WolfGear Presents: Negima? The mage and the Gunslinger

Pairings: NegiX ku-Fei KeadeXOC


London England, May 12, 2015

Twenty-two year old Negi Springfield casually strolled through the misty streets of London taking care to listen for any 'unwanted' company. It has been fifteen years sense he finished his training in Japan to become a Mistral Magi and now he had finally achieved his dream, though he still searches relentlessly for his father, Nagi Springfield who is still missing.

Sometimes the young Magi's mind returns to his days at Mahora Academy and to his former probationary contract partners. After his assignment was finished he had to conceal most of his contracts with the girls and had their memories erased. Though there were some exceptions such as Konoka and Setsuna who became partners with each other and are now traveling together. Mana, Zazie, Keade, Ku-Fei, Yuna, and Ako banded together and became a mercenary unit under Mana. Finally the rest Yue, Nodoka, Haruna, Makie and the rest all had their memories erased. It hurt to do that to his students but they would have follows him everywhere and gotten in danger. They had to move on with their lives, even if they hated him for it.

The sound of boots clucking against the stone roads brought Negi out of his thoughts; turning to see the person behind was none other than his best friend and partner Jack K. McCoy (age 27). He's Mystical Gunslinger from somewhere in Texas. After a job Involving a demon infestation in Huston the two have been working together ever since.

Jack was a strong built man standing just a few inches taller than Negi with broad shoulders and slick black hair that ran past his neck. He was wearing his usually entire which conceded of a dusty dress shirt with an old pair of blue jeans, an old western duster and a cowboy hat with a feather decoration. To top it all off a .357 magnum revolver hanging at his side.

"Yo Negi, you ready man?" asked Jack as he approached the Englishman. They stood outside an old abandon clock tower that's been deserted for years, recently though there have been reports of some activity, magical activity to be exact. So the Magic Society calls them in to find out what's going and eliminate any threats.

Negi pulling his trusty staff from its spot on his back approaches the old wooden doors. "Yes let's do this." Said Negi using his magic to unlock the door, it creaked out sending years of dust falling down. "Come I sense some magical presences inside."

Inside the two trended carefully around the old brick stairs, when they reached the top they stood on an old steel balcony. Below was a group of people dressed in black rode standing in a circle, from their position they could hear the robed figures mumbling in some forgotten language they origin of which neither could defer.

"Looks like black magic to me." Whispered Negi observing the runes "Maybe a summoning spell or possibly teleportation, it's too hard to make out from here. Let's move closer."

Jack nodded spotting a stone statue he through his lasso around it then pulled it tight to make sure it would hold. Dropping the rope down the side of the wall, he motioned Negi to follow. The two slid silently down the rope, making sure to keep to the shadows to avoid detection. From their new position, they could clearly here what the robed figures were saying.

"We're almost there just a few more minutes and world domination will be ours!" the robed person said with glee completely oblivious to the spying eyes behind him.

"Say focused you fool!" the robed man across from the him yelled irritated "You'll make all our work for nothing if you don't stay focused!"

"Calm yourself my friend." Said the one in between them, the leader apparent leader of the cult, guessed Negi as the other two quickly complied "Now George if you would be so kind as to bring out our guest."

The one called George who was standing across to the leader walked away to the dark hallway of to the right. Moments later he returned with a beautiful young blonde that struggled against the man's grip.

"Let go of me!" she cried as the man dragged her towards the center of the circle.

"Oh, but my dear you volunteered didn't you?" The leader sweetly said with a sickening grin.

The woman sneered and spat at him "I didn't sign up to be a sacrifice!" she yelled as the members of the order tided her down to the ground.

"Oh but you did my dear, it's in this contract right here." Said the leader holding up a piece of with blood smeared on the dotted line. "Now be quit and let's finish this!" he exclaimed pulling an old rusty knife from his robes, and then started to move toward the woman.

"NO!" the woman screamed in terror as she struggled against the ropes pulling the ropes to hard they dug into her skin.

The leader smirked cruelly down at the woman. "Now down worry it will all be over in a moment!"

This was the finally straw for our heroes, Jack reached for his gun drawing it expertly out of it holster, cocking the hammer back with a soft 'click' then pulled the trigger. A loud BANG echoed throughout the tower as the bullet flew through the air. The other member of the cult watched in horror as their leaders brains blew out the side of his head.

Not willing to forgive these basterds so easy Jack fired into the heads of five others members, well Negi fired his arrows of wind at the remaining members killing them instantly. In just a few seconds the cult was no more as our heroes jumped down from their hiding place to assist the woman.

"Who are you?" asked the woman as Jack cut the ropes with his knife freeing her.

"No one important" Negi replied as he placed his palm over the woman's face "Disappear" he muttered softly as small flash of light shined then died down effectually easing the girl's memories of the horrific night.

"Go home to your family." He commanded as the woman gave him a blank stare before heeding his command disappearing into the night.

"What do you think these basterds were trying to do, Negi?" Jack asked has he kicked the leader's body with his foot.

"I don't know Jack but whatever it was it couldn't have been good if they were going to sacrifice an innocent girl to do it." He replied observing the room, other then the magic circle and some candles there was nothing else in the room.

"Negi, Look at this!" yelled Jack pointing up.

On the ceiling was a giant clock? "What something like that doing here?" Negi asked to no one in particular.

"Well this is a clock tower, but a strange place to put a cloak ay." Said Jack

Unbeknownst to the two the blood of the magicians they killed slowly slithered to the center of the circle till there was a small pool of blood there, and then it happened! The runes on the floor glowed an eerily purple. A purple barrier surrounds the circle trapping the two inside.

"What's going on?" yelled Jack as the clock overhead spun counter-clock wise.

"I don't know! But it can't be good!" yelled Negi tilt the lights became so bright he could no longer see his friend.

"Father Watch over us" Negi pleaded as the light engulfed them.