Melissa walked into the living room just as her dad walked through the front door, "I was wondering when you would be home." Melissa said and greeted her father with a kiss on the cheek.

"Sorry I got wrapped up with a few things at the church." He said and hung his jacket on the rack.

"Well we have company." Melissa said just as she saw Dean and Sam walk back into the room. "You remember Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Of course. I thought I recognized that car in the driveway." Jim said and shook both their hands. "What brings you boys out this way?"

"How are you, Jim?" Sam smile.

"I can't complain." He smiled.

"We came because we were wondering if you have seen or spoken to our dad?" Dean said.

Jim nodded. He had a feeling that is what they were there for. "Yes I have. I haven't seen him but I talked to him a few days ago."

Dean and Sam looked at each other and then back at Jim, "Where is he?" Dean asked.

"He never would say. He calls about once a week to get some information on different things. That's about all."

"So you talk to him once a week?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. I'm guessing you guys aren't in contact with him as much these days."

"No. He's not answering his phone." Dean said.

"I see. Well let's go into the living room where we can talk about a few things." Jim said and turned to his daughter, "Why don't you go finish lunch and we will be right in."

"Ok." She smiled.

She stood there and watched as Sam followed her father over to the couch. When she turned she was face to face with Dean and he had a smile on his face as he looked her over, "Let me know if I can give you a hand. I think you liked it last time." He said, licking his lips.

"I was young and stupid." Melissa said, "I can handle it myself thanks."

"We'll see about that." Dean said.

Melissa rolled her eyes and walked around him. She just hoped they got the information they needed so they could get out of here and fast.

"Have a seat." Jim said as he sat down in his recliner and Sam and Dean sat on the couch across from him. "So how have you boys been?"

"You know…just trying to stay alive." Sam said.

"I heard about the unfortunate loss of your girlfriend. John told me. If you need to talk I am here to listen." Jim said. Talking people through their troubles was what he job was mainly about.

"Thanks but I'm fine." Sam said. "What can you tell us about our dad?"

"Not much I'm afraid. He calls and we exchange pleasantries and I tell him if I got wind of…" Jim started but then stopped.

"Of what?" Dean asked.

"Listen guys I'm not sure what all your dad told you and I am not sure if I am saying too much here but you do know your father is after the demon that killed your mother?"

"We figured. That's what he has been after all our lives." Sam said.

"Yeah well that is what he's doing and I'm sure he has his reason for not contacting you. I wish I could tell you more but I really don't know a lot that can help you." Jim said.

"Do you think he will call back?" Dean asked.

"There is a chance he could. I mean I have been writing down a few omens and things like that. Like I said he calls every few days."

"Then do you mind if we hang out here and see if he calls?" Sam said. "We would really like to hear from him."

"Of course. Stay as long as you like but I may put you boys to work." Jim smiled, "But we are always happy to have you in our home."

"Thank you." Sam said. "We promise not to be in the way."

"Nonsense. You make yourself at home." Jim smiled.

"Lunch is ready." Melissa called out from the dinning room.

"You boys hungry?" Jim asked as he got up from his chair.

"I could defiantly eat something." Dean said as he looked over and saw Melissa setting the table for them all. She was something else and he was going to have her again.

Dean and Sam followed Jim into the dining room and Dean took a seat next to Melissa and winked at her. "Hope you weren't saving this seat."

"Not at all. You are welcome to sit wherever you want." She said and moved her chair away from him a little.

Once everyone was seated, Jim grabbed his daughters hand. "Shall we say grace?"

"Please." Sam said and they bowed their heads.

Dean had an eye open and he looked over at Melissa who had her eyes closed. His hand slowly moved on her leg and she jerked it away from him as her father finished the blessing. "Amen."

"Thank you, daddy." Melissa said and looked over at Dean and whispered, "Stop it." And Dean just shrugged innocently.

"So Dean tell me…other than looking for John what have you boys been doing?" Jim asked and took a bite of his freshly made salad.

