"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

However, little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighborhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered the rightful property of someone or other of their daughters."

Prologue: In the year 1847, Phineas Nigellus Black became headmaster of Hogwarts, a year after which, the class of 1855 came to Hogwarts with a whirl of gossip. Word had spread that James Potter of Derbyshire had come to Hogwarts, bringing with him an incredible fortune that was coveted by each and every pure blooded female in the school, including the seventh years.

He was a trouble maker of sorts, arrogant, conceited. He knew where he ranked among the masses, and that was at the very top. Almost right away, during the start of the year feast, he became friends with Sirius Black, grandson of the Headmaster, and pureblood, though not with as much wealth as James. After first year, James and Sirius had acquired two new close friends, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. It was that same year they discovered Lupin's secret Lycanthropy, and endeavored to help him every month. You see, despite outward appearances, James was incredibly passionate and loyal. He would do anything for his friends, and as of yet unbeknownst to him, for the love of one certain female.

Two months before the term of 1848 began, Lilian, or 'Lily' Evans had received a letter in a peculiar sort of way while alone in her family's sitting room. Terrified out of her wits, with shaking hands she opened a letter that informed her she had been accepted to a place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and that a representative would be by her home to explain more to her.

From then on, she became part of a world that went against all her beliefs in God and propriety and her sense of right and wrong. It was a place where boys and girls shared rooms and homes, slept nearby each other, and were all around disrespectful. The world itself was incredibly improper, too personal, and all around obnoxious for the muggle world, but the adventurous Lily loved it. Women had status, though still not much. They could attend school and have a job. It wasn't so much a man's world, though there wasn't much expected of the women as it was.

Her classes would include Charms (starting at fifth year, charms class was separated into men and women. The women learned housework charms, men learned more utility charms,) Defense Against the Dark Arts, (which was considered a male area, but women took it as it was unfortunately necessary for one to know how to defend themselves in this world,) Herbology, Transfiguration (again, segregates at year five,) and Astronomy, Ancient Runes (Lily was the only female in that class.)

Although it contradicted everything she had known the first eleven years of her life, eventually she became used to the atmosphere, awed by the beauty her talent and others' could bring. She was not impressed by the likes of James Potter or Sirius Black, however, and wanted nothing to do with them.

And so was the story as the class of 1855 entered their seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Lily barley remembered her old self, but embraced the new, witch Lily happily. She was well known for her fiery red hair, bright green eyes, proud temper, and utmost loathing for James Potter, who she argued with to no end.

It was their seventh year, and everything changed.

P R I D E & P R E J U D I C E

Of James Potter and Lily Evans

"Hello my dear Lily, how was your summer?" Elizabeth asked Lily as they greeted each other in the Entrance Hall. They walked into the Great Hall together, arm in arm as they shared storied. Lily recounted her sister's latest scandal and her mother's continued indifference to her 'awful, sinner of a daughter.' Visiting home was always hardest for Lily, and she did not regret entering the Wizarding world once more.

As usual, the Great Hall's ceiling shined with the night stars, candles floated in the air lazily as they bathed the hall in flickering light. The four house tables filled with students as they awaited the sorting ceremony. Beneath her custom black robes, Lily wore a daring scarlet dress that clashed amazingly with her hair, but matched their school colors. It was adorned with golden beads and a golden sash that accentuated her small waistline. It took her all of her summer's pin money to save for the dress, and another that she would wear to the Yule Ball in December. It trailed about a foot behind her, but made no noise.

As she walked into the hall with her friend, she glanced around to see who had yet to arrive, when she saw James Potter watching her move through the threshold. His eyes met hers, and for a moment they stared at each other, then he quickly looked away, running a hand through his hair and engaging Sirius Black in a conversation.

Blushing, she did the same with Elizabeth.


"He just inherited his parent's estate."

"I hear he has ten thousand a year."

"He's so handsome…."

"Perhaps I could be the next Mrs. James Potter,"

"Ten thousand a year."

Lily scoffed at the fifth year girls as she walked by, rummaging through her bag for her Charms book. Today, the first day of classes, her attire was significantly more casual than the previous nights. She wore the school regulation dress, light grey of a simple yet flattering design, at least on Lily. Over it she wore, as was also school regulation, black robes baring her house crest, with a scarlet hood.

