Kaa encouragingly. Max kept on crawling, but it slowly became harder to do so. Her legs and arms were filling with tons of dead weight. Her walking became clumsier and clumsier. Just as soon it looked like she would drop dead, she made it face-to-face with Kaa.

"Ssso, my pretty," Kaa teased as the two stayed eye-to-eye with each other. "What was it that you were planing to do with my head just minutes ago?"

Of course, Max's submissive persona couldn't remember the strong and pragmatic heroine that tried to claw the evil fiend to death, but that didn't stop her from trying. The more she did think, however, her vibrating collar muddled her mind even more, until she giggled idiotically and fell flat on her face, with her cute butt sticking up in the air. Smiling leeringly to himself again, Kaa lifted her head up and said, "Ah, I remember now."

He slowly propped Max's mouth open and wiggled his forked tongue inside. The squirmy feeling sent a current of ecstasy down her spine, making her moan and drool even more. This was the first time she was ever intimately evolved with any male, even if she was back in her own mind. Fang never came close enough to this.

The snake, on the other hand, had not shared such a lustful yet intimate moment with a female in a long time since his first, and sadly his last, mate had departed. It didn't feel quite as good as his old mate's tongue, but the bird girl was still enriching with sensational goodness. For an animal, he possessed the intoxicating desires of a man, but not the man's intellect to reflect them. Until Jeb gave him one.

Then one decadent idea lead to another; he pulled away from Max, stretched out both of her legs wide open until they were far apart from each other. He gave her another slithering kiss before she bended her all the way forward until her head was between her legs. "My, my, what a flexible girl you are," the snake admired. He let her stay in that position for a minute, flipped her on her back, and then bended her forward again. Back and forth; he made her do the same thing over, and over, and over again when his coil slid across the bird girl's foot. She giggled softly.

"Hmmm… it ssseems that you are very ticklish, aren't you?" Kaa asked teasingly.

"Yes… " she giggled.

"Don't tell me; where'sss your tickle ssspot?"

"I'm… he he… not t-telling…" Max playfully showed a little resistance to her master.

"Well then, I'll have to find out, won't I?" He tickled the soles of her bare feet and between her toes. Max began to squirm and laugh louder, but Kaa had an idea that it wasn't the most sensative spot. He moved up to around her belly button and tickled faster. Max shrieked with laughter.

"Isss it your tummy?"

"N-n-n-not my… ha ha HA… t-t-tummy!"

Pretending to be frustrated to get her working up, Kaa gently flipped Max onto her belly, bind her hands with tail, lifted her up a few inches off the ground, and began to tickle under her arms with his tongue. Max's uproarious laughter would put an audience laughing at a clown's execution to shame.


"I think we have a winner," said Kaa in a sing-song voice. He placed Max back down, who was still twitching in uncontrollable spasms. He settled her down with a vibrating collar around her neck, and very soon she was moaning away into a state of bliss. "Very good, my ssslave. From now on, I will addresss to you however I like, and you will ressspond, "yesss massster," correct?"

Max was still in bliss to hear whatever Kaa just said. Noticing this, he flipped her around again and lightly spanked her. Her head perked up, and she smiled childishly. "Yesss, massster." The lisp was a nice touch, though not intended, but Kaa left it at that as he flung Max back into his coils. It would serve as his verbal mark of ownership. As the sun went down, Kaa scooted Max into a secluded part of the trees, where he had Angel wrapped up comfortably in her own coils.

"Thisss was ssso much," he gloated. "And I have you, little Angel, to thank for ssspicing up the confusssion with your mind trick during your friend's little fit."

"Thank you, massster," she replied.
"That remindsss me, I did promissse Ari that I would inform him very sssoon upon your capture, and I did promissse you, Maxy, that we would hunt down the clone impossstorsss... oh, who am I kidding? I've messsed with your mind ssso much, you probably don't even remember what I just sssaid in the lassst three sssecondsss, do you?"

"...Nope, massster," Max slurred idiotically.
"Besssidesss," Kaa said to himself, "what do I owe to that brain damaged, pretentiousss little brat? Who'sss home turf doesss he think he'sss treading on anywaysss? Bah! No matter, what can he do to me now, now that I have leverage? Oh, he ssstill givesss me the sssssssssshiversss." With that long, drawn out lisp, he shook himself fearfully at the thought of Ari. Unknown to him, his shivering had cause Max and Angel to stir. Their limbs loosened, they shook their heads, and then their eyes were wide open at the sight of Kaa.
Then they both yawned and slumped back into their state of bliss (gotcha=).
"Why would he pick on thessse poor, little, helplesss girlsss?" Kaa was still in his little soliloquy, when something in his mind ticked his attention back to the two girls. "Oh yesss," he chuckled. "Thossse poor, little, helplesss girlsss... goodnight, my preciousss, flesssh puppetsss. More playtime tomorrow."

"Goodnight, massster," sighed Max and Angel together. Each girl even got their own goodnight kiss; Kaa flickered Angel's dimple nose which made her giggle, and gave Max another oral licking that made her squirm cheerfully. Soon, both of the coiled up cuties were snoozing away. Kaa himself would have a long, peaceful snooze through the night.

Nudge didn't know what freaked her out more as she flew over the dark jungle as fast as her wings could pull her: seeing Max in that hideous rage, or seeing her in that disgusting snake's control. More than anything, she would've rather stayed and helped her fight than to fly off, but then she would be caught along with her, and then there'd be no one to go back to warn Fang and the boys. At least that's Nudge tried telling herself over and over again, to keep herself from crying from the fact that she was flying away instead of saving Max. And now the snake had Angel too. "I'm sorry Max," she said tearfully, "and I'm sorry Angel. I'll come back with help, I promise."

"Ari," said the guard at the door, "we think the wrangler's taken some of the freaks."

"What?" Ari growled horribly

"They're nowhere on our grid, they're just gone!"

"But how? I..." Ari, for whatever reason in his fevered mind, suddenly changed his plans.

"Never mind, get out you idiot!" As soon as his henchmen left his room, Ari flipped his knife out and twisted the blade in his bare hand until he bled. Slowly, for it took a while to wake up the nerves. I taught you better than to ruin a good plan.

"I don't care!" Ari snapped at Jeb. "I'll find her," he snarled viciously. "I'll find her, if I have to burn down this whole, damn jungle! I'll find her!"

And so, here is my triumphant return, starting it all off with my guilty pleasure gone wild. Thank you to those who favorite this story, wrote me reviews, and encouraged me to continue.