"Oh you know…same as always. Hunting down evil sons of…." Dean stopped himself when he saw Sam's shake his head, "Uh bad people. You know how it is."

"Well I'm sure you boys are following in your father's footstep. I can't thank you enough for that. The world is a lot less scary when you know that there are people out there like you watching over us. God bless you both."

"Well we do what we can.' Dean said and looked over at Melissa, "So what about you?" he asked her. "What have you been doing over the years?"

"Nothing." Melissa said and looked away.

"Oh don't be modest. Melissa here is three classes away from having her degree and she runs the daycare at church. I am very proud of her."

"I'm sure you are." Dean smiled.

When Jim looked over to Sam and started talking, Dean snuck his hand under the table and touched her leg and moved his hand up her inner thigh and Melissa felt her body begin to shake. She remembered the sinful feelings Dean gave her and she had to get away from the temptation and fast.

She stood up and turned to her dad, "May I be excused? I have a little headache."

"Sure honey. Go take a nap and if you don't mind make sure the guest room is made up."

"Why? If I may ask?"

"Dean and Sam will be joining us for a few days."

Melissa looked at Dean and he winked at her again. She knew what was going on in his dirty mind but he was not going to get to her this time. No way was she ever going down that road again. It was wrong and she was a good girl so he would have to find someone else to make a move on.

"Sure. I will do that now." She said and headed upstairs. Dean turned to watch her walk away and Sam kicked him under the table.

Dean just smiled. He was going to get to her but he had to wait until they were alone. He knew what buttons to push to make her break. He loved a good chase after all.


Melissa was sitting on the couch next to the fireplace reading a book for her class when she heard the stairs behind her let out a creek. She looked over her shoulder and rolled her eyes seeing Dean before going back to her book.

"Hey Melissa," he said as he hopped over the couch and landed next to her.

"Hi," she said and continued reading.

Dean had his arm over the couch as he looked over to see what she was reading, "Whatcha reading?"

"A book."

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes, "Obviously, what is it?"

"Like you really want to know." Her eyes stayed on the book because she knew if she looked at his handsome face she would be sucked in again.

"Fine." He looked her up and down biting his bottom lip. She was wearing a man's flannel and he was pretty sure nothing else but panties.

Dean looked at the fireplace going and smirked knowing he could use this "romantic" setting to his advantage. He moved closer to her and ran his nose over her ear. Melissa kept her eyes on the book in front of her but her mind had wandered to Dean barely touching her. She heard him sniff her hair and groan in her ear.

Keep your eyes on the book. Keep your eyes on the book. Ignore him Melissa you can do this.

Dean placed his hand on her thigh making her jump in surprise and he bit his lip knowing she was now paying attention to what he was doing.

"You look so sexy in the light of the fire," he whispered in her ear, "Makes me want to do things to you that are illegal in this part of the state," his hand moved higher up her thigh and he felt a slight shiver move through her making him smile, "The things I want to do to you now that I wasn't able to do to you before…fuck, Melissa you make my cock ache for you. It's straining right up against the fabric of my boxers. It wants you as much as I want you. I want to pound your little sweet pussy…"

Dean continued to whisper in her ear as his hand began to separate her thighs and it went higher.

Melissa slammed her book shut and stood up, "You stay away from me."

"Now is that a way to treat a guest. I remember you being so grateful to please me before." He grinned, "Like a good little girl."

"You used me back then Dean. You knew how naive I was and I was young. You will never be able to get into my bed again."

"We'll see sweetheart." He winked at her.

Melissa shook her head as she walked around the couch and up the stairs. Dean smirked as he tilted his head getting a view as she walked up the stairs.

Sam walked into the living room with a glass of water in his hand after hearing Melissa yelling at Dean. He had a smirk on his face, "Not going to well?"

"It's just one day, tomorrow will be a different story. Trust me," said Dean with a smile on his face. He was going to win the bet and get laid. It's a win win situation in Dean's mind.