WolfGear Presents: Negima? The mage and the Gunslinger

Pairings: Negi X ku-Fei Kaede X OC

Chapter 70: The death of the death princess. The ending of the tale.

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Eva felt tears run down her cheeks as she fell to her knees. He was gone. She couldn't believe, she didn't want to believe it, but it was true, Jake McCoy was dead. The pain in her heart was overwhelming, never in all of her years had she hurt so much.

The shrill laughter of Shihime echoed in her ears. Red eyed she looked at the one who had murdered her friend, lover and father of her children. Her own sister in law the one who had led her to her imprisonment at the academy, right there she decided that bitch was going to pay.

"Spirit of darkness let thy power flow and tares the skies a sunder with black thunder as the wails of the wind sever the throats of the fools that stand before thy might, 1000 black thunderbolts!" Black bolts of lightning shot out from Eva's palm and struck Shihime directly in chest as more bolts flashed in the sky and continued to bombard the death princess. While the storm ragged on Eva waited for the smoke to clear, hoping to see Shihime's charred corpse, but it was not to be as Shihime stood there unscathed.

"I am the Princess of Death, so it is impossible for me to die." Shihime mocked taking to the air.

"We'll see about that." Eva glared chasing after the woman. More lightning crashed into the Death Princess, but still she remained unharmed. The vampire flared her magic and increased the power of her spell. "2000 black thunderbolts!"

"Eva don't be rash!" Negi called after the vampire, but as soon as he stepped away from the group several bolts of lightning converged on him, but luckily John managed pull the young mage back and deflect the lightning.

"I would suggest not wondering to far from me, if you go outside my field of protection you'll be stuck down before you can yell four." John warned as he continued to deflect the various bolts of deadly lightning, mainly he tried to direct them at Shihime, but most of them he threw out in some random direction.

Thomas watched at his mother blindly rush the death princess. For most of his life she had been absent, but the days following the kids' departure to the magic world, they had become quite close, and what son could stand by and watch as their mother fought against such a dangerous opponent? Not him that's for sure, calling on his artifacts Shiva's shawl and the eye of Odin, and handed the eye to his eldest brother Ray.

"Come on she needs our help!" He barked forming a column of ice and disappearing within it.

Ray clutched the artifact tightly in his hand. Eva wasn't his favorite person in the world, but she was his mother's friend and his step mother, so he would help, besides the evil that was Shihime had to pay for killing his father.

Jamming the eye into his forehead, Ray felt the powers of the artifact overwhelm his body as it aged back to the days of his youth. Fully charged and with a full head of lush brown hair, he summoned two tornadoes around his arms to emit an electric current to attract the lightning and then reflect in the direction of his choosing. He smiled cocky at his other brother and charged off to the battle.

"While nothing gained nothing ventured as they say." Jack said cracking his neck. He couldn't sit around and let all the old guys deal with this problem, besides he had a bone to pick with the death princess for the curse she placed on him a while back. "Are you coming Negi? I sure your itching to try out that new blade of yours." The mage smirked summoning his new weapon.

"You know it."

"Hold it!" Kaede said sternly. "You two are not going anywhere, at least not without these." She smiled placing a small piece yellow bead bracelet around everyone's wrist. "This is my lightning element bracelet it will ward off the black bolts for a little while but it won't last long if you keep getting hit. Now come on let's get going."

Jack sighed knowing he couldn't stop her, so he did the next best thing and kissed her on the lips. "Thanks for sticking by me love." He whispered flying off into the storm Kaede tucked under his arm.

Negi turned to Ku Fei and saw she already had her staff ready for battle. She smiled as she said, "You think I run away from a fight? Not a chance!" She declared wrapping her arm around Negi's. The mage just shook his head and smiled as he chased after Jack and Kaede, Ku gleefully shouting her battle cry as they few through the storm.

"I guess I should get going too," John said watching them fly off. When faced with impossible odds, one most do impossible things to prevail. "So you are two coming?" he asked Jesse and Rubi as they both looked at each other than at him.

"What do you think?" They both said. John laughed as he dropped his barrier and took to the skies with the two girls at his heels.

Shihime laughed as she once again negated the vampire lightning attacks. The claws she acquired from Jake were working as an anti-magic barrier. Every time one Eva's lightning attack come close she would simply slash the air distorting the space and canceling the attack.

It was almost pitiful how hard the vampire was trying to kill her, but she was getting bored, it was time to kill the dark queen. However before Shihime could begin her attack number of ice spears impaled her stomach.


