A/N: This is my Christmas fic written for the Chit Chat on Author's Corner Gift Exchange, and I am writing it for Someone Aka Me.

My pairing is Morgan/Garcia, and the items to include are: Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town (Reliant K), a snow dog, stockings, an ugly Christmas sweater.

The story must also be T or below, given the young age of the recipient :)

There's a bit of angst first, never you worry, there will be a HEA :)

My aim is to post one chapter a day, although I can almost guarantee the entire story won't be posted by Christmas, for which I apologize profusely, some petty health problems have put me very, very behind on schedule and the last thing I had in mind were the holidays for a while there.

Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy the story :)

Standing in front of her office for the third time that day, Morgan still hesitated. Just like this morning and then after lunch, he'd raised his hand, halted mid-movement, and ran it over his face instead, his shoulders slumped a little. And for the third time, he turned around without knocking, at this point he didn't even care about the curious looks he was receiving from other agents passing by.

What he was living was far, far worse than any remark anyone could make. He was at a loss, and he didn't like one minute of it, because the longer this situation went unfixed, the more he felt disheveled. Sighing, he took a look at his watch and then took off, approaching his new destination with determined steps. This time, he knocked swiftly, and didn't even wait for a "come in" before bursting inside.

"Morgan, I'm really bu-," JJ complained, but something about the haunted look on his face quietened her mid-sentence.

"JJ, do you know what's wrong with her?" Morgan sounded slightly desperate, an attitude nobody at the BAU had ever witnessed, not even when he was falsely accused of murdering three boys.

"I'm not sure," JJ shook her head sadly, knowing immediately whom he was talking about. Only one person had that effect on the man in front of her. She gestured at the seat in front of her desk, and he quickly closed the door before sitting down. Maybe, together, they could solve this riddle.

"She hasn't spoken to me in three weeks," he said softly, his worry evident. They hardly ever fought. He remembered two occasions, just before she had been shot by her date and when he had become too involved with a victim's sister. She had barely acknowledged him for a while then, but this time he couldn't even think of anything which might've caused her behavior.

"She blew off lunch with Emily and me twice now, we normally do that every week and she just sent us a message, didn't even call, to tell us she couldn't make it," JJ agreed.

"She hasn't been in the break room either. She brings in her lunch and keeps it in her office. And her door is locked," Morgan observed. "Something is definitely wrong."

"We just need to figure out what happened three weeks ago," JJ nodded.

"An anniversary of some kind?" he mused, racking his brain for any clue, "She usually loves the holidays. Last year she put up so many decorations logistics complained about the electricity bill."

"She hasn't even worn a festive sweater this season," JJ remarked, "Anderson wished her Happy Holidays before his leave and she nearly cried."

"Kevin?" Morgan reluctantly asked, he didn't like the man his best friend was dating and the feeling was mutual, but if he could help...

"Last I heard he... asked her to marry him," JJ carefully informed him, she knew that was probably news; her suspicion was confirmed when he gasped and she saw him pale. The thought was making his stomach lurch, but he quickly regained his composure.

"She must've been over the moon," he remarked dryly, not entirely capable of masking his feelings on the subject.

"I don't know," JJ shrugged, "She never talked about it to me. I only know because Kevin asked me to invite her for the afternoon so he could decorate her apartment."

"She's not wearing a ring," Morgen remarked, secretly relieved, "I'm going to talk to her."

=~==The Profiler Who Saved Christmas==~=

"Fourth time's a charm," Derek thought, as he stood once more in front of Penelope Garcia's office door. He scowled at a snickering Anderson, ignored the curious looks, and finally knocked on her door, hoping she would hear him through the music she was playing at a volume simply indecent for an FBI office. He cringed when he recognized the song, Penelope only played punk when she was really mad, or upset, and somehow, he suspected it was both.

Unless something drastic happens fast,
Say hello to the ghost of Christmas past.
Because, Rudolph's puking boughs of holly!
Old Saint Nick ain't all that jolly.

The lyrics of Reliant K's "Santa Clause is Thumbing to Town" told him everything he needed to know about her sudden reluctance to participate in the holiday cheer, and he shook his head. Whoever did this, would pay for it. She was usually the light of the party, the force everyone relied upon during the darkest day of the year, the bringer of cheer and jolly … and now she was listening to what he could only qualify as bad music and locking herself up, isolating herself from the team, and most importantly, from him. This had to change. Suddenly determined, Derek banged the door three times in rapid succession, hoping to attract her attention. He'd call, but she was only picking up her phone when it was Hotch or Rossi calling, and they already assured him he was on his own, they didn't want to piss her off even more.

"Baby girl," he yelled over the music, "Open this door or I'm kicking it in!"

He heard the familiar sound of her chair being rolled away from her desk, an his heart started beating faster as he heard her turn the music down. Second later, the door flew open, and he was greeted by a scowling Garcia.

"What is it, Morgan," she snapped, obviously upset about being disturbed. He took the time to take a good look at her before he answered, and he didn't like what he saw at all. In front of him stood Penelope, that at least he was sure of, but gone were her colourful clothes and sparkly accessories. She'd look all business if she didn't look slightly frumpy, and that was another thing which didn't add up for him. If anything, she was always dressed impeccably. The dark bags under her eyes sealed it for him: something was wrong, something was very, very wrong.

"Penelope," he said softly, well aware of everyone's eyes on him, "Can I come in?"

She shook her head, slowly getting back into her office, but instead of letting her go this time he stood his ground. He took her by the arm, turning her to face him again, and he looked her deep in the eyes, trying to appeal to the years of friendship between them.

"Please?" he pleaded, and this time, she nodded and stepped aside to let him in.

A/N: ch. 1 contained the song. Let's see where the rest of the prompts fit in … I know it's a bit angsty, but really, it's just build up to them :) Now, on with the show?