Author's note: Hi~! This mini-series is dedicated to the wonderful Kagamine Twins and the pairings that I think goes with each twin! First up, is Len and Miku in a pairing!

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The blonde groaned. From under his blanket, he extended an arm toward his loudly ringing handphone, seated across his bed on his drawer. His bad mood instantly vanished when he realised who it was who was calling him : Miku.

"Hi Miku!" Though it was impossible, and Len knew it, he still hoped she had called to ask him out on a date.

"Oh, hey Len!" Her sweet voice came through his phone. "Guess what? I got a date with Ted! All my other dates were complete failures, but this one's gonna be great. I can just tell!"

All earlier hopes Len had of a date were crushed, put through a blender, and then crushed some more. Damn that Miku, couldn't she see he was head over sneaker soles in love with her?

"Um... Kay..." Len said slowly, unsure if this was reality or if he was still dreaming. "Anything else you wanted to tell me?" He added on with a glimmer of hope.

Miku pondered for a moment, then cheerily said, "Nope, bye!" before hanging up.

"That was Miku again, huh?" Len's twin sister, Rin asked from the doorway. Somewhere during the phone conversation, she had gotten up, got dressed, and watched him get his heart broken by the oblivious Miku.

Len nodded at her before letting his body drop back onto his bed. The bedroom was yellow, and half of the walls were covered in paper bananas, the other half covered in paper oranges. Len's side of the room, which was the banana side, was very neat, and was near the window. Rin's side of the room, which was the orange side, was messy, covered into pictures of her beloved roadroller, and near the doorway.

"NO! Get up, Len, go make breakfast!" Rin protested against him going back to sleep again.

"Go away..." Len mumbled from inside the blankets, which he had thrown over himself after he had plopped back onto the bed.

Rin thought for a while, before smirking. "I guess... I'll cook breakfast again... I just hope the house doesn't catch on fire like last time..."

That did it. Len sprung up from his bed, got changed and got ready for the day in the bathroom. It seemed like he flew down the stairs; in his rush to get down, his feet barely touched the stairs at all.

After a while of juggling 6 banana-flavoured pancakes, Len got his twin to set the table as he filled two glasses with cold orange juice, straight from the fridge. 3 pancakes were thrown onto each plate that Rin had set onto the dining table, along with a fork and a spoon to eat with. Rin ate rather quickly, while Len took his time.

Breakfast done, Rin called a quick goodbye before rushing out the door. Len stared after her as he finished the second pancake. Where was she going?

Later in the afternoon, Len had gotten a call from Miku to meet her at the park. When Len got there, he decided that it was strangely empty on a Saturday afternoon. Ah, there Miku was, sitting on a swing waving wildly at him.

"Hey, Len!" Miku smiled. Len smiled back.

"How was your date?" he asked, trying to be polite with a forced smile plastered on his face.

"Oh, it was nice. But Ted isn't the right guy. He wasn't sweet at all, and I think he's the perverted kind, like Kaito. He kept staring at..." Miku continued on, while Len could only listen and nod absentmindedly. But one sentence got through to him. "I've already dated all the boys, but none of them seem right."

All the boys. She said all the boys. What about him? Wasn't he a boy?

"MIKU!" Len shouted at her, instantly stopping her rambles as she stared with wide eyes at her blonde best friend. "Aren't I a boy?" Shiiiiiit.

"Sure, Rin forces some dresses on me sometimes, but it doesn't mean I'm not a boy!" Len added on as he glared at her.

Oh Kami-sama, I never thought he would want to go out with me, so I never included him in my list! Miku thought in panic as Len continued glaring at her.

Great, now he's almost crying! Damn it, he looks so cute... Miku continued with her thoughts. Maybe... I could just...

Miku leaned in and kissed Len's lips softly before pulling away slowly. Len blinked in shock, letting the tears slip down his cheek. Then his eyes narrowed again.

"Y-you're toying with me!" he accused. "I'm just like them, I'm not the right guy, right?"

Miku giggled. "No, you're just perfect. Sweet, kind, and above all, ADORABLE!"

Len listened as she listed the 3 qualities. She dated about a thousand boys and not a single one was all 3 of them? That was pretty hard to believe.

"I'm sorry for not counting you in as a boy that I could date. It's just that, I thought you would never want to date your best friend, so I cancelled you out a long time ago," Miku explained as Len nodded with each statement, showing that he understood. The two stared at each other.

Both of them had a strange feeling, so they looked up at the same time, very slowly. Tied to and hanging from a branch of a tree, was a mistletoe. Right above them.

"...Must have been from the Christmas party held here 2 days ago," Miku voiced out her thoughts. Slowly, Len and Miku leaned toward each other, closing their eyes as they did so.

"LEN~!" Rin called out as she came across the scene. The teal-haired girl with twin tails and the blonde-haired boy with a small ponytail immediately pulled apart, both going different shades of red. "Was I... interrupting something...?"

Upon recieving two slow and embarrassed nods, Rin started backing away. "I'll just... leave now," she winked before running off.

Miku stared at Len, and then at the mistletoe. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, in case anyone else came by. Len's eyes widened more than they already were, and his face started looking like an apple.

"Ah, that reminds me," Miku added on, grinning. "Happy birthday, Len!"