Her hair had been simply weaved and pinned atop her head by the Gryffindor resident house elf, with a few hairs that had escaped in the long hours since it had been done. It was bright red as ever, always attracting stares from the men. She knew she was of age, and as soon as she left Hogwarts she would be required to find a husband, and she knew that every single man in the school had to consider his options. She did not understand that, despite her lack of fortune, she was at the top of many a suitors' list.

"I believe you were looking for this, Lily," a smooth voice said from behind her. She turned around quickly to see the very object of the fifth years' gossip standing there, holding out the very charms book she had apparently left behind in class. His glasses were slightly askew, his posture was rigidly strait, and his uniform clothes were made of the best material money could buy. He also seemed completely oblivious to the girls behind him, who were failing in their attempt to stop their giggles.

She took the book and bobbed her head quickly. "I thank you, Mr. Potter."

He cracked a smile. "You are no longer in the muggle world Lily, you need not be so stuffy and formal."

She almost smiled back at him, almost. Instead she put the book into her bag, thanked him once more, and then set off towards the Great Hall.

She heard him following her, and she took a deep breath to steady her already rising temper. He had done nothing but return her lost book, and he was still able to cause such a strong reaction in her.

"May I accompany you to dinner Miss Lily?" He asked, not at all sounding like it was a question. He came up beside her, hands clasped behind his back, and the ever present smirk present.

Lily sighed. "It seems I have no option, as we are both going to the same place. But—" she said, as he had grabbed her elbow as if to tuck her arm into his own. She pulled it back much more violently then she had intended, "I would appreciate it if you kept your distance."

His smirk was a full smile now, but he adhered to her requested, and merely hummed along side her, standing much closer than necessary. She swept the loose strands of hair away from her eyes and sighed, staring ahead of her with the single minded purpose of making it to dinner without hexing James Potter.

It was all he could do to not stare to his left, but instead followed her lead at looking only forward.


"Not again Prongs," Sirius sighed exasperatedly, lying on his back and tossing a quaffle repeatedly into the air as the man in question entered the dorm after dinner.

James sat onto his bed and started removing his boots. "Be more specific Padfoot, there are a lot of things I did today that could be considered 'again,' such as going to class, using the loo, or hexing Sn—"

"I was referring to your association with the muggle born, Lily Evans. She's below you, mate. Not a good match in your parents' eyes, not that I care much. In fact, I love to spite my parents, so maybe I'll make her an offer and—"

"Pad," James warned, and his friend stopped with a snicker at his mate's expression. James shook his head, and leaned into his magically expanded trunk to search for his invisibility cloak.

The quaffle landed into Sirius's hands one last time, and never went back into the air. Instead, he sat forward, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and looked at James seriously. "All I'm saying is that you and I both know you fancy her, and you and I both know it can never—"

"I don't fancy Lily Evans," James said slowly. "If you must know, I merely find her intriguing and witty, nothing more."

"If you say so. But you've found her 'intriguing and witty' for the better part of our Hogwarts career. You watch her all the time—"

"Do not—"

"—and unless you want your dear old mum to have a heart attack, I'd stay away from her."

"How is it," James muttered, "That you instantly think my interest in Lily Evans immediately implies love, and therefore we shall wed? Honestly Padfoot, you've gone officially mental. If you insist on believing this, keep it to yourself." And he threw on the invisibility cloak.

"Where are you going?" Sirius asked interestedly.

"To see if my hex on the Slytherin common-room entrance worked."

Sirius jumped off of the bed. "I'm coming then, Prongs! I want to see their faces when their arms turn to snakes!" In a moment both the men had disappeared, the door opened and shut seemingly on its own, leaving the seventh year boy's dorm quiet and empty.

A/N: So this was an idea I had, to mesh together two of my favorite couples ever, Lily and James, and Darcy and Lizzie, because their stories are so similar. But its kind of an odd situation, and I had to create a time period similar to Pride and Prejudice, but at the same time slightly modernize the Wizarding world to fit James and Lily. Its confusing to me, so I'm sure it will be for others.

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