A/N: This cross-over are three classic stories that are melted and weaved into each other, and the Winchester boys have to live through Bastian, as he reads his book of the Grimm Brother's fairy tales. When its written in normal its Dean and Sam in the real world, or thoughts that they have back to the real world. Bastian will be written in kursiv, so you will know when he is doing and acting, and when its bold, it will be what Batian reads from the book, and that the Winchester brothers go through in every story.

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Snow White and Snow Black!

Dean kicked in the door, he had his sawed of with him, and ran inside, he gestured to Sam to follow him, and he did. They had been working this case for weeks, people vanished inside the book store, and were never heard of again. They split up, as they could cover more ground that way. They walked around, both armed with holy water, an EMP, guns and rock-salt. They really had no idea, what it was, that this book store hid from them, however the body count, or more the lack of bodies, confused them.

Sam heard Dean whisper, but he couldn't make out the words. Something hit the ground, and it got quiet. Sam looked around, when he realized, that it was too quiet. He looked over his shoulder, as he called out for Dean. There was no answer, which made Sam nervous. He called out once more, a little louder. However there still was no answer. As he came round a corner, he saw a book on the floor, it was an old books, with old drawings. At first, it looked like any second hand book, in any book store.

However when Sam knelt down, to take a closer look, with the flashlight on the drawing, he felt his skin crawl, and the shivers running down his spine. There in the middle of the drawing, was Dean. Sam didn't believe, what he had seen, he grabbed the book, to take a closer look. All there was heard, in the book store, was the sound of a book, that hit the floor. The lights where out, and the book store was empty.

They were after him again, Bastian ran from the tormentors, from his school, the bullies where after him every day. He hated it, everything had changed, after his mothers death. He ran around the corner, knowing that he should avoid the alleys. As he had been put in a dumpster, more than once by them, he knew that he needed, to find a place, where he could stay hidden, till it was safe to go outside again. He ran around a corner, and saw the book store.

Mr. Koreander Bookstore.

Bastian ran behind the aisles of book shelves, and hiding the far corner on the left. He saw a book, on the floor, and stepped over it, he looked at the page, there was a picture, that looked like it had been drawn, for only this book. He looked at it, he was alone, and he was cold, he knew he had to stay indoors, he picked up the big old book, as he closed it, and looked at the cover. The Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, special Edition. Bastian, had heard of them, even knew a few of them. Bastian grabbed the book, and found his pocket money.

He walked up to the counter, and rang the bell, as a grumpy old cleric came out from a room far behind. Bastian looked at the man that looked upset and angry, when he saw the book, he told Bastian, that some books where better left alone. However he paid the man, and ran outside, making sure, that the bullies weren't around. He looked around both corners, and there was no one in sight. Bastian walked outside, but soon found out, he had gotten straight into a trap. He ran as fast as he could, and finally lost them in the park, behind the school.

He ran into the unlocked school, and ran up on the attic, where he had been hiding, for a numerous times, with different books, he would stay there, till the dark came, it was winter, and it would get dark fast. He even had candles and even a flash light. He pulled the blanket and sat comfortably. He took the book, and opened up the book, the front page had written, that this was the only book, in existences. Bastian let his fingers, slide over the books cover, as he turned the page, the name Sarah Good, year 1692, Salem's Lot.

Bastian knew the name, however he could not remember, where and why, he shrugged and started on the first page, the first story. The story of Snow White, and Snow Black? Something was wrong Bastian had never heard of Snow Black, and he had watched the cartoons, and heard the books, when he was younger, there had never been a Snow Black. This made him wonder, what kind of special edition, he had gotten his hands on. So he turned the page and started to read the story.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, where two princesses lived, their mother had died, and their father, had taken a new wife. However they didn't get along. One day a hunter was summoned, to the Queens court, and he was told, to kill both girls. He took both Snow White, and Snow Black out to the forest, where he looked, at the girls, he took a riffle, and pointed at the girls, before he changed his mind, and told them to run, run and never come back. Both girls ran for cover, and soon they where in parts of the forest, where neither had ever been before. They ran into a meadow, where they both fell and cried.

Well, not both. Snow White was shattered, her long brown locks and her green eyes, were filled with tears. Snow Black had sandy hair, and freckles, her eyes were green too. However she wasn't crying, she was giggling, she was finally free. They both got up, and walked through the meadow, where at the end, was a little house. It was dirty and messy, and Snow White started to clean the place, however Snow Black sat down, with a beer and a burger. Wait what? Snow Black looked at her sister, and told her to relax, they had to salt the windows and doors. Snow Black got up and scratched her groin. What is this? I have never heard or read this version, Bastian thought to himself, he closed the book and read the cover once more. There was something wrong here, however he had never, backed away from a book before, not even the never ending story.

Snow White sulked, as she had puppy eyes, her face was on huge pout. She sulked and mumbled, "Jerk", her sister replied "Bitch". They looked at the place, as Snow Black started to salt the floors, Snow White started to yell, she had just cleaned the floors, and now her sister, where messing them up again. When it got dark, Snow White made food, and in came seven dwarfs. They looked at the girls, Snow Black sat on a chair, with her feet on the table, as she was stuffing her face with pie. Snow White looked at the dwarfs, and looked confused, it was like she knew this, yet there was something of. Snow Black was scratching her stubble's, and looked at Snow White."Wait one second, am I a girl? Hell no, I don't swing that way! Sammy tell me, what is going on. This dress is really killing me, and don't get me started on the high heels." Sam looked at Dean and rolled his eyes.

