A/N: Dean and Sam are stuck in a cursed book, Bastian is their helper and reader of the books, together they will have to free those who are trapped in the book. So far they have rescued two children. Like previous chapters Dean and Sam will have to live the fairytale even if its not like the ones they know.

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Hansel & Gretel!

Once upon a time, hey it got the start right this time, maybe it will be the right story. There was a boy and a girl. They were named Hansel and Gretel. They lived in a small village, one day they wanted to go and play in the woods. Something is off. "What do you mean Bastian?" Gretel asked. Hansel was laughing so hard at her dress that he almost pee'd in his pants. Sam looked down at his dress. Before looking at Hansel. The dress that Hansel was in, did absolutely nothing for Dean, however he was still smug over Sam's dress.

"Are you two done?" "Just keep reading kiddo." So they left the village and went into the forest, where they played. However they left the path and to make sure they could find hteir way home Hansel laid a breadcrumb trail. "See I am the smart one and responsible one." Hansel smirked. Only to see Gretel roll her eyes, and just shake her head. Clearly Hansel had forgotten birds ate breadcrumbs. Soon they were deep in the forest. However when they wanted to go back home the breadcrumbs were gone. "See.." Gretel was smug, and Hansel was pouting.

There were no bead crumbs and no way to get back home. For hours the siblings walked the forest until they found house made of cake and confetti. They looked at each other, before Hansel pouted about the house not being made of pie. They looked at the house, and outside was a bunny made of chocolate. "I bet its a witch that lives here." Gretel looked at her brother. "What makes you think that?" Hansel pointed at the bunny. "Always a bunny. Bitches need to be taken down, so what do we do?"

Gretel just shook her head, or was it his? Bastian looked at the book, was the book confused? What was going on, and where was the change. So far Bastian had not encountered it. Could he be remembering something wrong? As Hansel and Gretel walked closer to get something to eat, they walked straight into the garden. They were both hungry and started to eat the house. "i would if it was made out of pie!" Suddenly everything was out of focus, nothing was sharp, when everything turned about into focus, the house was made of Pie. "Its pie Sammy!" Gretel rolled her eyes.

Hansel attacked the house, and filled his mouth so much he couldn't even close it when he chewed. "Who is eating my house?" A midget old hag came out of the house and Hansel almost choked on the pie in his mouth when he saw her. He tried to stop but he just couldn't. Gretel looked offended at Hansel and just apologized to the midget. However she didn't mind once she looked at Hansel. She invited them in with promises of more warm pie inside. It didn't take Hansel long to convince Gretel, with the help of Bastian.

When Hansel and Gretel were full, they got tired. Before they even knew it, they were locked up in two cages. When Hansel woke up he was confused, how had the midget gotten him into this cage. He was a fully grown, wait that's right. He was a kid. Just great, like going through puberty hadn't been bad enough the first time. When Gretel woke up, she just sat in a corner pouting. "I told you this would happen," "No you didn't. Besides she had pie!" Like that was excuse enough. However Gretel was having one of her monthly days. She just stayed in the corner pouting.

Every day the witch came to their cages and wanted to feel their fingers. Everyday she cackled as she walked away and made more pie. After a while Hansel started to gain a lot of weight. "Hey Bastian be careful I am not fat!" "Of course not Dean, just look at yourself." "Damn what happened?" "You have been living of pie, what did you think would happen?" "Hey collage-boy shut up." Gretel just pouted even more and turned her back to Hansel. She refused to talk to him for the rest of the day, clearly it was that time of the month. However after a while the stick didn't work. Maybe the witch had checked them out in their sleep.

No matter how, she one day turned on the oven, and Hansel as bouncing in his cage, ready for more pies. However the witch grabbed her largest cauldron and placed it over the oven. She had invited her sisters over for dinner, as it had been a long time since they had met. "Wait what? Sisters?" The witch pulled both Hansel and Gretel out of the cages, and got ready to put them in the cauldron. She would make an awesome stew out of them. "Wait, she was supposed to bake us." "Come on Sammy... I mean could you be anymore gay? Where do you know this from?" Gretel just rolled her eyes again and wondered how they would get the witch into the oven to get free, furthermore how where they supposed to get away if there were more witches on the way?

"Do you have any ideas Bastian?" There was no answer, as the front door opened. In walked the most repulsive witches both Winchesters had ever seen. With them there was a girl, just as fat as Dean and she was already ready for the oven. An apple was in her mouth and she looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here. Which was something the brothers could agree on. However the girl could not fit in the oven. So all three witches tried to show her how much place there was.

Hansel and Gretel, better known as Dean and Sam, rushed to the oven and pushed all the three witches into the oven and closed it. After 10 minutes, changing their clothes a bell was heard, letting them know that the oven was done. Dean could not resist to open the oven and there were three pies. Dean looked over his shoulder where Sam was talking to the girl, trying to find out how to get her out of the book. Dean grabbed the pies and hid them in his jacket. The end.

"Seriously Dean that is gross. You're gonna eat the witches?" "Why not? Just don't tell Sammy, he is on that time of the month." "What ever you say Dean, if you can sleep at night, then fine by me." "Hey they were about to eat us." As Hansel and Gretel and the unknown girl left the house made of pie. As they left the garden the girl disappeared. "So I guess that its the end now, as the girl is here." "Guess so. Goodnight Bastian."

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