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Dean and Sam Winchester were driving down one of the many roads of America heading to anywhere that needed them or where they could find their father. While Dean was driving Sam was looking through their father's journal trying to figure out where he may be when Sam had come across a familiar name.

"Hey Dean," said Sam looking up from the book and at his brother. Dean glanced his way showing Sam she was listening. "Do you think Pastor Jim will know where dad is?"

"Pastor Jim?" Man he hasn't heard that name in a long time. "You think Melissa is still there?" Sam rolled his eyes thinking of the time they stayed at Pastor Jim's house and Dean had hooked up with his young daughter. Another heart broken by Dean Winchester. "Remember the huge crush she had on me?"

"And remember how you took the poor girls virginity and never called her back?"

Dean just made a face and rolled his eyes. "It's not a huge deal Sam. It's not like I raped the poor girl."

"But you used her to your advantaged."

"Whatever," he sighed, "you think he's seen dad?"

"Could always drive by and ask."

Dean nodded and made his way to Pastor Jims with memories playing in both Winchesters heads.

8 years ago

"Dad I don't understand why we can't just go with you this time or at least let me go with you." Eighteen year old Dean said to his father John.

"Dean we have been over this. I want you to stay and keep an eye on Sam. Now I don't want to hear another word about it! Jim is a good friend of mine and you will behave. Do you hear me?"

"Yeah I hear you." Dean said as he folded his arms as they pulled up to the house. "How long do we have to be here anyways?"

"Until I am done with the job. You boys behave and please stay out of trouble. I will call you in a few days." John said as he watched his young sons get out of the car. Dean and Sam stood there as they watched their father pull out of the drive way and head down the street.

When they turned around they saw Pastor Jim and his fifteen year old daughter Melissa walking out of the house and over to them. "Hey boys. Why don't you come inside and get settled in." he said and helped them with their bag. "Don't worry about John, he will be just fine." Jim said to them as they all walked inside.

"I will show you guys to your rooms." Melissa said and started to walk up the stairs in front of them. She was wearing a skirt and Dean couldn't help but look.

Sam saw what his brother was going and nudged Dean, "Stop it." He warned.

"I was just looking. Relax Sam."

"Dean, she is too young for you. Please don't screw this up." Sam whispered.

"I swear you are such a girl sometimes. Hell maybe you should man up and try to hit that."

Sam just rolled his eyes as he continued to follow Melissa to their room at the end of the hall. "Ok here you go. I hope you don't mind but you guys have to share a room. We don't really have a lot of space."

"This is great. Thank you." Sam said.

"I guess it will work. If it gets crowded I will just share with you." Dean winked at Melissa and walked into the room.

Melissa bit her lip as she watched him. He had to be the best good looking guy she had ever seen. "Oh…Ok well let me know if you need anything." She smiled at Dean.

"I will definitely let you know if you can do anything for me." Dean said as he flopped on the bed. Melissa gave him a smile as she walked out of the room and closed the door. She leaned against it and sighed as she thought about him. Was he flirting with her? This was going to be the best month of her life.

Sam walked over to Dean and threw the bag at him, "What the hell Sam?"

"What was that all about?"

"What? I was making her feel good about herself, relax." Dean said as he put his arms behind his head. "I have to do something for fun around here."

"She is fifteen Dean. Just leave her alone. If you mess around with her dad will kill you."

"I am not going to do anything. Jeez Sam stop worrying. There is nothing wrong with a little flirting. You saw her; she was practically undressing me with her eyes."

"Yeah, I am sure that is what she was doing. I am going to go and see if Jim needs help with anything."

"Have fun with that. I will be right here waiting on dad." Dean said and closed his eyes.

Sam sighed and walked out the door. He had a feeling Dean was going to do something to get them into trouble. He always did.

Once Sam was gone, Dean got off the bed and walked out of the room to check out the house. Just as he walked out Melissa was also coming out of her room. "Oh, hey Dean. Is everything ok?" she asked him with an innocent smiled.

Dean thought about what Sam had said and in Deans mind that was saying go get her. When he looked at her he knew she had to have been a virgin. Maybe this would give him something to work at. She seemed like a cool chick so why not? "I was actually coming to look for you. Do you want to take a walk or something?"

"Uh, well….I would love to." She smiled.

"Awesome. What are we waiting for then?" Dean said and they both headed down stairs and out the front door.

Two Weeks Later

Melissa was in the bathroom towel drying her hair with the other towel wrapped around her. She brushed her hair and scrunched it, giving her hair some waves. She brushed her bangs with her fingers and just waved at her reflection in the mirror rolling her eyes, she couldn't do anything with her hair. She sighed as she walked out and practically ran into Dean.

"Oh sorry," she said with a small smile on her face and a blush appearing on her cheeks when she realized she was wearing just a towel.

Dean's eyes scanned her body and smirked, "No problem, Mel. If I was a couple minutes sooner I may have been sorry."

Her cheeks burned at his response thinking if he was a couple minutes sooner she would have been embarrassed no man has ever seen her naked!

"Or not," he grinned at her and placed his hand on the wall as he boxed her in. She was up against the wall chewing on her bottom lip.

"Um, maybe I should go get changed."

"Oh no, don't even think about it…seriously." He sucked on his bottom lip his eyes landing back on the towel then connecting with her eyes, "You know I've been thinking the walk we took a couple weeks ago."

"Oh…really?" she swallowed hard looking down at the floor but Dean placed a hand under her chin and forced her to look at him and he had this huge grin on his face.

"Don't be shy Mel. It was great."

"It was? I mean…it was my first time and I thought I was bad…"

"No, no of course not…you learned from the master sweetheart." His thumb traced her bottom lip as he bit his and he looked at hers, "I was just wondering if I could get another taste?"

"Um…a taste?" he nodded as he leaned in before she could answer and kissed her. She closed her eyes and started to kiss him back.

Melissa felt Dean's tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth and his tongue went in playing with hers. She moaned quietly not to wake her father who was right down the hall. Dean's hands were in her as he closed the rest of the space between them trapping her between him and the wall making sure she wouldn't go anywhere.

Melissa felt this feeling stir deep in her stomach. She moaned again and felt his right hand move down her side. She jumped when he slightly cupped her breast and brushed her nipple with his thumb. She knew she should stop this. She whimpered and he smiled against her lips, "It's alright, Mel. Just go with it."

Dean's lips were back on hers, lustful and passionate. His hand moved down to the end of her towel and she felt his fingers touch her thigh and she jumped. He chuckled as his hand moved farther up her thigh.

"Dean…I think we should…"

"Just relax Mel. I won't hurt you."

He kissed her lips hungrily and she kissed him back. She should stop this. She grew up with the thought of her first time being with the man she loved and she was married. She felt his hand getting closer and she started to panic but she thought if she pushed him away he'd get mad.

"Dean, dad's on the…" Sam said and stopped seeing the scene in front of him.

They pulled apart breathing heavily and Dean dropped his hand to his side. Melissa swallowed hard and bit her thumb nail.

"The phone?" asked Dean.

Sam nodded glaring at Dean for what he was doing. Melissa quickly slipped away from Dean and walked to her bedroom. Dean glared at Sam as he grabbed the phone, "Hey dad…of course we're being good for Pastor Jim…who? Melissa? Oh yeah we're having plenty of fun with her. She's great." He winked at Sam and Sam just shook his head. What Dean was doing was wrong and he hoped he would figure that out.