Snow White looked at her sister, and narrowed her eyes. She rubbed her hair, and shrieked like a girl, well she was a girl. Her long hair, was itchy like it had fleas. However when she scratched it, her wig fell of, and another shriek was heard. This time it was all, in the little house. Snow White started to cry, and mumbled something, about chemo therapy. Snow Black slammed her hand, into her face, this was so far out for all of them. Dopey and Sleepy, backed away as if they were slightly spooked. Grumpy and Doc looked at both girls, with some skepticism. They had their hatches ready, if there was any danger. Sneezy and Bashful smiled, and sat at the table, and started to eat. Happy saw the food, and sat beside Snow Black and popped a beer.

They all had a blast of that night, dancing and singing, and Bashful hit on Snow Black, and got himself a black eye. However the next day, all of the dwarfs went to the mine. Working all day, while the two princesses stayed at home. Of course the dwarfs where slightly spooked, by the two princesses. The night before, when they had gone to bed, the two princesses had taken of their clothes, and Grumpy swore, that both had hair on their chests. The dwarfs had taken turns, in staying up, and keeping guard.

Outside the little hut, where an apple tree, both Snow White and Snow Black argued about who was to eat the apple. In the end, Snow White took an apple, and took a bite, the only thing that happened, was the face that Snow White, made when the sourness hit her, meanwhile Snow Black was eating a pie, and they never noticed that it was apple pie. Snow Black passed out, and Snow White screamed. "Dean wake up, please wake up." Snow White ran to back to the hut, and there in the middle was a large mirror. He looked at it, and the hut was empty. Dean? wasn't this Snow Black? Bastian looked at the book, the story it self didn't make sense, and it didn't help that the two princesses where slightly butch, even in the drawings. The dwarfs came back that night, and saw Snow Black passed out, and in the middle of their living room, was a human sized mirror, and in it, was Snow White trapped. She screamed, but not a sound was made.

The dwarfs made a coffin, for Snow Black, as they mourned her. The mirror was left in a corner, covered with a sheet, so they didn't have to, see Snow White scream, in the Mirror. A winter and a summer passed, the dwarfs took turns, in keeping the coffin safe and clean. Then one day a prince came, on his white horse. He jumped of the horse, and walked to the coffin. He shattered the glass, and scooped up Snow Black. The second his lips touched, Snow Black screamed, and slapped the prince in the face. "I don't swing that way, you hear me? Beside I am not that cheap, even if I was." The prince looked surprise, at the princesses. He rubbed his cheek, and shook his head. As he was told, that there was another princesses.

However getting her out of the mirror, proved to be more difficult, than the prince had expected. The princesses knocked on the mirror, and said "Seven years of bad luck, have fun Sammie." The prince looked at her, asking her if she had any idea, what to do. The blank stare he got in return, made blush and apologize. The prince, walked around the mirror, as Snow Black cursed, and grabbed a new beer. She looked at Happy, that showered her with kisses, until Snow Black cursed him, and threatened him, with a kick in the groin, and grab a hold of him, with a force that only men had. However they had to figure out, how to get Snow White, out of the mirror. However they both agreed, that smashing the mirror, would not be the way.

Snow Black looked at the prince, as she realized, that she had grown a beard. Quite a long one too, her hair was long, and it was all wrong. She sniffled and looked away. As she never cried. "Seriously dude? You are making me sound like a girl!" "It's not me, its written in the book." "Which book?" "The Fairy tales, of the Brothers Grimm, special Edition." "Brothers Grimm?" "Yeah they wrote Snow White, but for some reason, this book is different." "This is making my head hurt, do you have an idea, how I get my little brother, out of the stupid mirror?" "Haven't you ever read, or heard Snow White?" "Do I look Gay?" "Excuse me?" "Never mind, do you know the original story then?" "Yes I do, you were awoke from the princes kiss. The fairy tale ends with you lived happily ever after. So there is something wrong, I just don't know, what is wrong, there aren't supposed to be a Snow Black." "Black, is because I am cool and adorable." "Right. So the mirror answers questions." "Fair enough, hey mirror, give me back my little brother." "It doesn't work like that, you are supposed to say, mirror mirror on the wall, then ask." "Really are you kidding me?" "No, I am not Snow Black." "Its Dean kiddo." "Dean just ask it." "Okay okay, don't stress me. Mirror mirror on the wall, give me my fucking brother back."

Out of the mirror Snow White was thrown out, as she hit a table it broke and she cursed. "Snow Black, really black? What ever, there is a child, trapped in the mirror, we need to get her out now!". Snow Black aka Dean looked at the mirror, "Mirror mirror on the wall, gives us the girl in the mirror now!" Out of the mirror, came the right Snow White, the Prince grabbed her, kissed her, and they ran of happily ever after. However the two brothers, were still stuck in the book. All they could do, was break the mirror, and they never saw, that when the mirror was broken, that a girl emerged beside Bastian. All they could do, was wait for the page to be turned, and the next story to begin.

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