"Take this! Rabidus glacies" A blue beam of icily magic clashed into the death princess freezing her in place. On the ground below was Thomas with a smirk on his face as he set up his second attack. "Glacialis nex (frozen death)" Spears of ice formed around Shihime's prison and all at once stabbed the trapped princess of death.

"She's filled with the souls of the dead; it will take more than that to kill her! We have to purify her!" Ray yelled falling down from above. "Do it like this, Holy gale!" A blade of wind sliced through the gaint ice cube severing it in half, but as the pieces fell to the ground empty.

"Damn she escaped!" Ray cursed feeling a menacing presence behind him. Shihime lunged bringing her scythe down on the old gunslinger, but a trail of green flames barred her path as Jack and Kaede joined the frenzy. Kaede whipped her Rosary beads wrapping the chain around Shihime's ankle and threw the death princess hard into the ground as Jack fired another Rabidus Incendia after her.

"Thought we lend you a hand old man," Jack jokes using fire snapper to keep the death princess pinned. Several bolts of black lightning thundered crashed down on Shihime as Eva rejoined the fray with a more leveled head.

"Does anybody have a way to destroy those stupid claws?" She screamed. Using this much power at once was very draining; she wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. If only she hadn't lost her cool then she might have realized that her attacks weren't doing anything.

Ray pondered the question. His father had used the void stance to rip though the beast's armor and forge the claws as well as the other weapons. Unfortunately no one here knew how to use Voidmagic, and the only other thing that could damage the cursed things would be something of same material or stronger. Realization donned on him Pandora and Excalibur! Those two weapons together would have the power to destroy the claws for good.

"Negi, Eva call on your artifacts, we'll provide support." Understanding where he was going, Eva called on Pandora and transformed it into a sword while Negi, who had just arrived with Ku heard the gunslingers words and called forth his sword.

Both Vampire and mage nodded to each other and charged Shihime engaging in a frenzy of steel while the McCoy's rained down support from above.

Shihime growled as she pared another thrust from the duo, barely she sidestepped a slash from Negi and the barrage of fireball and lightning bolts from Jack and John. To make matters even worse just when she thought she could catch her breath, ice and stone spears sprang from the earth and the air around her throwing her of balance. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Negi charging at her his blade infused with magic. She moved to block with her claw, but Excalibur cut clean through the claw, while Eva took the chance to reliever of her other claw.

With her anti magic claws shattered and useless Shihime was left defenseless as all five McCoy's surrounded her each one with a holy spell primed and ready.

Jesse slammed her fist to the ground. "Hallowed ground," She muttered a golden square of holy magic appeared on the ground and began to suck out Shihime's magic, while creating a barrier in which she could not escape.

Each one of the male McCoy's taken a corner and placed their hand in the barrier. Jack smirked as he released his attack. "Payback a bitch, purifying inferno," White hot flames filled the barrier that held Shihime trapped.

John was next, he had no words to say and simply released his spell God's judgment and let it inner mix with Jack's flames. Thomas seethed angrily releasing the holy flood into the chamber; the water didn't extinguish the flames, but fueled them! Finally Ray used holy tempest to spin all the elements together creating a tornado that burned, shocked, threaded till there was nothing left but black ash.

They all watched the black ash disappear in the wind. The final battle was done, for now, there were still many in this world that wished to do evil, and pursue their own goal at the expense of others, but for now they could go home and enjoy the peace they have fought so hard for.

John stared at the setting sun, while the others celebrated their victory; he had caught a glimpse of what might have been Shihime's soul escaping away to parts unknown. Someday she would rise again in a new form, but the amount of time it would take for that to happen could take centuries. Course he thought looking at the oracle eye in his hand, it never hurt to be sure.

The eye of oracle placed firmly in his socket, John had the power to see the true future, with all the twists and turns that it would take, and he saw figure smoking over a tombstone, and the epic battle he would have with the revived Shihime, and that he was not alone, but with friends and they would win.

He removed the oracle and smiled at everyone's happy faces. The events that would come to pass were not for them to be concerned with, but the present, so he crushed the eye in his hand and let it drift away with the wind.

Ten years later Mahora academy

Jack McCoy and his lovely wife Kaede McCoy walked happy along the rooftops and ledges of the massive school with a bundle of joy giggling joyfully as they descended into the trees heading for the cottage in the woods.

They were on their way to Jack's Grandmother's the vampire Evangeline for Christmas. As they passed by they could see Jack's Uncle Thomas strolling by with his son Kataro and daughter in law Natsumi.

