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Chapter 1: Road to Hell

"Damn it!" I groaned, smacking my fist against the steering wheel. "Fucking traffic." I pulled the Volvo to a stop behind the long line of cars, drumming my fingers impatiently on the dash. I sighed as I looked at my watch. I was going to be late again, not that I actually gave a shit about that. If I had really cared about being on time, I would have left Forks earlier than I did, knowing how long the drive to Seattle would take and that traffic was always a bitch this time on a Friday morning. But that would have meant cutting my morning shower short and that was just fucking unthinkable. The fact that I had spent twice as long in the bathroom this morning than usual didn't escape me but that had also been necessary. No, it had been absolutely fucking essential, considering where I was going.

My weekly appointment with Dr. Isabella Swan always brought with it its own particular brand of tension. Tension that I had had to relieve twice this morning before I could even consider leaving my parents' house. A fresh wave of resentment and frustration swept through me at the thought of my visit to the shrink's office. Resentment at my father for making me see a friggin' shrink in the first place and frustration that I hadn't been able to charm the good doctor into giving me a clean bill of health yet. At first I had thought it would be easy to convince Dr. Swan that I didn't have a problem. She was a woman, after all, how difficult could it be? A couple of flashes of my patented panty-dropping smirk, a few suggestive raises of the eyebrows and a drop of the infamous Cullen charm and she would be putty in my hands. How fucking wrong I had been. I, Edward Cullen, had come across the first woman who seemed to be immune to my considerable charms. For six weeks I had given it my all but I was no closer to bedding Isabella Swan now than I had been the first day I walked into her office. The thought that I may actually have to start taking therapy seriously and play along crossed my mind. "Fuck that," I chuckled to myself. I would succeed in my mission to seduce the good doctor and fuck her into oblivion and then, when I had her just where I wanted her all this bullshit would be over. She would finally declare that I didn't have a problem and Carlisle would be forced to release my trust fund. It was that friggin' simple. There was not a chance in hell that I would play along; I didn't have a fucking sex addiction and there was no way I would pretend for even a second that I did. Besides that, Dr. Swan had become a challenge, one that I just couldn't walk away from. For the first time since puberty I'd found a woman who didn't fall over with her legs in the air eager for a drop of the "Cullen magic" and that made me want her more than any woman I had ever met.

The effect this woman was having on me was getting figgin' ridiculous. Just this morning I had beaten off like a freakin' madman to thoughts of her plump pink lips wrapped around my cock. Only to have my cock spring to life rock hard again five minutes later at the memory of staring into her deep chocolate eyes while she tried to work me out. Yep, Isabella Swan turned me on like no woman ever had and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Sure, she was attractive-no, she was fucking beautiful, all plump pink lips, creamy white skin and lush brown curls-but that still didn't explain why I couldn't get her out of my fucking mind. I'd had plenty of beautiful women in the past; hell I had even turned down a few in my time too. So it wasn't just that she was beautiful that had my cock leaping to attention at the merest thought of her. No, it's much more than that. I suspect that Isabella Swan actually interests me. I just didn't have a fucking clue why exactly that was. She was so different from the mindless bimbos I usually encountered who bored the shit out of me the minute they opened their mouths. The doc was polls apart from those tramps. She was beautiful, intelligent, feisty as fuck and had an air of innocence about her that made her as sexy as hell. I just knew that underneath that professional good girl exterior lurked a sexual tigress waiting to be unleashed and I was hell bent on releasing her. Fuck, I'd even pull her tail to see if she'd bite.

My eager and already rock hard cock twitched excitedly in my pants at the image of her teeth sinking into my flesh. "Calm down, Cullen," I mumbled, drawing in a deep breath trying to clear my head of visions of the doc in various erotic positions as I attempted to will my now painful erection into submission. I wondered briefly if I could take advantage of my Volvo's tinted windows and fix my not-so-little problem before this fucking traffic decided to move. Probably not, and knowing my luck, I'd get caught. Beating off in a traffic jam was probably not the best way to convince everyone that I wasn't a sex addict.

I let out a loud sigh as the traffic began to crawl along at a snail's pace. Why the fuck hadn't I left last night as I'd planned? I could have had a few extra hours sleep and made the short journey from my apartment to the doc's office in less than twenty minutes. Why? One word: Alice! If there was one woman on the face of the earth who could twist me around her little finger it was my little sister. As soon as she had pulled her little lips into a pout and fixed me with those puppy dog eyes I was a goner. The evil little pixie had talked me into staying the night at my parents' after their anniversary dinner despite my better judgement. So instead of a nice relaxing lie in I had got up at the butt crack of dawn and made the fuck long drive back to Seattle. I groaned in frustration and blasted my horn. I fucking hated being stuck in traffic. Not being the most patient person in the world didn't help matters and the fact that this was screwing with my plan of seducing the doc was really pissing me off. For the first time ever, I had actually considered being on time for my appointment instead of pissing the doc off by being late as per usual. Getting into the doc's good books was my first task if I was ever going to charm her pants off. And at this precise moment in time, getting her pants off was the one thing I was absolutely determined to accomplish; judging by the state of my ever ready cock, the sooner the friggin' better.

The long line of vehicles in front of me gradually began to pick up speed. "Halle-fucking-lujah!" I exclaimed, glancing quickly at my watch. Maybe I wouldn't be so late after all. I drew in a deep breath and tried to focus on getting my aching cock to calm down. I was now only a few blocks from my destination and the last thing I wanted was to walk into the doc's office with my cock in its current condition. I imagined the look on my father's face when he learned from the good doctor that I'd turned up for my session sporting a boner further convincing him that his youngest son was indeed a pervert. The image of that "I told you so" look on Carlisle's face caused my cock to deflate faster than a punctured beach ball. Nothing could kill my erection quicker than picturing that smug look he got whenever he was proved right. He should have his face put on condom packets, guaranteeing that I never had sex again, thus curing me of my alleged addiction.

Sex addiction. What idiot came up with that bullshit anyway? It was complete and utter bollocks. Just because I screwed around a bit didn't mean I was a pervert who couldn't control my urges. Okay, so I'd screwed around more than a bit, a fucking lot if I was honest, but was that really a reason to insist I see a shrink? Apparently, yes it was, according to my father. Carlisle had always disapproved of my lifestyle but shit had really hit the fan when my mother had caught me fucking the caterer in the laundry room during one of her dinner parties. I can't say I blame him for being angry. Mom had been really upset, hell so had I, the last thing I ever wanted was to upset her. The thought that I was a disappointment to my mother hurt more than I cared to admit. She had always been my strongest supporter, defending me time and time again, even in the face of Carlisle's relentless criticism. She'd always been proud of me and never failed to show it in any way she could. Now she struggled to even look at me.

She had thrown me out of the house that night completely ashamed of me and appalled at my behavior. Carlisle had turned up at my apartment two days later to read me the riot act; and to make matters worse he had walked right in on me in a very compromising position with the nineteen-year-old twins from the apartment upstairs. I could have fucking strangled Alice for giving him her key. He went totally ballistic, raving at me like a lunatic before storming out declaring he was washing his hands of me completely and that he never wanted to see my face again. Well, that was perfectly fine with me as it meant I no longer had to live with his constant disapproval. Except I hadn't been that fucking lucky.

Less than a week later, he showed up with Alice in tow to inform me that he wouldn't be releasing my trust fund on my twenty fifth birthday next month unless I fulfilled certain... conditions of his. The main one being that I attend sessions-arranged by him-with a psychologist-slash-sex therapist that he knew in an attempt to get my "problem" under control. I had been so fucking angry at his insinuation that I was some kind of pervert that I had told him to go to hell. There was no way in hell I was going to be manipulated by him into seeing a shrink, trust fund or no trust fund. I didn't have a fucking problem; this was just another way for Carlisle to punish me for quitting medical school. As far as I was concerned he could go fuck himself; if he thought for one second that he could control my life he was sadly mistaken. I was not seeing a shrink. End of fucking subject.

Alice, on the other hand, wasn't about to take no for an answer. She'd pleaded and begged me to just consider doing what Carlisle wanted. She used every available weapon she had to convince me to comply with Carlisle's conditions. The little minx even used how upset Mom was over all of this and how she and Mom were stuck in the middle of mine and Carlisle's war. I had finally caved when she had begun to cry, blubbering about how she'd lost so many friends because of me. I finally realized that my behavior was hurting the two people I loved more than any others in this world and promised her I would do all I could to sort this mess with Carlisle out. If my agreeing to see a shrink would stop her from crying and make things easier for her and Mom, then I would go along with Carlisle's demands.

It wasn't until later that night that I'd realized that Carlisle had pulled a fast one. That sly son of a bitch had used Alice to do his dirty work for him. He knew as well as I did that I couldn't stand to see her upset and that I would do absolutely anything to stop her and Mom from hurting. He'd used her as back up in case blackmailing me with my trust fund wasn't enough to manipulate me into doing what he wanted. By the time it sunk in that the motherfucker had gotten exactly what he wanted and had played me like a pro it was too friggin' late. Telling him to go fuck himself was one thing; breaking a promise to my little sister and disappointing her and mom was something else entirely. Well, he might have won that battle, but there was no way in hell he was winning the war.

I had played along since then keeping my appointments with the doc letting him think he had gotten one over on me. When Dr. Swan finally succumbed to the "Cullen charm," which she undoubtedly would, I'd be free and clear to get on with my life without Carlisle breathing down my neck. Fucking her would be even sweeter knowing I'd played him at his own game and won. With that thought and a smile on my face, I finally turned the Volvo into the parking lot next to the building that housed her office.

After parking the Volvo and hurrying to the double doors at the front of the building I walked calmly into the lobby and headed for the elevator, flashing a quick smile at the young woman manning the desk as I passed. "Morning, Mr. Cullen," Jessica called, batting her eyelashes and smiling broadly in my direction. I pushed the button for the elevator and the doors opened I shot Jessica a quick wink over my shoulder as I stepped in causing her to blush and giggle like a school girl. Too damn easy, I chuckled to myself as the doors to the elevator slid shut. Hitting the button for the third floor I checked my watch. Ten minutes late; not too bad, better than the twenty minutes I'd been late last week. I turned and checked out my reflection in the mirror that took up the back wall of the elevator.

"Looking good, Cullen," I assured myself running a hand through my unruly bronze hair, giving it that sexy-messed-up look the ladies loved. I flashed myself my patented panty-dropping smirk before turning back to face the doors focusing on the task at hand-the imminent seduction of the beautiful Dr. Isabella Swan.

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