Things changed since the battle ten years ago. Magic was exposed to the world and the humans had to deal with the new influx of chaos that comes with it. Luckily Ray and his wife Xia took the responsibility of ruling over the magic world and things panned out for the most part. Ray complains about having to do all this work in his old age and forces his brothers to help out once in a while so he can go and get some rest. He spends his free time with his Wife and son Jake.

As the happy couple landed in the snow in front of the cottage, they were greeted by Jack's father John and Jack's stepmother Rubi. Five years ago after much time and effort John connived Rubi to marry him. Sayo, Rubi's adoptive daughter was officially welcome into the McCoy clan with open arms.

"Hey there how is my favorite son doing this fine Christmas eve." John drawled sipping on some Irish coffee with a little whiskey. To the right of his sat Rubi who was looking very happy as she rubbed her stomach affectingly. Konoka a dear friend and healer had managed to heal Rubi's womb, so she could have kids, in a few short mouths Jack was going to have a new sibling. He was feeling kind of awkward about it, but he was happy for his father.

"Doing fine dad, Jesse here yet?" He asked looking around for his twin sister. After the battle Jesse had enrolled at Mahora, a bit reluctantly, but she worked her way through it and graduated in the top ten of her class. Now she kind of roamed between the worlds, exploring as much as she can while helping those who need help.

John pointed inside the house. "Yep arrived the other day, and has been pleading with your grandmother to let her cook again. Jack made a face. Jesse could grow any vegetable or fruit she wanted, but for some reason she couldn't cook to save her life, but the living flower she grew could.

Rubi eyed the little bundle wrapped in Kaede's arms. "I see you brought little Jack." She cooed making the two year old giggle.

"Say is Negi and Ku here?" Jack asked his father while the women played with the baby. He wondered how his best friend was doing with his young bride. Negi and Ku had just gotten married and he was expecting at any time to hear the news of when they would be having a child.

John nodded. "Yeah their down in the villa with the twins, did you know those two got a pair of prince's?" Jack laughed twins for twins he guessed. Entering the house he led the door open for Kaede and shed his extra layers and helped Kaede settle their son down for a nap under Chachamaru's care.

In the kitchen Evangeline was scolding Jesse for burning the buns, so they decided to say hello latter and snuck into the basement and entered the villa. The beach landscape was a great change to the snow outside. And off by the shore line sitting the sand was none other than Negi and Ku.

"Hey Negi, Ku," Jack and Kaede greeted the two.

"Hello Jack, Kaede," They greeted back as the pair sat down in the sand. Kaede smiled at the slight budge in Ku's stomach and winked at her friend.

"You two sure didn't wait long." Jack said bluntly. Course its wasn't to longer after he and Kaede were married that they had Jack and they were planning on having a few more, while they were at it.

Ku blushed, while Negi coughed and looked away. "Yes while, we felt we were ready, we may have just gotten married, but we been together for ten years; besides your one to talk."

"Yeah, yeah I hear yeah, so where are Fumika and Fuuka?" Jack asked looking around for the pinkettes. He didn't see them anywhere around, maybe they were in the castle?

"They went up stair about an hour ago to give their kids a nap; they must have fallen asleep with them." Jack nodded that was possible.

"You lot get up here it's time for supper!" Evangeline called down the stairs. The four looked at one another and laughed.

"Guess we better go, don't want to get on grandma's bad side." Jack joked, helping Kaede up, while Negi did the same for Ku.

"No remember last time what she did to Ray when he was late?" Ku giggled remembering the scene clearly. Eva with a frying pan was the most dangerous thing in the world.

"Yeah, so we better hurry then." Negi agreed.

At the supper table everyone was seated and waiting for the food to be passed around, but first they waited for Ray to do the pray, for which Evangeline had to plug her ears because vampire couldn't listen to scripture. They all enjoyed the feast together looking forward to the bright future ahead of them.

200 years later in Goldwater Mars's cemetery

Quinn McCoy the descendent of the legendary Gunslinger Jack and Magi Negi blew a puff of smoke through his nostrils as he looked over the graves of his ancestors under the world tree of light, planted along ago by his Ancestor Jake McCoy.

"So you ready to go." A female voice asked Quinn. He turned and smiled.

"You bet Chao, let's go." He smirked cocking his gun. Evil was afoot and he would put it down.

The End

Ending note

While that's the end of the story, I'm kind of ashamed to end it like this, but things were just going to get worse; I guess my heart just wasn't in the story anymore; still seventy chapters impressive if nothing else. I would like to thank all you who've read this story and those who reviewed. Now I know it isn't nice to leave the story in this bad of shape so I will rewrite, eventually, a little bit at the time.

This is WolfGear saying good bye.

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